Mederma Products as Low as FREE at Target!

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Right off the bat I will say Price Cuts this HUGE can possibly be a fluke, and not available in all stores, but it definitely can’t hurt to look for it if you are interested. But I have been able to have 4 friends in four different states confirm the same in their stores- so that makes me hopeful that many of you will be able to find this great deal.

So check at your stores for the Mederma for Kids Scar Treatment to have a big ‘ol price cut down to only $2.00 from $14.99! My signs were dated for this week only thru 3/17. If you find it too- that’s just a HUGE discount even without coupons- but it gets even better since we have a $2/1 coupon on the Mederma Site that will make it FREE!

Mederma for Kids Scar Treatment $2
-$2/1 ANY Mederma Scar Product HERE
= FREE after coupon and Price Cut!

Let us know if you find this huge price break too and remember- it never hurts to scan to check a price if you don’t see a sign – you’ll never know unless you try. 🙂

UPDATE: Kristina commented that there may be other Mederma Products for adults at $2 too and I also just had a reader send me this picture from his TX store confirming that he found 2 other products included at the $2 Price!!

Mederma Scar Care Cream $2 (reg $14.99!)
Mederma Scar Cream plus SPF $2  (reg $18.99!)
-$2/1 ANY Mederma Scar Product HERE
= FREE after coupon and Price Cut!

-Thanks Kristina & Everet!

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  1. Make sure you check expiration dates! All of the $2 ones at my store expired a long time ago!

  2. Confirmed for $2 in Atlanta as of yesterday 3/12. No signage at the store I went to but only a few were left on the shelf so clearly people have been buying these. I got 4 (had 2 coupons but thought $2 was a great price within itself). First coupon sailed thru, second coupon beeped but was k1’ed. Got 2 of the kids kind, one adult, and one adult spf.

  3. My daughter just had hip surgery in Jan and has a 6″ scar. It was just about time to start treatment with this. Perfect timing!!! We picked up 2 at our Middle TN store. Our store did have signage, but I could only find the 2 adult versions even though I checked kids lotion and skin care section. Thanks!!

  4. Utah had them also. All were gone, except 1 that I got, for now. They were not marked either, but scanned for $2.00!

  5. It is found on the band aid aisle in my store along with Neosporin, peroxide etc. I found this in my store tonight. It was tagged $2 on ALL 3. My store sells kids, regular, and regular+sunscreen. The regular price on the regular version and sunscreen version was tagged at being $18.29 on price cut for $2 from 3/11 – 3/17. My coupon worked fine with no issues. Good luck!

  6. Thanks so much! I saw this afternoon. I grabbed four and I’m glad I did because it was fully stocked and right after I got mines, this lady wiped them out… for ALL BOTH ADULTS AND KIDS mederma.

  7. mine printed, but without a picture of any product
    i feel like i might have some trouble using it 🙁

  8. I got four of them free!!! In Arnold, MO they had the sale signs and you could get the cream, regular gel, or kids. I also went to Fenton, MO and they did not have the signs up for any of them. I asked a clerk that was in the aisle and he said they were all gone. But when he left I looked myself as I always do, and I did find the kids version which as I said before, rang up for $2 also.

  9. ND – There wasn’t a sale sign, but I scanned both the kids and adult products and they rang up $2.00 🙂

  10. I am totally bummed! Not on TPC here 🙁 I tried 2 different Target stores in my area, neither had any Mederma signed, so I scanned several of the products, and they all came up regular price. Possible it isn’t in the system yet? Maybe I’ll try again Wednesday or Thursday.

  11. My Target here in N Las Vegas didn’t have it marked as a price cut, but I scanned it and it came up $2! Whoo-hoo, what a deal!

  12. Checking in for SF Bay Area of Northern CA @ $2.00. Picked up 2 of the kids kind… with an 18 month old little boy, I’m sure I’ll be needing this soon!!

