Ordinary Angels Movie Review (Opening in Theaters February 23rd!)

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Do you love heart warming movies based on true stories? I am thrilled to share my Ordinary Angels movie review with you! It’s such a heart felt and motivational film!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post done in partnership with Ordinary Angels and Kingdom Story Company. All opinions are 100% my own. 

Based on a true story, Ordinary Angels is about a hairdresser who finds purpose and meaning after she reads a newspaper story about a recently widowed man whose daughter needs a liver transplant.

Ordinary Angels Cast 

Starring Hilary Swank as Sharon Stevens, Alan Ritchson as widower Ed Schmitt, and Tamala Jones (you may recognize her as Lanie from the TV show Castle) as Rose. Nancy Travis also has a major role as Ed’s mom.

Supporting cast includes Drew Powell, Amy Acker, Skywalker Hughes, and Emily Mitchell. 

This film was so well cast, from starring roles to minor parts!

About The Movie Ordinary Angels

This film beautifully tells the story of hairdresser (Sharon Stevens) who loves to drink, party, and have fun. Her friend Rose confronts Sharon about her addiction and gets her to a meeting in an attempt to make her realize she is out of control.

After the meeting, Sharon decides she needs a purpose to help her focus on getting her life in order. While in line at the grocery store, she reads a newspaper article about the Schmitt family. Ed Schmitt is recently widowed with two children, and his youngest daughter is in desperate need of a new liver.

Sharon feels impelled to do something, so she starts off by doing a fundraiser. As she discovers just how steep the medical bills are and how far in debt the family has become, she gets more and more involved. This leads to her getting the community to work together to help the family out.

Ordinary Angels Movie Review with Ed and his daughter sitting together

My Ordinary Angels Movie Review 

It is rare when I will rewatch a movie soon after watching it the first time. I watched Ordinary Angels four times in a matter of weeks! I really want to go see it again when it hits theaters on February 23rd. It’s THAT good!

This is an emotional movie, so have tissues on hand! There are some intense moments as well as a few light-hearted moments that seem to come just when you need it. 

I can’t say enough about the acting in this movie. While Hilary Swank’s portrayal of Sharon shines, Alan Ritchson as Ed Schmitt, Tamala Jones as Rose and Nancy Travis as Ed’s mom all give outstanding performances. 

This film is inspirational, motivational, and powerful. I think you will really love this movie as much as I did! This is also a movie I intend to eventually add to my personal DVD/Blu-ray collection when it becomes available. I rarely do this because of all the streaming services out there. However, I feel this is one I will want to watch enough to have on hand.

The fourth time I watched this wonderful film, I found myself still holding my breath in a few scenes as if I was anxious for the outcome! There are some great take-aways from this movie, including how finding your purpose can make a difference.

Ordinary Angels Movie Trailer

You can watch the official movie trailer for Ordinary Angels here:

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