The Target One Spot Gets A Makeover! Introducing the New Bullseye’s Playground

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If you love shopping for deals at The One Spot in Target, then you’re going to love the latest changes Target is making to this popular section. Now called Bullseye’s Playground, Target has created a more family-friendly collection of both seasonal and other discount-priced items for both kids and adults. Watch for Target’s mascot, Bullseye at the top of this section either popping out of boxes or digging into them, sniffing for deals. 🙂

Most items will still be in the $1 to $5 range and just in time for the holidays, will include decorations, entertaining essentials, and great stocking stuffer ideas for kids. Target has plans to update the assortment every eight weeks to stay ahead of the seasons so watch for clearance! Kelley’s store has already changed over to Bullseye’s Playground, as you can see from her pictures. What about your store? Do you have Bullseye’s Playground yet?

You can check out Target’s press release on the New Bullseye’s Playground HERE.

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  1. Very disappointing at my store. Our fun one to three dollar shopping trips with the kids are possibly in the past. That was the fun! You could let the kids pick out an item that was affordable. Five dollar items and seven dollar items are mixed in with the dollar items. There are also many fewer deals, at least for now. Target probably wanted to get rid of those fabulous deals. Now they basically have.

  2. Saw them putting up at my store today! So cute! Can’t wait to browse for stocking stuffers!

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