Southwest Pasta Salad with Bacon & Chopotle Dressing

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Southwest Pasta Salad Recipe
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I am a big fan of pasta salads, especially when they include bacon! This Southwest pasta salad recipe is easy to make. Prep time does take a few minutes, but this dish is cooked and ready to eat or put in the fridge in about 40 minutes!

A spicy chipotle sauce adds a bit of kick and tons of flavor, and you can adjust depending on how much heat you want. Chopped bell pepper and bright green fresh cilantro add bright pops of color.

This Southwest pasta salad is really good, and perfect alongside a summer BBQ. It’s also great to take to a pot luck dinner! Not only does this salad taste amazing, but is pretty served up in a glass bowl!

There’s only a few ingredients needed, and you can easily double this recipe to feed a larger crowd. It’s definitely a recipe to try!

Plus, it’s great the next day for packing in lunches, so no worries if you have a bit extra. (Or just plan on making a bigger batch!) You can check out the complete recipe for Southwest Pasta salad with Chipotle dressing along with step-by-step instructions and more photos over on!

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