Nivea Target Gift Card Deal is a Money Maker!

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UPDATE: Many of you have reported the tins are no longer working as a qualifying item 🙁 but there are still very nice deals to be had with the lotion and lip balm.

Wow! There are ALL kinds of products included in the offer for a FREE $5 Gift Card wyb 3 select Nivea items at Target thru 5/12! Even the little Nivea Creme tins are included at .87 cents! All these inclusions will make for some amazing deals- but keep in mind at Target, you cannot earn a Gift Card if the sum of your THREE qualifying purchases does not AT LEAST meet the amount of the gift card you are earning before coupons.

So in other words, if you try and buy 3 tins at .87 cents each, the register will NOT prompt for the gift card since your total will be only $2.61. And you also can’t buy 6 tins to meet the $5 – that will NOT prompt one either. The sum of (3) qualifying items must = $5 in order for the Gift Card to prompt. BUT these little tins will make great fillers and help to get you products super cheap, FREE and even a money maker with coupon!

DEAL IDEA: Buy 2 Nivea Creme Tins (.87) & 13.5 oz Lotion ($4.22) = $5.96
-$2/1 Nivea Hand or Body Lotion 1.7-13.5oz 4-29-12 RP x5/27
= $3.96 – $5 Gift Card Back wyb 3 Nivea Products
= $1.04 Money Maker after Coupons and Gift Card
Even better if you have the $1/1 Nivea Body Skin Care Target Coupon from the Beauty Bag!

No coupons? No problem! Grab some Nivea Tins and a lip balm for super cheap!…

DEAL IDEA: Buy 1 Nivea Creme Tin (.87) & 2 Lip Balm ($2.24)
= $5.35 – $5 Gift Card Back for buying 3 select Nivea Products
= .35 cents after Gift Card for all 3 and no coupons needed!

There is so much included- but here’s a list of just a few items Kelley saw. Deal is valid thru 5/12….

Nivea Extended Moisture Lotion 13.5 oz $4.22
-$1/1 Nivea Body Skin Care Item ETS Target Coupon from Beauty Bag x6/30
-$2/1 Nivea Hand or Body Lotion 1.7-13.5oz 4-29-12 RP x5/27

-$1/1 Nivea Hand or Body Lotion 1.7-13.5 oz 4-15-12 RP x5/13
Nivea Q10 Skin Firming Lotion $6.99
-$1/1 Nivea Body Skin Care Item ETS Target Coupon from Beauty Bag x6/30
-$3/1 Nivea Q10 Skin Firming Product, 2.5-13.5 Oz., Any – 04-29-12 RP

Nivea Creme Tin .87
Nivea Lip Care Mint & Minerals $2.24
Nivea Lip Care A Kiss of Shine .35 oz Tube $3.14

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  1. I tried the deal out yesterday and the mint and minerals lip care was no longer part of the deal. Boo!!

  2. Went today. All the tins are gone, all the chapstick items are gone, and all the $4.22 lotions are gone. 🙁

  3. I think it really depends how many extreme/greedy couponers have visited a store and depleted supply. My store is not heavily couponed and so I can usually do most deals, but I used to live in FL where there are a lot more couponers and I would see limits on items or signs missing for certain items

  4. This deal worked great at my Target (Maryland)! Was able to do 2 deals split into 2 transactions. I bought 2 tins and 1 lotion for each transaction, paid $2.96 and then $4.02 and got $10 in gift cards 🙂 Now I can roll those gift cards into the Glad Trash bag deal!

  5. Gonna try this tomorrow. Does anyone know if you can find out if the tins are still working for the deal? Like if I scan a tin, will it say something on the screen indicating that it will qualify for the gift card deal?

  6. It worked in las Vegas. Bought 3 tins and 3 extended moisture lotion. Got back 2 gift cards! Nice deals!

  7. The tags are still up AND it’s still working in South Carolina. Just got back.

  8. I also wanted to use a $3/$20 so I bought 4 lotions at $4.22 each and 12 tins at $.78 each all at one time. Each of the tins were scanned first and even after 12, no gift card was prompted. However, after they scanned each of the 4 lotions, it prompted a gift card 🙂

  9. Signage on the tins down in some of my homwtown locations as well but they are still on sale and still part of the promotion. That is rather appalling on Target’s part. The minds at Target chose to offer this promotion with those products included and because people have finally become smart about how to save money they are now trying to confuse people by taking signs down?…and from what i read in earlier posts they are unnecessarily treating some customers like they are doing something wrong when they pull up to the register with these cheaper priced items expecting to get a gift card? so wrong!

