Target Holiday Clearance – Up to 70% off Decor, Wrapping Paper and More!!

holiday clearance at Target

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If you are looking to take advantage of after Christmas Clearance – there are deals to be had both in stores and online. This year Target has a lot of items on clearance with up to 70% Off thousands of items. There’s so much to choose from, including TONS of holiday decor items like wreaths, ornaments, trees and more. 

I headed out to my local store this morning, so here’s a few things to watch for at your stores. Just note that clearance online may vary in pricing and availability from what you will find in stores. 

Back in the Wondershop almost all decor was marked down 70%, including lots of string lights.

And, wreaths, garlands, and holiday home decor also at 70% off – however, my store had very limited inventory left.

If you want to plan ahead for next year, there was so much wrapping paper on clearance for 70% off. 

I was surprised to see quite a few table cloths, napkins, and plain red disposable plates also at 70% off.

Keep in mind not everything will be stickered. like the Wondershop plates. I went ahead and bought some to put aside for Valentine’s Day, as they were just .90, regularly $3.

There were a few holiday decor throw pillows on clearance also up to 70% off.

Food and perishables were only 30% off at my store, and there wasn’t a whole lot left. I did see some M&Ms, Dove, and more candy on clearance.

Also Andes mints, boxed candy, Ghirardelli chocolates also at 30%.

Lots of decor in Bullseye’s Playground marked 50% off including greenery and miniature trees.

Also in Bullseye’s Playground – miniature gift boxes, fun kitchen towel/pot holder sets and more also 50% off.

And, in Healthy and Beauty there were several displays of beauty gift sets marked 70% off. I didn’t see any sets on after Christmas clearance that matched up to any Circle offers, but gift sets are great to buy and have on hand for birthdays too.

And as always, if you have a REDcard you will get an additional 5% Off! Happy Hunting and feel free to leave a comment/picture with your clearance finds on this post or on Facebook!

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  1. My local stores have nothing! It’s like Christmas never happened. They removed all the lights and trees and crafts over night because I was there on the 26th at 8am and everything was gone. I drove to another Target and it ws the same.

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