Southern Living, Allrecipes and More Magazines on Sale!

Save big on LOTS of titles in the huge March Madness magazine sale at Discount Mags! SO many greats deals on tons of magazines!

There are so many great titles included in this magazine sale – Allrecipes, Cook’s Illustrated, Architectural Digest, Consumer Reports, Us Weekley, Bassmaster, Outside, Southern Living and many more.

Magazines make for awesome gift ideas too – and Discount Mags will send out an e-card to the recipient to let them know your gift is on the way.

Are you a hobbyist or know one? Popular Woodworking, Art in America, American Patchwork & Quilting and other titles are perfect for anyone wanting to start or learn more about a hobby.

There are also a lot of children’s magazines included too. Ranger Rick, Scout Life, Girls Life, Zoobooks, Highlights, Humpty Dumpty, and many more titles.

So be sure and take a good look around at all the magazines included in this sale, which runs thru the end of day on Monday, April 8th.

I personally like to have magazines on hand for guests. So many have terrific recipes and interesting articles for a variety of interests. I keep a basket full of several different ones, so guests can easily find a title they can enjoy.

In addition to at least one cooking magazine (like Taste of Home), I like to have one travel magazine, one sports, one travel, and one general interest!

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On Fire Movie Review (Opening in Theaters on September 29th!)

Do you like movies that keep you on the edge of your seat? I just watched On Fire, and I’m excited to share my movie review with you! 

Family running from wildfire in the movie on fire

  *Disclosure: This is a sponsored post done in partnership with On Fire. All opinions are 100% my own. 

While on the surface this exciting movie is about a family trying to escape a wildfire, it is also a story about love, courage and faith during a crisis.

Rated PG-13, it is a family friendly film – but I would caution against taking younger children as there are a few disturbing scenes (including a person catching on fire).

The Cast and Crew of On Fire

Due to the storyline, there is a limited main cast including Peter Facinelli as Dave Laughlin, Fiona Dourif as his pregnant wife Sarah Laughlin, and Asher Angel as their son Clay Laughlin.

Peter Facinelli (whom you may recognize as Dr. Cullen from the Twilight series) was SO good in this film!

Other cast members include Glenn Morshower as hardware store owner, Marv. You may recognize him from the TV show “The Resident” where he played the father of Dr. Conrad Hawkins.

Ashlei Foushee portrays Kayla and I thought she was so well cast as a newbie 911 operator who struggles with her emotions while keeping professional.

On Fire Storyline and Movie Review

The Laughlin family lives in a trailer home in the woods, and a forest fire breaks out. They make preparations “just in case”, however, they do not expect the fire to jump the gorge and get too close to home.

While Dave Laughlin is getting supplies in town, the fire begins to spread at a rapid pace. It then becomes a race for him to get to his family as roads are being shut down by emergency crews. Surviving despite the perils they encounter along the way keep the movie moving along at a fast pace.

Through out the film, the family must rely on each other for survival, support and encouragement. Additionally, this movie gives a glimpse into the world of fire fighters and emergency dispatch.

There are a few graphic scenes, but they are kept brief, and the movie moved along at a nice pace. I felt it was edited well, and there was no lagging in the story line. I would definitely watch this movie again, and it would be great for date night!

A few twists and turns help keep this movie interesting and draw you in to the story as it progresses.

This is a great movie for a wide span of ages – just keep in mind that there are a few scenes that would not be suitable for children (such as a person on fire). I highly recommend you watch the trailer of this suspenseful, gripping movie and then make plans to see it in theaters.

I love how the family bonds and works together throughout the movie, showing determination and hope are keys to overcoming a terrifying situation.

On Fire Movie Trailer

Watch the official movie trailer for On Fire here: 

Enter to Win Movie Tickets to See This Film in Theaters

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On Fire is Opening in Theaters starting September 29th

This movie is SO good! I think you will really enjoy it, especially in theaters on a big screen!

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Camp Hideout Movie Review (Opening in Theaters on September 15th!)