  10. Just to clarify, when I did just 3 tins, no popup. But, on their cahs register it stated “Get 2 more of this items and you ca net a $5 gift card.” That is why the mgr let me get it. And, they had the sign up under the $.87 tins. She took it down.

    And, at another store, I did 4 tins and 8 lip balms to get $20 worth b/c I had a $3 off of $20 catalina. The grouping messed it up and grouped like items, so the lip ones ($2.44 x3) qualified, and the tins ($.87 x 3) did not. Since I wanted to use the $20 Q, the manager had to redo for me. DONT group unless you have to.

  11. no sign on the tin at my store, but i scanned it and it was .87 so i figured id try. i got two shimmering lip products since that was the cheapest and one tin. I brought an extra lip product with me just in case. i handed 2 lips and 1 tin first just to see, and it worked. ill try another time with 2 tins and a lotion. or maybe even 3 tins.

  12. Does this deal work in the Dallas, TX area? I only saw the but 3 Nivea Q10 Skin Firming Products and get the GC. Thanks!

  13. Did this deal this morning, the signs were gone, but it still worked =) Also, the Eucerin product line is included (Including Aquaphor!) and you can mix and match w/ the Nivea. I had received a target manufacturer catalina last week for $2/1 Eucerin product so that worked out nicely since I use aquaphor a lot! My store still had a lot of stock left, also they had Nivea Extended Moisture hand cream for 3.96 and you could use the $2/1 MC + the $1/1 TC (From the beauty bag)..which makes it a little cheaper than buying the lotion which was like 4.22 =)

  14. Just returned from Target. There was no signage for the tins at St Pete, FL store, but they were on sale and the deal worked with the lotion and two tins. I had the $2 RP and $1 store coupon and the cashier was really suprised to see the gift card offer come up with the 87 cent items.

  15. Did this deal twice yesterday. The tins are 1.07 in my store. They were out of mostly everything! Still managed to get some freebies

  16. My Super Target in Duluth , GA wouldn’t allow me to purchase the larger lotion and two tins although I had done this earlier in the day at another Target near my md’s office. The cashier refused to ring up any of the items. I politely left the store. Oh well…just spend those q’s somewhere else.

  17. Target team members were actually instructed to remove signage via their internal message board. So yes, target recognized it as strong enough as an issue with people trying to abuse the promotion, that they did remove all advertisements for them. You will need to check prices on a price scanner to see their sale price.

  18. Fyi – Two tins and the smaller lotion still prompted a gift card Monday afternoon. I had a target and man. Coupon so it was a nice money maker.

  19. My Target had a 6.8oz cream for $3.59. I bought that with two $0.87 tins. Came to $5.28 before coupons. used one $2 off from 4/29RP and $1 off Target coup from the beauty bag.
    Paid $2.28 and got back a $5 giftcard!


  20. My target wasn’t allowing the tins, and all the $4.22 lotions were sold out. I was looking to get nivea potion soon anyways so still wanted to find a good deal. I got 2 Aquaphor advanced therapy lotions for my husband (4.98) and found bottles of smooth sensation nivea with 25% more, AND a free “kiss of shine” lipgloss attached to each for 5.39! So I got 4 of those, I used 2-$3/1 eucerin/aquaphor qs, and 4-$2/1 nivea potion qs. After gift cards it came to $8.64 after the tax. So only $1.44 each! Which is quite alright with me!

  21. If you can’t find the cheaper lotions, buying the Q10 plus 2 tins is still a money maker if you have the target q from the beauty bag. It worked for me today in Arlington, TX.

  22. Does anyone know if I can prompt a gift card if I buy 1 Eucerin lotion and 2 nivea lotion tins?

  23. Someone posted earlier that they purchased just the tins at .87 ea and it prompted a gift card at checkout. This deal did NOT work for me in Houston, TX. That’s ok, I got the lotion deal and 2 tins yesterday. My lotion is the $5.69 one that had a bonus lip shimmer attached to it. After gc it makes each .386each. I love the 5% off having the Target Visa, every little bit helps. Thanks TT, we tell everyone we know about your site!

