Totally Tasty and Easy Loaded Nachos Made with Doritos!

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Who doesn’t love nachos? If you also love Doritos chips, you need to try this totally tasty recipe for Doritos Nachos! 

Loaded with seasoned ground beef, lettuce, tomato and cheese, this recipe also has a few additional ingredients to send it over the top with flavor. French fried onions add an extra bit of tasty crunch, and you can adjust added ingredients base on personal preference.

Serve it up as one big platter, or let everyone assemble their own deliciousness. Want yours a bit spicier? Just swap out your Doritos Nacho cheese flavor for spicy Nacho flavor. Or, give it a twist with Doritos Ranch chips! Plus you can add more jalapenos for a bigger kick too.

These are so very yummy, and we like having them on family game night or movie night too. Plus, with all the veggies, it’s a complete meal all on it’s own. Garnish with slices of fresh avocados and chopped cilantro for even more flavor and a pop of color contrast with red cherry tomatoes.

You can check out the complete recipe for these easy to make and totally tasty nachos made with Doritos along with step-by-step instructions and more photos over on!

Nachos made with Doritos Chips
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