Yummy and Easy Pepperoni Pizza Waffle Fries Recipe

Pizza Fries

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Love Pizza AND Love Waffle Fries? This recipe combines the best of these two yummy foods into one! Pepperoni pizza waffle fries only require a few ingredients, and will be a hit with the entire family.

They only take about 45 minutes to make start to finish, and the majority of that time (35 minutes) is oven bake time! Even better, you can adjust the ingredients slightly – if you aren’t a fan of pepperoni, just swap out for your favorite pizza toppings.

These make for an awesome game day appetizer, or an easy weeknight meal on a hectic day. Sprinkle with a bit of parsley for a pop of color, or add a touch of red paper flakes if you want some added heat! If you are wanting to serve as a main meal, just add a salad on the side, or add some veggies into the toppings.

We have this recipe on our list of snacks/appetizers for the Superbowl, and find it so yummy and filling. It usually disappears pretty fast, so sometimes I will actually make a tray during pre-game happenings, and then a second tray closer to half-time!

You can check out the complete recipe for these easy to make Pepperoni Pizza Waffle Fries along with step-by-step instructions and more photos over on DancingThruTheRain.com!

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