Do you have fond memories of going to camp? I just finished viewing a wonderful film, and I’m so happy to share my Camp Hideout movie review with you! 

Camp Hideout Movie counselors  
*Disclosure: This is a sponsored post done in partnership with Camp Hideout. All opinions are 100% my own. 

I went to camp more than a few times growing up, and so I was thrilled to be able to watch Camp Hideout and take a trip down memory lane. While my camp adventures were much more tame than the antics in the movie, it was still so fun watch this film.

Some of the best parts were truly the actor’s faces in certain scenes – like in the image above!

From the very first scene, this movie will draw you in to the lives of the characters. Rated PG, it’s a movie the whole family will enjoy – no matter what their age!

The Cast and Crew of Camp Hideout

Stars include Christopher Lloyd as the camp owner, Ethan Drew as a troubled teen, and Corbin Bleu and Amanda Leighton as camp counselors. There were quite a few supporting characters, which kept the plot moving along at an engaging pace.

Sean Olson directed, edited and co-produced this engaging film, and casting was done by Roe Baker. I felt the film was well cast – including lead roles and supporting roles. The director put in some fun parts where Noah speaks to the film audience, but just enough to provide some light humor and interaction.

Camp Hideout Storyline and Movie Review

Noah (played by Ethan Drew) is a troubled teen who gets involved with some thugs and winds up stealing a top-secret device from them. He then hides out at a summer camp and shenanigans ensue! 

My Camp Hideout movie review would not be complete without mentioning Christopher Lloyd as Falco, the camp owner. He is so much fun to watch in this movie! There is an epic food fight battle, and when Falco shows up – the campers reaction is priceless.

While the antics provided great comedy, the underlying messages of the movie make it such a great family film. Noah learns to appreciate friendship and to trust the other campers to have his back when the goons show up. 

Falco and Jake give some sage advice to Noah, and it was heart-warming to watch him transform from angry loner to a teen with true friends.

This film is such a great film for the whole family to watch together, especially when it’s hard to find movies that will entertain such a large span of ages. Children, tweens, and teens will love the camping theme and plot line. Parents and grandparents will appreciate the core values of the movie. It’s such a fun, wholesome movie that will engage you the whole way!

Camp Hideout Movie Trailer

Watch the official movie trailer for Camp Hideout here: 

Enter to Win Movie Tickets to See This Film in Theaters

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Camp Hideout Opening in Theaters starting September 15th

This movie is such a fun, family film that is super entertaining. 

Camp Hideout Movie poster

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The Hill Movie Review (Opening in Theaters on August 25th!)

Are you a fan of heart warming movies? I just finished watching The Hill, and I am thrilled to share my movie review with you! I really enjoyed this movie – it definitely has all the feels.

*Disclosure: This is a sponsored post done in partnership with The Hill. All opinions are 100% my own. 

Based on the true store of Rickey Hill who pursued his dream of playing pro baseball in spite of a degenerative spinal disease.

This movie delivers on so many levels. It will leave you with a sense of hope and the power of belief despite circumstances life has dealt. 

The Cast and Crew 

Starring Dennis Quaid, Colin Ford and Joelle Carter, this movie plays out in a laid back manner. This allows the viewer to connect with different characters as the story unfolds.

Supporting cast members include Bonnie Bedelia, Scott Glenn (superb in his portrayal of Red Murff) and Randy Houser. Additional cast include Jesse Berry, Mila Harris, Siena Bjournerud just to name a few.

This movie was well cast, and supporting characters added a much needed touch of humor. In addition, they adding substance to the overall movie plot and provided some great dialogue!

During the course of the movie, you will become immersed in the struggles of the characters and admire their grit and determination. 

Directed by Jeff Celentano and written by Angelo Pizzo, Scott Marshall Smith and Aric Hornig, they did an amazing job with the script.

The Hill Movie Review includes Cast members sitting in a doctors office

The Hill Movie Review and Synopsis

The Hill follows Rickey starting in his childhood, where a degenerative spinal disease has him wearing leg braces. His father (played aptly by Dennis Quaid) is a preacher, who is struggling to keep food on the table. 

