Super Yummy and Easy to Make Pumpkin S’more Muffins

Photo of Pumpkin S'mores muffins

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So I confess – any time I see a recipe with S’mores in the title, I do a double take. When I saw PUMPKIN S’more muffins, it meant hold the presses, stop everything and investigate!

I know it may sound a little strange to say “I wish you could smell my house”, however, I do wish you could! These muffins have a wonderful Fall aroma when baking, and they taste amazing.

Keep in mind you can substitute the oil in the recipe for applesauce. While using milk chocolate chips will give more of a traditional S’mores flavor, I think dark chocolate chips would be tasty as well! You can also use cupcake liners if you prefer, or silicone baking cups.

It only takes minutes to get the batter ready, and then about 25 minutes of baking time. You will also need to allow time for them to cool before eating.

If you don’t eat all 24 muffins :), they will keep in an airtight container for up to a week. OR freeze for a quick on the go snack, breakfast or dessert on a busy day!

You can check out the complete recipe for these easy to make and fabulous Pumpkin S’more muffins along with more photos over on SheSaved!

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