Keep an Eye on Back to School Clearance at Target

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More of you may be starting to see Back to School Clearance at your store or you may be noticing that Target team members are taking apart the back to school section and consolidating everything. These are good signs that more clearance will be coming soon as Halloween stuff is moved in.

So far for Kelley & I we have just seen lunch boxes & bags marked down to 30% Off. Many of these have coupon booklets inside too for products like Wet Ones, Del Monte & more. Timing of Back to School clearance can vary greatly from store to store since school starts at different times in different states, but keep a close eye ons this section for possible opportunities to pick up backpacks & more at deep discounts.

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  1. 70% off has begun in our city!!! PaperMate 10 pk pens are $.30. Looseleaf (150 ct) $.24. Mead single subject notebooks are $.30 (includes a page of coupons – best one being $.75 off a single box of Puffs!) Character backpacks w/ lunchboxes are $5.48 . . . while the older kids backpacks are clearanced from $8.98 – $10.48

  2. My Target has been clearancing these out since last Thursday, and our schools here don’t start until Sept 5! I’m expecting them to drop it to 50% off by next weekend.

  3. My target (Austin, TX) had a few styles of lunch boxes marked down 50%, but most were still at 30% and all were together. I picked up a Star Wars Clone Wars lunch box 50% off on Sunday!

  4. I hope it’s like this at my store, since my son’s school does staggered kindergarten and we don’t get a school list until tomorrow night! I haven’t gotten any supplies yet!

  5. I noticed it yesterday when i went. It was just like you have pictured. Plus, one tiny section of 70 count notebooks were also 30% off. I’m waiting to see what it looks like one week from now since it will be after Labor day.

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