Nivea Target Gift Card Deal is a Money Maker!

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UPDATE: Many of you have reported the tins are no longer working as a qualifying item 🙁 but there are still very nice deals to be had with the lotion and lip balm.

Wow! There are ALL kinds of products included in the offer for a FREE $5 Gift Card wyb 3 select Nivea items at Target thru 5/12! Even the little Nivea Creme tins are included at .87 cents! All these inclusions will make for some amazing deals- but keep in mind at Target, you cannot earn a Gift Card if the sum of your THREE qualifying purchases does not AT LEAST meet the amount of the gift card you are earning before coupons.

So in other words, if you try and buy 3 tins at .87 cents each, the register will NOT prompt for the gift card since your total will be only $2.61. And you also can’t buy 6 tins to meet the $5 – that will NOT prompt one either. The sum of (3) qualifying items must = $5 in order for the Gift Card to prompt. BUT these little tins will make great fillers and help to get you products super cheap, FREE and even a money maker with coupon!

DEAL IDEA: Buy 2 Nivea Creme Tins (.87) & 13.5 oz Lotion ($4.22) = $5.96
-$2/1 Nivea Hand or Body Lotion 1.7-13.5oz 4-29-12 RP x5/27
= $3.96 – $5 Gift Card Back wyb 3 Nivea Products
= $1.04 Money Maker after Coupons and Gift Card
Even better if you have the $1/1 Nivea Body Skin Care Target Coupon from the Beauty Bag!

No coupons? No problem! Grab some Nivea Tins and a lip balm for super cheap!…

DEAL IDEA: Buy 1 Nivea Creme Tin (.87) & 2 Lip Balm ($2.24)
= $5.35 – $5 Gift Card Back for buying 3 select Nivea Products
= .35 cents after Gift Card for all 3 and no coupons needed!

There is so much included- but here’s a list of just a few items Kelley saw. Deal is valid thru 5/12….

Nivea Extended Moisture Lotion 13.5 oz $4.22
-$1/1 Nivea Body Skin Care Item ETS Target Coupon from Beauty Bag x6/30
-$2/1 Nivea Hand or Body Lotion 1.7-13.5oz 4-29-12 RP x5/27

-$1/1 Nivea Hand or Body Lotion 1.7-13.5 oz 4-15-12 RP x5/13
Nivea Q10 Skin Firming Lotion $6.99
-$1/1 Nivea Body Skin Care Item ETS Target Coupon from Beauty Bag x6/30
-$3/1 Nivea Q10 Skin Firming Product, 2.5-13.5 Oz., Any – 04-29-12 RP

Nivea Creme Tin .87
Nivea Lip Care Mint & Minerals $2.24
Nivea Lip Care A Kiss of Shine .35 oz Tube $3.14

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  1. I did this deal right after you posted and had great success with two transactions. When I went back 1 hr later with more Nivea coupons, the tins were no longer part of the deal! They had taken down the sale tag noting that it was included in the B3G$5. Bummer! Glad I got a few while I could 🙂

  2. I did this deal with just the tins. I did not get any coupons in my RP. It did not prompt a GC but management allowed it because of the signage. She also said she was going to call the corporate offices and let them know about the issue.

  3. At my Target I bought 6 of the little tins along with some grocery items. The GC did not automatically ring up. But when I told the cashier and we walked back there I got both $5 GCs. My friend just went and did the deal but bought some of the lotions as well. The lotions triggered it but the tins did not and they called a manager who went and removed the sign from the shelf cause he said you shouldn’t be able to make money off shopping there 🙂 She still got all 3 of her GCs.

  4. Thanks for this deal idea, Kerry! I always check your site before my Sunday Target trips. My mom and I each bought a Nivea deal (1 lotion and 2 creams each). Thank you!

  5. I did this deal several times today at two different stores. Sulana is correct, make sure that the cashier rings two tins and a lotion or it will not trigger a GC. If the cashier rings three tins and then two lotions and a tin, only one GC will trigger not two. Hope this helps others. I jumped out of bed to run to Target when I saw Kerry’s post on this deal!! Thanks Kerry!!

  6. Does the $5 total have to be in Nivea products only or can you buy the 3 tins for a total of $2.61 but ring up any other merchandise you are buying first to put you over a $5 register total?

  7. I just got back from Target and did this deal. I did this 4 times in one transaction. I just made sure I grouped one lotion with two tins of cream as the cashier was scanning them and it worked perfectly. I was able to get $20’s in gift cards! What a great deal! I also stacked the Target coupon from the Beauty Bag to sweeten the deal! It also helped that my cashier was extremely helpful and pleasant! My Target (Abingdon, Maryland) also had a ton of the tins and lotions left.

  8. I did this deal today. Yes, you can roll the GCs.
    When you check out and they scan three Nivea items totaling $5 or more, they scan a GC and hand it to you. Then you give them your coupons. Then if you’ve done the deal previously, you can pay with the previous gift cards.

  9. You can mix and match with Eucerin products. That is, you qualify for the $5 Target gift card if you buy (3) of the participating Nivea or Eucerin product. There is a coupon for $2 off Eucerin at under zip code 30303 ( for sizes 13.5) or more.

  10. @Stacy – yes I got a Nivea for Men lotion and used that coupon also in the insert.

    Just got back did two transactions. Two tins (mine were 78 cents) and one larger size lotion for $5.39 each. Mine didn’t have any smaller lotions left. We are in the midst of a remodel and stock is low in the sections they haven’t changed yet. I had two beauty bag coupons so still a money maker just not as large as if they had the smaller size in stock. Plenty of cream tins though.

