Target Wedding and Baby Registry Know-How

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If you are having a baby or getting married, or even know someone who is, then be sure and check out Target’s Wedding & Baby Registries. You can register online or at one of the kiosks in your store. When you register, Target usually gives out a welcome kit with information, ideas and sometimes even coupons so you may want to check with Guest Services. I recently got an email from Kim who registered at Target for a Baby Registry.

She received a welcome gift bag from Guest Services with a booklet inside filled with coupons. All 16 coupons had an expiration date of 12/31 and I’ve listed them below to give you an idea of what to expect if you’re expecting ;-). Target Registries are active within a few minutes of registering until 90 days after the event date you give in the registry. And remember, all registry items are 5% off when bought with a REDCard and there’s FREE shipping too. Here’s a list of the coupons from the baby booklet (-Thanks Kim!)….

– $20/1 Lansinoh Affinity Double Electric Breast Pump
– $2/2 Pampers 13 ct+ Diapers or Training Pants AND Pampers Baby Wipes 180 ct+
– $1/1 Johnson’s Baby or Johnson’s Natural Toiletry item ETS, Johnson Buddies and On-The-Go items
– $2/1 Johnson’s Baby Gift Set excl Johnson’s Take Along Pack
– 20% off Eddie Bauer Baby Travel system, Highchair, Play yard or Car Seat
– $10/1 Chicco Fun Travel Activity Nest or  i-Gym Activity Center
– FREE 6-pk Enfamil Premium Newborn formula ready-to-use bottles
– $5/1 Gerber Good Start Powder Formula 12 oz+
– $2/1 Gerber Onesies 3 pack+
– 20% off Liz Lange for Target Apparel Item
– 10% off Gilligan & O’Malley Nursing Bra or Cami
– 10% off Basics by Bravado Designs! Nursing Bra or Cami

When it comes to managing your registry, Target’s digital catalog makes it fast and easy to manage either from your home computer or you can download the app to your smartphone or tablet. Just mark your favorites as you browse the catalog and when you’re done, you’ll be able to print, share or add them to your registry. For more information on downloading the Target app to your phone, you can go HERE and click on your device in the left-hand column or text “APP” to 827438 (TARGET) to receive a download link. Message and data rates may apply. Once you have the app, the registries are under “Lists”.

After your big day or shower, you can pick a day to shop online or visit your local Target and get 10% off everything left on your registry. Remember your manufacturer’s coupons as well – stacking coupons at Target means you can find some great deals not only for yourself but for a friend who’s registered. You may also want to check out the Target Coupon page for photo related coupons. Here are some previous coupon examples…. –$5/1 Select Photo Gift Item or –$5/50 4×6 inch Digital Prints.

For more detailed information about Target’s Baby Registry, you can go HERE. This link will take you to a more detailed layout of how Target’s Baby Registry works including a link to a helpful FAQs page detailing Target’s Return & Exchange Policy. For more details about creating and managing a Wedding Registry, you can go HERE.

One final note: an important detail to consider in both registries is the Gift Purchase Log. This is a list of all the gifts your friends and family told Target about when they made their purchases. It can be printed anytime from or at a Target store kiosk and used like a receipt. Just be sure to have your password you created when you set up your registry. This log will help you when doing any returns and exchanges.

If any of you have had experience with creating a Target Wedding or Baby Registry, please feel free to share any tips or advice in the comments that may be helpful to other readers.

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  1. Can i still get the bag even if i had my baby?
    I did my registry but never went to the store to get it…my baby is 6 weeks

  2. Just found out Target has a college registry too! I think this is great even for moms or dads that are going back for grad school…maybe closer to their graduation? Just thought I’d share 😉

  3. Thanks for the info on completion rules.
    I am so done with Target And the baby registry.
    If I had it to do over, Babies R Us would be my
    sole registry. One cool thing that keeps me shopping
    there is that I just got a $189 graco jogging stroller for
    $56 on clearance!