  24. My Target would give a gift card for the two tins and lip balm. I live in abilene Texas.

  25. I just did the deal this morning – bought 2 tins and 1 Nivea Hand lotion and it work!Thanks!

  26. I agree with Tara, shelf cleaners (people who buy too toooooo much) need to leave some for other folks. This happens to me all the time too.

  27. I went back to my Target this morning and the signage was down for the tins but I tried the deal anyways and it did not wok when I used one tin as one of the 3 items.

  28. They are probably still going to be included in the deal, but if they take the sign down then most people wont know to buy them, therefore, not a money maker. I bet thats how this is going to play out. I have not been to my target yet, but maybe today.

  29. Yes you can use the gift card to pay for another deal of the same item. Just do multiple transactions.

  30. My store had tins today, but no sign near them. Was going to grab 3 of the lip balms but they only had 1.

  31. The sign for the tins is taken down at my Target ( I live in MN), but the gift card still prompts for it. I just asked a cashier to check to see if it would come up and it did. I got the 1.7 oz. lotion for $3.69 and 2 tins at $1.02 each to make the prompt work. Love this deal!!!

  32. Our store had also pulled the signage from the creme lotion too. I picked some up early in the afternoon and went back a few hours later for something else. I was going to get another lip item and two more tins, but the sign was already taken down. Too bad.

  33. I got the deal with the lotion and 2 tins. The tins at my store $1.02, but still a money maker. The register automatically prompted for the giftcard. Yes the manufacture’s coupons were in the So Cal inserts, because that is where I live.
    Rebecca, as long as you buy at least 3 equaling $5 in Nivea or Eucerin (my signage was for both), then you should get the giftcard.

  34. This was an amazing deal!!! My Target was fully FULLY stocked on nivea products so i was able to get 4 gift cards and all in one transaction while making sure that I did not “clear the shelves” (Note: I asked and was told there was no limit on how many gift cards I could get so long as I was buying the right products and the right number, in this case 3 qualifying items.) I do all my grocery shopping at Super Target so gift cards are as good as cash to me. Otherwise, I don’t know how I’d feel about buying products to get gift cards to buy more products I may or may not need. I am looking forward to using this site to begin donating and giving away extra items I dont need so today’s deal was a good start. Thank you!!!

  35. As of 3 today target was no longer allowing the tins to be included. when i got there the sign was up but by the time i got to the register about 30 minutes later they were no longer allowing the tins as part of the gift card. When i asked to see the manger a kid comes over and tells me there is nothing he can do. I explained the sign was up when i picked up the items he said yeah show me the sign i told him one of the employes took it down he said oh well show me the sign. If anyone has info on a number other than 1-800-440-0680 to make a complaint please let me know. i have had issues with target and calling this number is no help. I asked for the district managers number but they refused to give it to me.

  36. can i just buy the three items and get the gift card? or do i have to have an additional $5 purchase of something else too?

  37. At my store the signage was taken down BUT still worked with 2 creams and a lotion! I’ll be curious to see whether or not this changes as the week goes on. I’m going to try a different Target tommorow. Thank you so much for posting this deal! I love Target but these kind of deals make me love it more.

  38. i was in target this morning buying a usb and I so wish I would have seen this before going thats what I get. I have a few coupons that will work a deal but I bet they will all be sold out if I dont get there in time.

  39. When is this deal over? my Local newspaper did not have the coupons so I had to buy them online today.

  40. My Target had the signage down on the tins but I purchased 2 lotions and 4 tins and got the 2 $5 GC

  41. Our store pulled the .87 items and their tag from the shelves because too many people were bitching about no giftcard after 3 and failed to read the fine print about the giftcard offers. Although the employees at my store dont have a clue about it either which is not suprising. So I ended up with none. Was actually wanting the chapstick.

  42. My store (York PA) was wiped clean by 3:00 this afternoon. Thank you to the shelf clearers there – ugghhh! This happens all the time to things that are one sale!

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