TONS of Target Clearance Finds on Bounce, Aspercreme, Roc and MORE!!

Bounce Dryer sheets on Target Clearance

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Here’s a roundup of some clearance finds I spotted at my Target store this week. My store had SO much clearance – after weeks of it being very sparse! Some really great Target clearance on Bounce dryer sheets and more!

Definitely keep an eye out at your stores for Target clearance on Bounce – mine was only at 30%, but it’s a rare find!

Endcap with Target Clearance on Bounce, Honest Kids and more.

A few nice finds in grocery too – including Honest Kids Juice multipacks.


And some 4 packs of Izze Sparkling Juice down to $3. Both the Izze and the Honest Kids were on an endcap in grocery with other Target clearance including Metamucil.

LOTS and LOTS of clearance on pain relief including Aspercreme patches at a whopping 70% off down to $4.49 (regularly $14.99!)

Also at 70% off – AleveX pain relieving spray down to $4.58, regularly $15.29 and Asutra Spray Pain Away down to $4.69, regularly $15.99.

Aveeno foot masks 50% off down to $1.84, regularly $3.29.

Endcap of Target Clearance on Bounce, Benefiber and more

Protein powders and Benefiber also up to 70% off.

Endcap of Target clearance on Bounce, Roc and more

Roc Serum for 50% off down to $12.49, reg. $24.99.

Endcap of Target Clearance on Bounce Dryer sheets, protein drinks and more.

Vega Sport Protein Powder 70% off down to $10.79, regularly $35.99.

Endcap of Target Clearance on Bounce, face masks and more

Face Mask 10 packs marked down to $2.09 from $6.99.

Also keep an eye out for clearance in home and in furniture. This U brands desktop clock was 70% off down to $4.49, regularly $14.99.

And this Threshold Ottoman was down to $59.50, regularly $85.

I also spotted this Biscoe Counter Stool down to $42.50, regularly $85.

A few finds in toys – including this Bakugan Evolutions Battle Strike Pack for $20.99, regularly $29.99.

NERF Black Panther Vibranium half-off down to $13.99, regularly $27.99.

WWE Randy Orton Action Figure 50% off down to $10.99, regularly $21.99.

Star Wars Micro Galaxy Squadron down to $25.49, regularly $29.99

And the Last Podcast on the Left The Real Truth Game down to $8.99, regularly $29.99.


Also be on the look out for Kate Spade magnetic wireless charging pads up to 50% off down to $24.99, regularly $49.99.


If you have a shark fan in your house, watch for clearance on these mini pinatas down to $2.68, regularly $4.

Be sure and take a good look around your store for any additional Target clearance you can find, as items vary from store to store! And, keep an eye out on items you have interest in, as clearance prices sometimes drop quickly, and sometimes take weeks!

If you are expecting or know someone who is, the Target clearance on cribs is an especially good one to watch for at your stores!

Prefer to shop online? Clearance in stores and online are very different, however, there is usually quite a bit more online although the discount may not be as steep. 

Happy Hunting! And be sure and leave images/comments of any clearance you find in the comments here or on Facebook!


Remember- you can always sort the blog by CLEARANCE to see the latest finds you may want to watch for too. Feel free to let us know what your latest finds are in the comments below!

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