Target: Summer Clearance Now Up to 90% Off + Hidden Finds to Watch for on Tabletop Grills & More

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By now many of you should have 90% Off on whatever is left of the Summer Clearance at your stores. Several of you reported dropping to 90% Off yesterday, so hopefully many more of you went today. Remember you will not see any stickers on the Summer clearance items- so become best friends with that scanner! And while everyone may not drop to 90% Off today – if your signs don’t say 90% – you may still want to scan a couple things just to be sure.

While the pickings may be slim for many of you- here’s a few other clearance finds that may be “Hidden” or may have mistakenly been put back in the regular aisles along with other like items. While you may or may not have any luck- it can’t hurt to check if you are stopping in Target anyway…

CHARBROIL 14″ TABLETOP GRILLS: Take a look over in the grilling section near the lighter fluid & small grills for this 14″ Tabletop Grill. Kelley found several over in her grilling section that will scan for $1.80 if your store is at 90 – regularly $18. Only the black ones ring up 90% Off – the maroon ones will not.


POOL NOODLES: Check the regular aisles for clearance Summer Pool Noodles that look identical to the regular-section ones. They are the same color and the labels are very similar. The easiest way to tell is the color of the label – it is a much lighter blue and these will ring up .20 cents each if your store is at 90% Off.


HULA HOOPS: Also take a peek in the regular aisles for summer Hula Hoops that may have gotten mixed in. The ones you are looking for have the label shown above – but they are completely plain and smooth all the way around with no lights attached. They will scan at .29 cents if your store is at 90% Off.

And don’t forget to check for the bonus packs of L’Oreal & Up & Up Sun Care I posted the other day– these will be as low as $1.39 now if your store is at 90% Off!


Also- watch for a possible aisle that looks like something like the picture above on the outskirts near kitchen & home. While a lot of the items on it may have these similar Summer Tags and packaging- most items will be regular price. BUT – take advantage of that self check scanner and see if you can find anything that got put back here by mistake. Vanessa found the apron shown at top left and if your store is at 90% off – these aprons will ring up at $1.

Happy hunting folks and let us know if you find anything else hiding in the regular aisles we should be watching for!

Thanks so much for the pics & finds to Vanessa, Laura, Maureen, John & Toni

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  1. The pool noodles and hula hoops had been removed from the system. Found three of each today and they sold them to me for $0.20 each. In the past they haven’t done that.

  2. In Grand Rapids Michigan I found OFF twin packs marked clearance 5.50 ringing up 2.38 and there is $1.00 manufacturers coupon and a !.00 of two target coupon, making the 2 pack only .88!!!!! Prices are different by store on the noodles and sunscreen though!

  3. .
    Thanks Marlene and Jennifer for the heads up on the totes and Coolgear water bottles. I found 4 totes that rang up $1.19 regular price was $11.99…still good deal. In Hawaii the stores put a sticker on the original price on some items. Some items are a dollar or two more here in paradise. Great deal though, very heavy duty and we’ll made. I am actually taking kids to the pool today with new bag ($1.19) water wings (2 @ $0.49) water noodles (2@ $0.24) and up n up sunscreen (3 cans $1.39)…..what a steal! Thanks all for your help on every item…what would we do without 90% off?

  4. My store is still 30% off but not much left. Since the Igloo coolers were on the shelf next to the clearance stuff I asked if they were also clearanced and was told no. But I checked anyways and found that the blue ones were regular price but the 2 white 24 cube coolers I found were 30% off. So I took them both.

  5. I found some big bright pink mesh tote bags in the accessories department for $0.99. The were with some other colors (black, dark pink, and yellow) but only the lighter more neon pink were 90%!

  6. Don’t think anyone has mentioned this yet, but I found Coolgear brand BPA free water bottles in the plastic container/baggies section ringing 90%off. They are the CLEAR ones with a colored top and insertable freeze part that you would freeze first then insert in the bottle. They were mixed in with the other Coolgear ones that are fully colored. I found different sizes – so just scan ones that have the clear outside -$0.79 water bottles yes!
    They also might be located in the sports section where they display water bottles

  7. I’m so sad. My store was wiped clean!! And I had checked mon and everything was still 70% then yesterday saw signs 90% and nothing left wahhhhh

  8. There was still a full endcap of the 3 pack up & up sunscreen at the merrillville, in store tonight at 9 pm. It’s a back endcap in cosmetics-not marked.

  9. I found the Independence Day market pantry cupcakes, brownies, and iced star cookies at 90 off in my store in Kansas City.

  10. NorCal. went to target. scanned most grills to make sure. but nothing is on clearance. we don’t even have a clearance section. sad

  11. I am so bummed. I just bought a tabletop grill from Target last week but I live in San Diego and they never go on sale here! WAAAHHHH! 🙂

  12. I don’t know if it is my area in California but neither store I visited had any clearance things. All items were still regular priced. I even scanned several to make sure. They have set up the school supplies area but still have aisles for summer items. Anyone else had this experience?

  13. Swimming goggles for .59 and .79, oblong table cloth fabric not vinyl, 1.29, kids lemonade stand aprons .49, lemonade stand signs .50, placemats .29.

  14. Water wings, a team member handed me a set that he found in toys that rang up. 49. Pink shark design.

  15. Yesterday, I found a cooler tote (reg. 12.99) with the same orange Hawaiian print as the apron in the photo. It rang up at $1.29! Plus found a pink/ orange backpack cooler for .99. Also got some Glad disposable bowls for FREE- I used the TQ for .50- and they rang up at .29 so they were free. Make sure they say “summer collection” on them. Found 2 huge bright pink tubs (not my favorite color but at this price I don’t care!) to use for storing toys (and pool noodles!) in the garage- .79 each! Summer fruit snacks were .29- nice expiration date of feb and march of 2015 so I got several boxes. Too bad I didn’t know abt the hoola hoops when I went yesterday- but I am very thankful for the great deals I got! Thanks Totally Target for helping my family save $$!!!!

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