On Fire Movie Review (Opening in Theaters on September 29th!)

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Do you like movies that keep you on the edge of your seat? I just watched On Fire, and I’m excited to share my movie review with you! 

Family running from wildfire in the movie on fire

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While on the surface this exciting movie is about a family trying to escape a wildfire, it is also a story about love, courage and faith during a crisis.

Rated PG-13, it is a family friendly film – but I would caution against taking younger children as there are a few disturbing scenes (including a person catching on fire).

The Cast and Crew of On Fire

Due to the storyline, there is a limited main cast including Peter Facinelli as Dave Laughlin, Fiona Dourif as his pregnant wife Sarah Laughlin, and Asher Angel as their son Clay Laughlin.

Peter Facinelli (whom you may recognize as Dr. Cullen from the Twilight series) was SO good in this film!

Other cast members include Glenn Morshower as hardware store owner, Marv. You may recognize him from the TV show “The Resident” where he played the father of Dr. Conrad Hawkins.

Ashlei Foushee portrays Kayla and I thought she was so well cast as a newbie 911 operator who struggles with her emotions while keeping professional.

On Fire Storyline and Movie Review

The Laughlin family lives in a trailer home in the woods, and a forest fire breaks out. They make preparations “just in case”, however, they do not expect the fire to jump the gorge and get too close to home.

While Dave Laughlin is getting supplies in town, the fire begins to spread at a rapid pace. It then becomes a race for him to get to his family as roads are being shut down by emergency crews. Surviving despite the perils they encounter along the way keep the movie moving along at a fast pace.

Through out the film, the family must rely on each other for survival, support and encouragement. Additionally, this movie gives a glimpse into the world of fire fighters and emergency dispatch.

There are a few graphic scenes, but they are kept brief, and the movie moved along at a nice pace. I felt it was edited well, and there was no lagging in the story line. I would definitely watch this movie again, and it would be great for date night!

A few twists and turns help keep this movie interesting and draw you in to the story as it progresses.

This is a great movie for a wide span of ages – just keep in mind that there are a few scenes that would not be suitable for children (such as a person on fire). I highly recommend you watch the trailer of this suspenseful, gripping movie and then make plans to see it in theaters.

I love how the family bonds and works together throughout the movie, showing determination and hope are keys to overcoming a terrifying situation.

On Fire Movie Trailer

Watch the official movie trailer for On Fire here: 

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On Fire is Opening in Theaters starting September 29th

This movie is SO good! I think you will really enjoy it, especially in theaters on a big screen!

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