Cheap & FREE My First Crayola Crayons & Scissors

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UPDATE: The $2/1 My First Crayola Coupon is now gone folks- but there is a $1/1 My First Crayola Product HERE.

Here’s a quick update on the new stack we have thanks to the $2/1 Any My First Crayola Purchase Coupon on Facebook. You can pair this coupon with the $1/1 My First Crayola Item Target Web Coupon x4/22 (under stationary) to get $3 Off any My First Crayola Purchase.

Some of you report finding a 3 pack of safety scissors for $2.99 and then a smaller 8 pack of Triangular Crayons for anywhere from $2.69 – $3.19. This makes for some super cheap or FREE Easter Basket fillers after stack! Hurry- this facebook coupon is being limited to 20,000 prints!

Please note- I don’t believe the 8 count crayons and scissors are carried at all locations- but take a look in the Crayola aisle and in the toy section just in case. If you can’t find them at your store- check out my post HERE for some other great buys with this stack instead.

-Thanks so much to Jen, Jennifer, Toni & Valerie!

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  1. I just tried using the $2 MQ today for the crayons, but it wouldn’t scan! It said invalid item. Did that happen to anyone else?

  2. well my store in north carolina had everything but the scissors thats what I wanted to get maybe they will get them in before the coupons expire

  3. Yes not there anymore, I was checking here to see if anyone ese is having that issue as well. sigh 🙁

  4. There is a new $1/My First Crayola on now. Not as nice as the $2, but I’ll take it. 🙂

  5. Hi this is what the Target coupon policy said: “Target accepts one Manufacturer Coupon and one Target Coupon for the same item (unless prohibited by EITHER coupon).” But I will go ahead and try to use the coupons today :).

  6. I would have to agree Amy. The manufacturer pays the $2 for that specific item. Target pays the $1 for that product. The manufacture is protecting themselves by not combining two manufacture offers.

  7. @Gina- Target accepts 1 MQ and 1 TQ per item. When the MQs state can’t be combined with any other Q, it’s referring to other MQs. Basically the Target coupons are Target’s way of effectively lowering the price of the item… when a Target Coupon is scanned, the price automatically drops on your receipt for the item the coupon was for, instead of showing up as a separate line item, like a MQ does.

    Anyone else agree with my explanation?

  8. I hope my store carries the scissors my son is about to turn 3 and when he sees me cutting coupons he goes and gets a pair of metal tongs out of the drawer and pretends to help me funny huh

  9. I found a lot of the my first crayola products on an end cap near the crayola section at my Target,.m

  10. Hey Tracy- they are fairly new to Target and you have thru 4/22 to use your stack- so you may want to keep it on you in case they show up.

  11. I guess mine doesn’t carry these at all. I’ve only seen regular Crayola products. 🙁

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