Playskool Heroes Figures Only 99¢ After New Stack

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Here’s another awesome Easter Basket stuffer or you can tuck them away for stocking stuffers!

Playskool Heroes Figures Assorted Varieties $6.99 (Regular Price)
-$3/1 Playskool Heroes Toy Target Web Coupon x4/21
-$3/1 Playskool Heroes Toy or in the 3-25 Playsaver
= .99 cents each after stack or like saving over 85% Off!

*NOTE* If you were wondering- I did try the 50% Off Star Wars in-ad coupon on the Jedi Force sets yesterday, and the register (nor the manager) would accept it. I guess they are not considered “action toys” but for .99 cents instead I am not going to complain! 🙂

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  1. The registers were not taking off the manufacturer’s coupons correctly. I watched the target screen and handed the coupons over one by one, to make sure each one came off for the right amount. But when I got my actual receipt, many of the manufacturer’s coupons came off for incorrect amounts. I don’t know how Target can do this and have it be legal. So frustrating!

  2. Laura, it depends on your stores policy. Most target coupons say one per person but my store lets me use multiple with no problem. I bought 6 rescue hero toys today in one transaction.

  3. Just a heads up, the playskool heroes manu coupon reset for me so I was able to print two more:).

  4. Joan, it was the 50% off Target coupon that beeped. Hopefully the new $3 playskool target q will not be a beeper:).

  5. So, it’s the TQ that beeps or the MQ??? Ugh. I hate it when they beep!! The cashiers get so confused!

  6. Beth, the coupon beeped Item not found and since it was such a big discount the cashier was absolutely clueless as to what to do about it. She asked me to take it all to CS and see what they said. He read over all the fine print and agreed it should work so he put it through for me!

  7. Thanks for the heads up on all these deals! Luckily some were left when I got there today (I have a shelf clearer in my town – so usually everything is gone by Monday).

    Star Wars Heroes, Laugh N Learn Puppy (Pink – the brown was all out), Scrabble Flash, and Sorry Card game – retail $59.97 for $9.49 before tax ($10.23 after tax and Target CC 5%).

    Starting my gift stockpile quite early this year!

  8. Kim – they actually hassled you? It’s a Star Wars branded toy. The coupon mentions no exclusions other than Legos. Almost makes me glad I didn’t buy the Disney Princess branded Squinkies today. I’m totally loving these sales though. My youngest is done for his birthday, and now I’m on to Christmas!

  9. Ava, ME TOO! I can’t print Target coupons from work, so I’m dyiiiiiing to go home, print coupons and run to Target!

  10. Oh, Kerry! You are driving me insane here at work!!! I’m on lunch break and am itching to leave sooooo bad. Thanks for the amazing match-ups!!!

  11. Ugh! I bought one when I only had the $3 MFQ!

    I might be able to do a missed coupon then or return and rebuy. Not sure if it’s too late since I bought it on Saturday. I guess it’s worth a try. My 3 year old loves these!

  12. I used the 50% off on these and the big Playskool Millennium Falcon toy yesterday. I had to do it at customer service but they agreed with me that they were star wars so they put them through! This is still an excellent deal for my super hero loving 3 year old!

  13. I couldn’t find the Playschool Heroes Q on the Target website, is it gone? 🙁

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