In spite of their extreme poverty and his illness, Rickey dreams of playing baseball in the big leagues.

His siblings are his biggest supporters, while his dad wants to protect him from further damage to his frail body. Throughout the movie, themes of family, faith, and hope reverberate. 

Outspoken Gram (Bonnie Bedelia) shines in her scenes. A touch of humor is added by the character of Gracie in several appearances in the film. As the movie progresses, the family becomes more and more divided in their support of Rickey out of fear of further injuries.

This film is great for families, with life lessons on hope, overcoming obstacles and reaching for your dreams.

How to Get Tickets to see the Movie

The Hill opens in theaters on August 25th, and you can purchase your tickets in advance here

The Hill Movie Trailer

Watch the official movie trailer for The Hill here: 


Enter to Win Movie Tickets to See The Hill in Theaters

a Rafflecopter giveaway    

The Hill Movie in Theaters starting August 25th

This inspirational movie truly has all the feels, and I love that it is based on a true story. Rated PG, it is still a movie the whole family can enjoy.

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Download the Macy’s App for Last Minute Gift Ideas + Save an EXTRA 20%

This post is sponsored by Sivan Social. All comments and opinions are my own.

Life for me is very hectic at times, especially during the holidays. So I am a big fan of saving time AND money. One of the easiest and fastest ways to check for savings and deals at Macy’s is through the Macy’s app!

To start with, the app is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. At the very top is a search bar along with a bar code scan. Right below  the search bare are offers and sales to make it easy to see current savings opportunities. You can then sort by category OR view current steals and deals!

You can read more about this awesome app and download it to your smart device and then just create an account in a few simple steps. Once you create an account, you can sign in to track your rewards, manage your orders and more! Need a last minute gift? Right now through December 24th, you can save up to an EXTRA 20% at Macy’s when you use the code GIFT.

There are very nice savings to be had on lots of items between sales and the extra up to 20% off with the code GIFT. Here’s just a few great gift ideas if you aren’t done with your shopping, or are wanting to shop for yourself!!..

Twinning Super Soft Pajama Set, Created for Macy’s
Reg. $69.50, ONLY $23.63 after code GIFT

Super Soft and comfy pajama set from Jenni featuring a pullover top with ribbed cuffs and available in several shades and sizes! Who doesn’t love getting cozy pjs on Christmas?

Gnome Throw

Birch Trails Holiday Printed Fleece Throw
Reg. $20, only $10.19 after code GIFT

Fleece throws not only make for great gifts, but this gnome pattern is just adorable! Even better, when you 

Tommy Hilfiger’s Women’s Faux-Fur-Trim Hooded Puffer Coat
Reg. $134.99, only $84.99 after code GIFT

This stylish puffer coat has an attached bib and a removable faux fur trimmed hood. Choose from several different shades and sizes!

Charter Club Cashmere Sweater with Detachable Sequined Collar
Reg. $199, only $79.19 after code GIFT

A luxurious cashmere sweater makes for a truly special gift. This one features a detachable sequined collar to change up your look and is available in both Classic Black and  Bianco Crema.

Tommy Hilfiger Ribbon Inlay Men’s Belt 
Reg. $49.50, only $16.84 after code GIFT

Need a great gift for a special guy? Grab a DEEP discount on this stylish Tommy Hilfiger belt available in lots of sizes and four different shades!

Celtic Bamboo Cheese Board with Ceramic Dish
Reg. $92, just $46.74 after code GIFT

Charcuterie boards are super popular, and whether you are hosting a get together and need an awesome display or needing as a gift, how impressive is this cheese board? You could even gift it with specialty cheeses, crackers and fruits for an AMAZING gift!

There are SO many great gift ideas at Macy’s right now, and the app makes it super simple to shop. Plus you can see exclusive offers saved in your wallet! So be sure and check out the #ShopWithMacysApp and download the Macy’s app to your smart device to quickly view all the deals and savings!

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