Target Valentine’s Day Clearance- Up to 70% Off

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Valentine’s Day clearance should now be at 70% for many of you if your store has anything left. Mine was pretty sparse even as of yesterday- but Kelley has just a ton left this morning, so if your store looks anything like hers, you may want to dig around and see what you can find. All non-candy and non-food was 70% Off for her.


All Candy and snack foods were at 50% Off for her and she still had just a ton of of it left. She still had plenty of M&M’s & Dove Chocolate candies for 50% Off too – both of which we have great stacks for.


Valentine M&M’s Candy Bags Up to 70% Off at $1.59 each
-$1.50 off two 9.34-oz. or larger M&M’S candies Target Coupon x3/16
-$1.50/2 Mars Snickers, M&M’s, Milkyway, Twix or Mini Mix 8 oz+ 1-12-14 RP x2/23
Buy 2 and pay as low as .09 cents a bag after stacking with a $1.50/2 MQ


There are also other coupons that are no longer available but are still valid if you have them. Kelley found Dove for $1.64 each at 70% Off and there is a $1.50 off With purchase of two Dove candies 7.34-oz or larger Target Coupon (no longer avail) x2/22 and there was also a $2/3 Snickers, Twix, M&Ms, Milky Way, Dove, bites or 3 Musketeers Bags 7-11.5 oz recently on that is no longer available but will make for some nice deals after stack.


What can be found will vary from store to store, but definitely worth taking a good look around for anything you might want to stock up on for next year. And be sure to scope out other areas of the store. Check in home & housewares, and check in the regular grocery aisles too just in case- and also  check out the clothing departments and baby too. For example Kelley found some cute stuff in baby- all the Just One You Carter’s with the little duck holding a heart on the tag were 70% Off for her today. Some are obviously Valentine’s but others are quite subtle- so if you find any of the tags you may want to scan just in case.

As far as a next drop to 90% Off- if history repeats we should see it as early as February 19th. So happy clearance hunting folks and let us know if you find anything good or anything hidden that we should be looking for this year!

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  1. I guess there are not many hidden finds this year. I remember when they had tons of them in home decor, kitchen and even in lingerie. It is a little sad.

  2. At Target now it has finally dropped to 90% off. I am so excited I was here when the doors opened. Happy shopping everyone. Dont forget to check the toy section for Sofia the first dolls (mini dolls have hearts in the package). Hello Kitty mini dolls. Barbie little sister mini dolls and Lalaloopsy mini dolls.

  3. One target wa 70% off candy and other, the other target 3 miles away was 70% candy 90% off! Got loads of candy for my candy buffet for my wedding for 80-90 cents a bag. Wasn’t much left in the 90% off department but still got a few things.

  4. Mari my Target dropped to 70% off on Sunday. Today everything was 70% off which is weird because usually it’s 70% food and 90% items. Oh well I feel it will definitely be 90% off tomorrow. Will be there when the doors open. Btw got alot of food/candy items today. They were flying off the shelf

  5. 70% off in San Antonio Texas. I found some lip smacker gift sets with 2 chap sticks and a glitter nail polish. Two different types in square boxes with heart shaped peek in windows for 1.39 each. They also had 3 packs of lip smackers in heart shaped pouches for 1.19 each.

  6. Target in Delray Beach, Fl candy was marked 70% but sign still said 50%! Hersheys kisses were $.95 each, so were york peppermint patties and Reeses cups! I used in conjuction with $1/2 manu qp, got next to nothing for candy!!

  7. I am surprised there aren’t more “hidden” deals posted. Hopefully, 90% hits tomorrow, and I will share my finds!

  8. Sheri and Wendi, thanks! I was able to find a bunch of Legos at 90% a few years ago and used them as prizes for kids’ holiday parties. They were a huge hit. I would love to score these again!

  9. @Joann, The Lego bags are the lego city small plane with 1 mini guy. I picked up 2 on Sunday at 50% off..1.74 each

  10. It’s still 50/30 in bridge view IL. 🙁 and we as well got snow dumped. Lol
    Happy shopping to all!!!

  11. My store in Oviedo, FL was still 50/30. They didn’t have a lot left either. I may look for toys in a couple of days if the price drops again. 🙂

  12. Omg I was just there and all the signs said 50. I bought M&Ms but I wanted a table runner and thought it was only 50 off as well. I can’t believe I didn’t scan it.

  13. Wow, Laura, way to go! If you could just tell me what Legos you found for 50% off, I’d really appreciate it! Thanks!

  14. Joann – i found some non holiday hidden deals !
    They had them in the shopping carts with the valentines day things and I scanned them and they were 50% off last night and today they were 70% off!
    There was..
    •Sofia the first toys with heart shaped packages regularly $5.99 and I got them for about $1.74 (two different Sofia’s, and one Amber worked for me) I found more in the regular aisle for Sofia things too
    • a small package of Legos got for 50% off for $1.74
    • angry birds kinects with hearts on the package – the small packages I got for $1something
    •single mega blocks characters got lay night for 50% off for $1.50
    • small boxes of Mickey play dough sets I got for 70% off for $1.50

    They also had La La Loopsy small packages toys again in the heart shape and a Barbie Kelly doll and hello kitty dolls on a small package that had hearts on the back and try were all 70% off today
    Those and the Sofia toys all had the “only at target” logo on them

    I’m saving them for Easter, bdays and christmas!
    I can email you pics if you want to know what they look like 🙂

  15. Anybody know of any hidden deals? I don’t need any holiday stuff and I’m not even looking! My youngest only has one more year of elementary school and will use up the last of my stockpile next year.

  16. SO wish I could go today. Went yesterday and my store was still 50/30. Our area just got dumped on with snow again, so Im staying put! But happy hunting-super envious of you all!

  17. I’d be amazed to see that much left anywhere around here. They had easter candy already starting to fill the aisles around the valentines day candy the weekend before valentines day! The stores were pretty bare at 50 percent off gifts/30 percent off candy on Sat other than card kits there were tons of those left. I bought then firguring there wouldnt be much left – candy for my daughters birthday candy bar, there were cabbage patch dolls left, play dough sets and little lego toys – i was happy with 50 percent off and got enough small stuff to fill easter baskets with.

  18. My store was sparse the day after valentine’s day and I was the first one in the store when they opened. I’m wondering if they clearanced everything on valentines day night this year

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