Christmas Muddy Buddies Reindeer Chow Recipe

Chex Mix Reindeer Chow Recipe

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Looking for a fun and colorful snack idea for the holidays? Muddy Buddies Chex Mix Reindeer Chow is super easy to make and only requires a few ingredients. Plus, if you have little ones around, they will love helping out making this dish.

Even better, it’s a pretty affordable snack, and perfect to snack on while watching sports, Holiday movies, or for family game night. (You’ll want napkins on hand though!) It’s always a hit at parties, and it’s so festive – making for a great gift idea when packaged in clear bags with ribbon!

While the original recipe does call for Chex Rice Cereal, you can swap out for wheat chex or corn chex if you prefer. You can also swap out your chocolate for milk chocolate or even white chocolate if you don’t care for dark chocolate. (you can even use chocolate chips if you prefer!). I’ve actually made this recipe with peanut butter chips and it was fantastic!

I think this year I may also make a batch with butterscotch chips just to shake things up a bit!

You can check out the complete instructions for making thieasy to make homemade Chex Mix Reindeer Chow along with step by step instructions and more photos over on SheSaved!

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