My Pineapple in Progress – Still Growing Strong…

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For those of you who have seen my earlier Pineapple posts- just reporting in that it’s doing great! In about 8 weeks, it’s grown from the little bud I posted about HERE, to the size of I would say a large grapefruit, (and much bigger than my little frog friend ;)). Growing this pineapple has been a big feat for me, as usually nothing I plant survives, so it’s very exciting and I hope it keeps growing!

It’s starting to lean a little bit, so I am hoping the stalk can support it as it grows. I can’t wait until we can actually pluck it off and eat it, and I think I will cut the top off it and grow yet another plant! 🙂

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  1. WOW awesome and love the frog story. I’m sure it will be the best pineapple you have ever had since you grew it yourself. Let us know when you eat it. Enjoy

  2. Your plant is beautiful! I look forward to your harvest pictures. I tried this once several years ago without luck but my try again.

  3. I have told so many people about the frog! I’m glad to see your pineapple is doing well

  4. Kerry, How amazing at it’s progress. I smiled remembering your frog story a ways back and now to see the pineapple nearing edible stage brings another smile. I love fresh pineapple myself and can only imagine how much more enjoyable when it’s home grown! Let us know how good it is!

  5. That’s awesome!!!! When I saw I remembered you thinking a frog as the pineapple!!! Love it!

  6. OMG Kerry it got big since the last post. It looks great.. So glad it’s growing for you!

  7. That is awesome! But pineapples take 1 1/2 years to grow! I went to the Dole pineapple plantation & saw allmofnthe different varieties there. I loved it! When it’s ripe, it will be the best pineapple that you have ever tasted! Enjoy!

  8. OMG!!!! I was remembering when you posted it Kerry a few years ago this picture of the pineapple with a frog in it or by your plant….correct me if I’m wrong…lol lol:)

  9. Hi Janice- no – a friend of mine gave me a pineapple he grew, and we ate it, cut off the top, and then planted it. It took 3 years to get a bud. If you click back and look at my original posts- there’s a story behind my pineapple 😉

  10. That looks awesome!!!! so did you purchase a pineapple plant (if so fro where) or did you start from a pineapple crown (I think that is the correct term)

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