Roundup of The Latest Target Clearance Finds This Week

Target Clearance on Del Monte

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If you are like me, you are looking forward to some hopefully awesome finds in the after Christmas clearance at Target starting on December 26th! In the meantime, if you are headed out to your store this week, here’s a roundup of some Target clearance items I found at my store yesterday. Remember- clearance can vary greatly from store to store- there is no guarantee you will find the same or for the same discount.

I was surprised to see quite a few cans of Del Monte Green Beans and Bruce’s yams all marked 30% off. We usually see these items that are on sale during Thanksgiving disappear pretty quickly by the first week in December. I double checked to make sure they weren’t clearanced at a bigger %, but true to the sign – they were only 30% off.


Good & Gather spices primarily nutmeg, thyme and a few others typically used a lot around Thanksgiving also marked 30% off.

SO many bottles of Hellman’s Real mayonnaise marked 50% off down to $2.14.

Quite a few beauty products including Chapstick Total Hydration, Physician’s Formula foundation and more as much as 50% off.

There were several endcaps packed with Beloved products, SheaMoisture Lotion, and even a few Yes to lip balms up to 50% off.

Lots of facial serums from multiple brands including Boots and Olay as much as 50% off.

Mielle hair care as much as 30% off including this styling cream down to $6.64.

Head & Shoulders Royal Oils shampoo down to $4.89, regularly $6.99.

Mighty Patch Duo down to $4.90, regularly $7. There were probably close to 60 boxes of them at my store!

And Gold Bond Had cream as much as 30% off.

My store did not have much at all for clearance apparel, but there was a rack of quite a few Art Class clothes including overalls, shirts, dresses and more as much as 50% off.

Take a quick peek in Bullseye’s Playground, there were a few winter seasonal decor items already marked 50% off!

So much can vary from store to store, so be sure and take a good look around yours for any additional Target clearance you can find! Happy Hunting!


Remember- you can always sort the blog by CLEARANCE to see the latest finds you may want to watch for too. Feel free to let us know what your latest finds are in the comments below!

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