Possible FREE Brioche Bread and Good & Gather Dip Target Circle Offers!!

Photo of a Target Store to shop Target Circle Week Savings

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Check your app for possible Target Circle offers for a FREE loaf of Favorite Day Brioche and FREE Good & Gather Dip! FREE Target Circle offers are rare, so be sure and check to see if you have them.

These offers will not be available for everyone. While you may see it at the top of your Target Circle offers, you can also sort by “Grocery” to see if you have them. There is a limit of one use on the Brioche bread, but the wording on the dips is a little more vague.

While pricing can and will vary by store, the Favorite Day Brioche bread loaf is regularly priced at $5.99 at my store.

And, Good & Gather dips are priced $4.49 for the Tzatziki yogurt dip and the classic onion dip. The Good & Gather layered taco dip is priced at $6.99 at my store. This means up to $12.98 if FREE items with these Target Circle offers!

FREE Target Circle Offers

My offers are both valid thru May 22nd, but usually Circle offers end on Saturdays, so this could be a typo and it might expire May 21st. Target Circle offers also sometimes disappear, so you will want to use these offers sooner rather than later if you have them.

They are both valid when you shop in store or when you shop online and choose order pickup or same day delivery. 

I am just so happy to have seen these offers, and hope many of you got them too! I mean, who doesn’t love freebies, especially when you don’t have to clip coupons!

There are LOTS of other nice new Target Circle offers today, so be sure and scroll thru to see what other nice discounts you can grab using just your phone!

Let us know if you got these offers, variations or other FREE Target Circle offers on our Facebook page!

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  1. Hi Karen! Target Circle offers can and will vary by user, and sometimes popular offers disappear once a certain number have been redeemed. You may know this, but if it helps, in the app choose “Target Circle” then choose “Browse All”and if you scroll down (under “shop the weekly ad” it should say “deep discounts” where the highest value Circle offers available to you should be listed. To the right of “deep discounts” it should say “show all” and then you can sort the offers by newest, discount, trending and expiring. Hope this helps!! Keep in mind if you see a popular one, you will want to add it to your cart asap! (And some offers disappear/come back too)

  2. I can never find these deals on my Target App. Are these deals regional?

  3. I also received both. The dips were available but not the brioche bread. I’l l check again in a week.

  4. yay!! Several readers have commented on Facebook they received a 3rd free Circle offer for fresh baked goods – so you might want to check for that too!

  5. I think Target is rewarding for all the groceries I buy there. I received both!

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