Another New My First Crayola Coupon to Stack

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If you missed out on the $2/1 Facebook coupon yesterday (now gone), there’s another new coupon available to stack with- a $1/1 My First Crayola Product. It’s not as big of a break- but still a chance to grab some cheap My First Crayola crayons and safety scissors!

You can stack this $1/1 Manufacturer’s couponย with the $1/1 My First Crayola Item Target Web Coupon x4/22 (found under stationary) to get $2 Off any My First Crayola Purchase.

Some stores carry a 3 pack of safety scissors for $2.99 and an 8 pack of Triangular Crayons for anywhere from $2.69ย – $3.19. Making the crayons as low as .69 cents depending on the price you find at your stores. What great little treats for the Easter Bunny to put in his Easter Baskets. ๐Ÿ™‚ Or save them for stocking stuffers or whatever you want.

My First Crayola 3-Pack Safety Scissors $2.99
My First Crayola Washable Crayons 2-ct Character $4.99
My First Crayola Washable Triangular Crayons: 16 ct $4.99 or 8 ct $2.69 – $3.19
-$1/1 My First Crayola Item Target Web Coupon x4/22
$1/1 My First Crayola Item
= as low as .69 cents for 8 ct crayons & .99 cents for Safety Scissors after stack

UPDATE: The My First Crayola 2 ct Character Crayon holders will be on sale starting 3/25 for $4 and the ad also lists “all other My First Crayola” on sale as well.

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  1. @Susan – the high value prices in white are the unit prices. In some states (such as NY) they are required by law so the consumer can have an accurate picture of how the costs relate. For example if there are two jars of peanut butter and one unit price is $16.58 per lb and the other is $13.25 per lb, I would buy the one that costs $13.25 (assuming I didn’t have coupons) because that would be the cheaper option. I hope that makes sense. If not you can google “unit price” and I am sure there are a TON of explanations out there.

  2. Oh darn, just used my crayola coupons today on those items. If I bought them full price, but used coupons, will they still price adjust on Sunday?

  3. Unrelated to this post on Crayola, but in your photo, what are the high value prices on the white background (next to the prices on the yellow background)? My Target doesn’t have shelf tags like this. Is it showing the price for a whole palette or box of the product for wholesale? Just curious – thanks!

  4. @Mary- I just printed it- and it does not say that on mine- the COlor Wonder does- the My first Crayola does not. hth

  5. I found Chrreios with $5 worth of my first crayola coupons inside! They say on the front accross the box!

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