  11. I just got back and I bought 3 of the 13oz Lotions and 6 of the tins. The cashier had to scan 1 13oz lotion and 2 tins for it to prompt, then he had to do another 13oz and 2 tins. We figured it out after he scanned all the bigger bottles and then the tins and it didn’t prompt the right way. Hope that helps.

  12. Also thanks to everyone else who told me what I was missing. I really need to quit moving so fast. This will be the chuckle of the day for everyone 🙂

    You guys are great.

  13. At my Target they let me buy 6 tins and then gave me the 10$ in gift cards. I even had the supervisor there, so I’m sure they won’t let it happen again (after I walked out) but they let me do it. I didn’t realize you have to at least pay the 5$ until I came home and read this. I got a super deal today. Paid 5.40 for all the tins, and made money$$!

  14. In Mn little tins are not marked to be part of the $ 5gc deal. Did anyone tried to buy? I did not, because lines were like crasy, I did not want to hold it.

  15. I just got back from Target. I did the 2 creme tins + 1 lotion, and did NOT get a gift card.

  16. Was the $2/1 Nivea coupon regional? I can’t find it and I’m in SoCal. 🙁

  17. You just have to group each larger size with 2 tins for it to produce the gift card. I got each gift card with only 1 transaction! Worked like a charm. Thanks we are going to make gift baskets using these!

  18. thanxs kerry , wow just came back from target ,got 4 gift cards , 4 transaction me and my husband 2 each ………….did as u told no problem …….theres lots of stock .thank u ,i was in need of the lotion coz i was using my last bottle this week ….really made my day ….thank u for all the efforts u take ..u make so many people happy .

  19. @Adam- yes you may roll a gift card into the next transacion. You just cant use it in the same transaction you earned it in. hth!

  20. Can we roll the gift cards?
    Trans #1:
    Buy (2) Nivea Creme Tins = $.87
    Buy (1) Nivea 13.5 oz Lotion = $4.22
    Use (1) $2/1 Nivea Hand or Body Lotion (4/29 RP)
    Pay $3.96 & Receive $5 Target Gift Card
    Final Price = $1.04 Money Maker

    Trans #2:
    Buy (2) Nivea Creme Tins = $.87
    Buy (1) Nivea 13.5 oz Lotion = $4.22
    Use (1) $2/1 Nivea Hand or Body Lotion (4/29 RP)
    Pay $5 Gift card($1.04 left on card)
    & Receive $5 Target Gift Card

    etc etc etc

  21. I just got back from doing this, thankfully there was still some left. I did two in one transaction, but I made sure that one lotion was grouped with two tins so that they didn’t ring all the tins in at once and risk not getting both gift cards. I did get both gift cards and used two 2/1 nivea lotion MQ, and one TQ for 1/1 nivea lotion. This is an awesome deal! Thanks for posting this!!!

  22. @ Judith, Melissa is incorrect. There is no limit to the number of gift cards that you can get in a transaction.

  23. Thanks for the great deal idea! I have both the MQ and the TQ for the lotion, so hopefully they have some stuff left when I head over today. There were 2 pairs of clearance shorts I wanted to get for my toddler and the gift card would almost cover both! 🙂

  24. I found the hand cream 1.7 oz include in the deal $3.59 and use the $2 mq and 2 cream tins= $5.33 less $2 mq $3 .33 $1 67 money maker

  25. Nevermind, the Target and manufacture’s are for the lotion in the deal idea.

  26. The coupon I have from the body bag, does exclude trial/travel size, so it looks like the deal idea will not work with two of of the cream tins. Of course my husband said, “well since they don’t look at the coupons anyway.” Oh but at my Target they do. I guess I’ll just head over there and see what I can get.

  27. @Kristi- no but you will be buying a 13.5 oz lotion in that scenario too- the TQ will apply to that product. hth

  28. Shoot. Body wash would have been nice to have been included. Guess I will be stocking up on lotion this week! Thanks Kerry!

  29. The One dollar off nivea skin care in the beauty bag works for the tin cream?

  30. Kristi-

    The gift card will prompt right after the third item is scanned, so you can use the coupons with it to make it a money maker.

  31. If you buy two tin of cream and I lotion it passes the 5 dollar mark but after you use the coupon it doesn’t but do they still give you the gift card?

  32. @Linda- yes my ad too- these are unadvertised inclusions.
    @Andrea- kelley did not find any signs on the body washes I did ask her to look

  33. Interesting that the signs show the travel size Nivea works for the $5.00 gift card. In our Target ad, it states “any three skin care items listed”… every item is $6.99 or higher.

  34. Does this deal work for the nivea body washes also? Or just the lotion?? I need body wash SO BAD and love nivea!!

  35. @Stefani- if you buy 6 then yes it will prompt for 2 gift cards- BUT I strongly suggest doing in separate transactions. I say this because if you are buying 3 tins for filler the register may lump the 3 tins together and not recognize it for the gift card. I dont knwo for sure but it wouldn’t surprise me. hth

  36. @stefani – yes every time they scan 3 items the register automatically prompts for the gift card.

  37. @robin – you have to purchase 3 nivea products and hit the $5 min to trigger the gift card.

  38. If you buy more than 3 in one transaction, say 6, will it prompt for 2 gift cards?

  39. @judith – usually 2 per transaction but my Target is always really good about letting me do as many transactions necessary.

  40. Am I missing something on the 1st Deal Idea? Wouldn’t you only have to buy 1 tin and 1 lotion for a total of $5.09 to get the deal?

    Thanks for all your work. I keep spreading the word about your website. People can’t believe this is out there. Oh the deals they have been missing 🙂

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