Roundup of The Latest Target Clearance Finds – Brightroom Storage, Reusable Straws, Just For Men & More!

Brightroom clearance at Target

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Here’s a roundup of some Target clearance finds I spotted at my store this week. Remember- Target clearance finds can vary greatly from store to store- there is no guarantee you will find the same or for the same discount. My hope is to give you some ideas of what to keep an eye out for at your stores. So here’s a roundup of Target Clearance on Brightroom storage and more….

There was quite a bit of clearance in Home at my store including Brightroom cube shelf inserts and more up to 50% off. I’ve heard from several readers who found more Target clearance on Brightroom products at their stores, so be sure and take a look at your stores!

Target Clearance

This set of 8 reusable straws plus cleaning brush was 50% off down to $4. There were only a couple at my store, but I grabbed one. The colored tips are really nice and I love that the set includes both straight and curved straws!


Target Clearance

Opalhouse bed throws as much as 50% off down to $19.50, and I think if there are any left at my store next week I’ll grab one or two!

Target Clearance

This 60 piece meal prep set was only 30% off, but something to watch for if you have interest.

organizer on clearance at Target

Quite a few bathroom accessories including toothbrush holders, wastebaskets and more all 50% off.

Target clearance in beauty

Several Spa Science Beauty tools 15-30% off.

False nails on Target Clearance

Also in beauty, Clutch reusable nails and false eyelashes up to 30% off.

Some boxes of Just For Men Mustache & Beard coloring kits also 30% off down to $6.99.

Electronics clearance

This fun glittery popsocket popgrip was 70% off down to $6.59.

Target Clearance Finds

More Real Littles 70% off down to $2.39.

Clearance at Target

And, Tru Grit Cast Iron Kettle bells 50% off and as low as $17.49.

So, be sure and take a good look around your store for any additional Target clearance you can find, as items vary from store to store! Also be sure and keep an eye out on items you have interest in, as clearance prices sometimes drop quickly, and sometimes take weeks!

Happy Hunting! And be sure and leave images/comments of any clearance you find in the comments here or on Facebook!


Remember- you can always sort the blog by CLEARANCE to see the latest finds you may want to watch for too. Feel free to let us know what your latest finds are in the comments below!

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