  13. Working in NC! The Mederma next to the Nivea Cellulite creams and others was NOT the one. The one was that was working was the ones in the fist aid aisle where the bandages and stuff were. No signs, but I scanned it and it was $2.00. I got four and my reciept says I saved over $60!

  14. I can’t get the coupon 🙁 it says that i am now leaving the site and it never goes anywhere

  15. I didnt find any at my local target in east florida but i plan on checking in orlando. bummer

  16. Confirmed working in Austin, TX! (just the ones in the first aid aisle, not the jumbo size in the lotion aisle – figured I’d check! 😉 )

  17. $2 here in Evansville, Indiana! All 3 varities — kids, adults, and the adults with spf 30 — $2!!

  18. I printed the coupon when to my target they only had 2 left but they had regular price so i scan it n they were 2 dolllar so it was free :).

  19. + also FINALLY found some of the .99 up & up ibeprofin 🙂 love a good freebie day!

  20. $2 at the Algonquin IL Target- Only one kids one on the shelf after my two and plently of the adult in stock.

  21. @Chelsea, it has worked well for my scars over the past few years! I wouldn’t call it a miracle cream but it certainly helps – at least in my case. I know people who have used it for Acne Scars (my brother) and apparently it has been helping them too! I think it all depends on the scars, and time!

  22. I just went to my target in Lees Summit MO and there weren’t any signs, but because you suggested doing a price check just to make sure I did and they were in fact $2.00. Thanks, that is such a huge savings on something I would have to buy anyway!

  23. I just got back from the Lynnwood, WA Target and there were NO signs but I scanned and they were $2.00!!! I was just complaining to my friend about my acne scaring the other day so I really hope this stuff helps!

  24. Its scanning here in Fenton, MI for $2 as well! The signs are not up, but I scanned them and it said $2. I got 2 of them for free with the coupons! Thanks so much for letting us know. This will come in handy for my 2 little ones who already have scars on their faces from falling.

  25. I found this in Minneapolis. How awesome! Downtown only had two of the one for kids, so I only took one. I hope they restock because I think this would be awesome to give as a shower gift.

  26. @Cristine & Cynthia- I have Mederma in 2 places I believe- some of their products are found with the lotions- but I believe the scar treatments will likely be found for most by the first aid items like Kristina said. hth 🙂

  27. @Jennifer- yuou may have to disable your pop up blocker- but there is also a trick I use that sometimes works- try holding down the ctrl key as you click on the coupon- sometimes that lets you bypass your pop-up blocker. hope that helps!

  28. Ok, when I click on the coupon button on the Mederma website, it says “you are now leaving the Mederma website” but it doesn’t go anywhere when I click on ok. Any ideas on what might be wrong here?

  29. You’re very welcome, Kerry!
    Cynthia, you should be able to find it in the first aid section, by all the Neosporin and bandages.

  30. I bought this yesterday for $2 here in no. Ca but will go back for more for free with the coupon, thanks!

  31. I hope they have this at my storee, my son was born with a cleft lip/palate he had 4 surgerys already and I have to put Mederma on his scar daily! Thank you so much! Off to print the coupon!

  32. I just saw this deal (in MD) last night, as I wanted the Mederma for adults. All of the Mederma scar products are on price cut this week for $2! Even the Scar Cream Plus SPF 30, which is normally $16.99, was $2. My store was already sold out, so I got a raincheck. I didn’t know about the $2 coupon making it free, so I’m glad I saw this post before buying it!

  33. WOW!!!! I hope my target has this. My son has a huge scar on his forehead that he is a bit self conscious about. He is currently growing his hair long (and look like a raggle muffin) to cover it up. When we do cut his hair, he wants his bangs to stay longer to cover it up. Maybe this will help even just a little and boost his self confidence again. It’s a shame hes got a complex about it now. Some kids can be so mean, but he is a very handsome boy, and thats an unbiased opinion :-). Thanks for posting.

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