  4. I haven’t had a great experience with the Target baby registry and I think it might be because I did it online, apparently it works differently when you do it in the store. At our shower we were grateful for the gifts but a little surprised to see that only a few of them came off our registry at Target and the ones that did were duplicates. We’d specifically picked Target because we thought it was the best pricing and most convenient to use but it turns out we were totally wrong. The host told us that several people had mentioned that the Target registry froze, crashed and was overall difficult to use so they opted to get us a gift card instead. The items didn’t always show as purchased so guest thought they were buying a gift that was available and in fact it was the second or even third we got. I told customer service but all they did was say sorry for the inconvenience. They reminded me I had a completion discount coming and could do returns but that was the last thing I wanted to hear while massively pregnant.

    For me, bottom line the lower prices and coupons make it a better option than babies r us but you will pay for the cost savings with your time. I’d do it over again but I would probably do it at the store.

  5. I registered for my 2nd baby almost 3 years ago and I waited for my 10% off coupon to come in the mail. It never did. I even called customer service to say I never got it. They said they would resend it but it still never came! I’m having baby #3, I registered again (not expecting other people to buy stuff for me, I just want the discount) so hopefully this time I actually get the coupon.

  6. I didn’t get a welcome packet thing with my registry I started online. I want to get the 10% discount on my remaining Items. I would like to be able to buy this stuff before the baby comes as it is stuff we need before she arrives. Has anyone gotten the discount before their due date? I did not think that was the deal. I thought that once the shower(s) were over we could buy the rest of the registry with a discount.

  7. Rebecca, did you scan everything in your cart, i.e. groceries as well? or just add more baby stuff to your cart and scanned that into your registry?

    Just seeing if I should plan to do my grocery trip and registry trip in one.

  8. You’re welcome Kerry! I wasn’t sure if you wanted to know about the samples that I received as well becuase they can change. In addition to what Cait mentioned, there is also a $20 shutterfly card valid until 6/25/13. As far as the 10% completion discount, it says in the booklet it is mailed 6 weeks prior to your event date.

  9. If you download the app to your phone then you don’t even need the gun. You can just scan the items with your phone right on the app. I just had a baby and with our registry they let us return up to $150 in merchandise without receipts whether we had registered for the items or not.

  10. Once I received my 10% off baby registry coupon, I really made it work for me. I checked out the gun again, and had my grocery list and target stacks ready to go. As I shopped for all those great coupon buys, I scanned the items as well so that they went onto my registry. Customer Service said it takes between 5min to an hour for items to upload, so I made sure I had time to wait. It only took seconds. Once I was done, I printed out a new registry, handed over my 10% coupon, all my stacks, then used my target card, My bill went from $357 down to $89. Woohoo.

  11. Save the gift receipts that you get from people or when you give a gift it can save LOTS of headaches when getting duplicates… or triples… Years ago they would let you get store credit for and item that was in your registry even without the gift receipt (and up to a certain amount for related stuff you didn’t register for) but nowadays I have no clue if they still do this. Target can be VERY strict with returns without receipts. I usually tape mine to the top of the gifts I give so it doesn’t get lost in the middle of wrapping paper/ bags/ tissue!

  12. Linda, I started my registry online and went to Guest Services in the store and told them and they handed me a Baby Registry packet. 🙂

    Tracie, I received the 10% off coupon to use for remaining registry items after my baby’s due date about 4-5 weeks before my due date. I just need to make sure I place it somewhere safe and do not lose it! 🙂

  13. I was so disappointed when i registered for my son because i got a huge stack of expired coupons! I only wish that i had just said something or wrote corporate about it and maybe they would have sent me some “we’re sorry” coupons lol

  14. does anyone know if its possible to still get the babyy gift bag in store if you;ve already started a baby registry online?

  15. I’m not sure about the baby registry, but with the wedding registry you will receive a 10% coupon in the mail about 6 weeks after your wedding date for anything left over on your registry. So even if you don’t think anyone will actually buy that camera or TV that you and your fiance want, register for it anyway and you can get a discount on it later, and if you use your RedCard you will get the extra 5% off. Just make sure to print off your registry and have it with you along with the coupon when you are checking out.
    Also, make sure you’re not waving the registry gun around. It can pick random things up and you’ll end up being registered for things you may not have intended. I had a lady get upset that a baby item ended up on her wedding registry. Target employees can’t fix this for you. You have to go into your account and take the item off yourself.

  16. My Baby Registry pack also had a sample of Huggies diapers & wipes and Lansinoh breast pads. 🙂

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