Target Valentine’s Day Clearance Now Up to 90% Off

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Some of you may find up to 90% Off now for Valentine’s Day clearance today. I did visit one of my Tampa stores that was at 90%, however signage was lacking and I did find a few non-perishable things still stuck at 70. I did find a lot of things that were scanning at 90% off,

Here’s a few things that I found…

Valentine’s Exchange cards that can be used next year, like these 16 count My Little Pony ones with 16 erasers that will be .40 if your store is at 90.

These super cute scented heart-shaped bath bombs will be just .39 if your store is at 90.

Quite a few Sprtiz items like these 24 count hearts that will be just .50 each if your store is at 90%.

I also found these fun Sprtiz cat-eared headband 8 count sets in pink & red that will be just .30 if your store is at 90. These could be re-purposed for all kinds of things, and would also make cute items for a Hello Kitty themed party any time of the year.

Even though my non-perishables weren’t marked at 90, my candy was clearly marked at 70%. With Easter rapidly approaching, watch for candy that could be used in Easter baskets to make for some nice savings.

Also watch for items like these Dove Hearts that would also be great for engagement parties, baby showers, or even treat bag fillers for a little girls’ birthday party.

If your store didn’t drop today, it is likely it will happen tomorrow and for a much larger percentage of stores. But always scan to be sure no matter what your signs say. It is possible for signs not to get switched out and usually it’s only a 2-3 day gap between 70 to 90 so keep a close eye on it. Once you hit 90, it will move fast and Target will be looking to clear the stuff off the floors.

Don’t forget you can still check in Bullseye’s Playground and in other departments for holiday items. While most of it will have been moved back to the holiday clearance section, you never know what may get left behind and it might be worth a quick peek around the store.

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