Super-Easy Home Made Bread Recipe

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homemade bread loaves cooling on a wire rack

If you have ever wanted to make homemade bread but thought it might be too much work, then you might want to check out the Easy Bread recipe Keri Lyn posted. Her recipe really is super easy, and most of the time is spent letting the bread rise and bake.

There is nothing like the aroma of fresh baking homemade bread to bring the family running to the dinner table! Plus home made bread makes incredible sandwiches and French Toast the next day. You can check out Keri Lyn’s recipe along with instructions on her post HERE.

– Thanks Keri Lyn at She Saved!

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  1. I have never made bread except as a little girl with my grandmother. I am anxious to try again. This might be my first attempt.

  2. Cassandra – can you share the recipe? My son has dairy issues and if I can make his bread it would be so much cheaper!!

  3. It must be time for bread making. I just made some homemade flour tortillas for my sons lunches today! Not exactly bread but a while lot quicker to make! 🙂

  4. Thanks for posting! I am thinking about trying to make this this weekend. I love baking in the fall and I love warm bread 🙂

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