Target Coupon Policy FAQ Update: Using Target Department-Wide Coupons with Other Store Coupons

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Target often releases threshold coupons on their site and in their weekly ads allowing us to enjoy a nice discount in a particular department of the store. For example – this week we have a terrific coupon for a FREE $10 Target Gift Card with a Food or Beverage purchase of $50 or more (Valid thru 4/4).

One of the questions I get asked quite often is whether or not you can use other Target Coupons along with these types of threshold coupons. And the answer is yes- but only Target coupons valid for specific individual items.  I also frequently get comments that some stores mistakenly want you to meet the specified amount on a threshold coupon AFTER all other coupons are used.

But for those of you have had trouble in the past with one or both of these circumstances, I am happy to say that Target has gone ahead and clarified these points in their policy FAQs. 🙂 The following excerpt is from their policy and you can read the complete official Target Coupon Policy HERE

What should I keep in mind if I want to redeem a category/department or storewide coupon?

Target item-level coupons can be used while using a category/storewide coupon (e.g. $1 off Target coupon for body wash AND a $5 off $15 Target Personal Care purchase). The threshold for the category coupon is based on the retail of the qualified items prior to Manufacturer item-level and Target item-level coupons.

I hope this helps those of you who have had issues in the past to have a better shopping experience. But keep in mind that while coupons for individual items are fine, you cannot use two threshold coupons together unless you meet the requirement for each in your transaction.

So for example – right now we also have a $4 off Market Pantry/Archer Farms/Simply Balanced Purchase of $25+ printable Target Coupon. So if you wanted to use this week’s $10 Gift Card wyb $50 Groceries too, you would need to spend $75 in groceries in one transaction and $25 of it would need to be Market Pantry or Archer Farms products to use both coupons.

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  1. Have you heard other Target shoppers having this experience- I used the $10 off $40 of personal items. My target would not take my coupons because it my total would be under $40. I went to customer service and the manager told me the same thing.

  2. Kerry,

    I just want to thank you so very much for doing an amazing job off keeping us current with all things coupon! I will be printing this policy as I have experienced great difficulty with a Target manager. This is truly a welcome relief because maybe now I can shop at my local Target instead of the Target in the next town over.

  3. Hi Kelly – the combining of threshold coupons as you used them has actually been against policy for quite some time. Technically your store should have only allowed the use of all 3 coupons if you had spent $90 on groceries before coupons, $25 of it being AF/Market Pantry and $15 of it being perishables. hth

  4. Thank you for this post. I had noticed in this weeks matchup, someone commented that the could not use the $4 off $25 with the $10 gift card deal. So when I went into my local target, I went to the customer service desk and asked if I could specifically use the coupon with the gift card deal, and she said yes! It did ring up just fine too, is it possible that some targets are allowed to choose what they would like to apply or not apply? I also used the $3 of $15 perishables coupon with no problem also. I spent about $60 in groceries, and when I handed my coupons, I put all the threshold coupons on top. Has anyone else has been able to do this, or did the policy clarification go into affect after I did this? Thanks!

  5. Hi Mel! you are very welcome-
    I too am SUPER happy that both points have been put in wirting! 🙂
    I never had problems myself- but I know that many readers have- so it is a wonderful thing for these things to be clarified!

  6. HI Michelle- imo when it comes to store coupons- well Target any way- their policy is to allow the use of threshold coupons together as long as the minimum requirement for each is met. so I can’t say I agree with you on store coupons that say “$xx or more” only because it is clarified and so clearly addressed in their policy.

    However, I do feel the same as you about manufacturer coupons. So for example if I had a coupon for $5 Off wyb OxiClean purchase of $15 or more Manufacturer’s coupon and I bought $30 in OxiClean- I would not feel right about using two. I know it’s a grey topic on MQs for many, and perhaps subject to individual interpretation, – but that is what my gut tells me and I pretty much always listen to it.


  7. Thank you Kerry! I was so hoping Target would put it in writing. I was trying to explain to a friend that she was using the $10 GC offer and $4/25 MP coupon wrong (on a $50 purchase), she got the GC, but the MP coupon beeped and the cashier wouldn’t let her use it, she pitched a fit and the manager OK’d it “just this once”. But now that I told her the policy, she feels like a schmuck. I told her not to worry about it, she’s new to couponing and I’ve been patiently showing her the ropes, but apparently she came across a site that teaches some shady things. I told her to stick with you & H2S.

  8. Just to clarify, in my interpretation, when it says something like $5 off a purchase of $25 or more, you could only use one of those in a transaction because of the word more. Any amount over $25 is attached to that one coupon. Would you agree or clarify why you disagree? Thanks!

  9. Just discovered that today when I bought about $63 worth of food items and was able to use the $1.5 off $7 off more fresh produce and the gift card Q. Glad to see that Target is on the ball with clarifying their coupon policy.

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