Easy Cast Iron Skillet Blueberries and Cream Cobbler Recipe

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Photo of blueberries and cream cobbler on a plate
Image Credit: SheSaved.com

Here’s a fantastic dessert recipe for you! Blueberries and cream cobbler is a decadent dessert that is super easy to make.  There’s not a ton of ingredients, but most of the flavor comes from cream cheese and fresh blueberries of course! Cooking in a cast iron skillet gives the crust the perfect texture.

This recipe is super easy too, with not a lot of dirtying up dishes. You basically just need a cast iron skillet, a bowl and a spoon. It’s an impressive looking dessert too, so great for company or if you need something sweet to take to a potluck dinner.

Even better, if you are wanting to make this recipe, Target has fresh blueberries on sale starting on August 1st. The sale will run all week, and you can grab two pints for just $5, or $2.50 each. For this recipe, you will need two quarts (or 4 pints), so the sale at Target will definitely help keep the cost down.

Serve up as is, or top with vanilla ice cream or whipped topping. You can check out the complete recipe for Blueberries and cream cobbler along with instructions, tips, and more photos over on SheSaved!

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