Camp Hideout Movie Review (Opening in Theaters on September 15th!)

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Do you have fond memories of going to camp? I just finished viewing a wonderful film, and I’m so happy to share my Camp Hideout movie review with you! 

Camp Hideout Movie counselors  
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I went to camp more than a few times growing up, and so I was thrilled to be able to watch Camp Hideout and take a trip down memory lane. While my camp adventures were much more tame than the antics in the movie, it was still so fun watch this film.

Some of the best parts were truly the actor’s faces in certain scenes – like in the image above!

From the very first scene, this movie will draw you in to the lives of the characters. Rated PG, it’s a movie the whole family will enjoy – no matter what their age!

The Cast and Crew of Camp Hideout

Stars include Christopher Lloyd as the camp owner, Ethan Drew as a troubled teen, and Corbin Bleu and Amanda Leighton as camp counselors. There were quite a few supporting characters, which kept the plot moving along at an engaging pace.

Sean Olson directed, edited and co-produced this engaging film, and casting was done by Roe Baker. I felt the film was well cast – including lead roles and supporting roles. The director put in some fun parts where Noah speaks to the film audience, but just enough to provide some light humor and interaction.

Camp Hideout Storyline and Movie Review

Noah (played by Ethan Drew) is a troubled teen who gets involved with some thugs and winds up stealing a top-secret device from them. He then hides out at a summer camp and shenanigans ensue! 

My Camp Hideout movie review would not be complete without mentioning Christopher Lloyd as Falco, the camp owner. He is so much fun to watch in this movie! There is an epic food fight battle, and when Falco shows up – the campers reaction is priceless.

While the antics provided great comedy, the underlying messages of the movie make it such a great family film. Noah learns to appreciate friendship and to trust the other campers to have his back when the goons show up. 

Falco and Jake give some sage advice to Noah, and it was heart-warming to watch him transform from angry loner to a teen with true friends.

This film is such a great film for the whole family to watch together, especially when it’s hard to find movies that will entertain such a large span of ages. Children, tweens, and teens will love the camping theme and plot line. Parents and grandparents will appreciate the core values of the movie. It’s such a fun, wholesome movie that will engage you the whole way!

Camp Hideout Movie Trailer

Watch the official movie trailer for Camp Hideout here: 

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Camp Hideout Opening in Theaters starting September 15th

This movie is such a fun, family film that is super entertaining. 

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