Don’t Water Your Plants Without Your Glasses…

I am not the best with plants, in fact- I have unfortunately probably been the sole reason for the demise of around 100 plants in my lifetime, but I do have one success story- a Pineapple Plant that I have been growing for about 3 years now. It may as well be a cactus, because despite neglecting it from time to time- it still continues to grow. Since it has been 3 years, I am anxious for the pineapple to finally start growing out of the top of it.

In the past 6 months, it has really started to get BIG, so I watch it closely- and keep glancing into the middle of the leaves, just waiting for that little pineapple to make an appearance. Anyway- this morning I filled up my watering can and went outside to water it. As always, I peeked over the top of the plant but was shocked when I saw a little green bump in the middle! Gosh, I was so excited I started jumping up and down.

I stuck my finger in there to feel it and check out what I thought was the beginning of the pineapple. It was very soft and not what I expected it to feel like. “Hmmm, why is it so soft and mushy?” I thought to myself. But I just figured that’s what baby pineapples felt like & took the watering can and gave it a good dose- so pleased with myself that I was finally seeing the start of a pineapple!

My sister Kelley is visiting right now- so I yelled to her- “Hey Kelley! Guess What?!” and she came out on the porch and I proceeded to tell her about my new pineapple bud that was finally starting to grow. I said “feel it Kel- it’s very soft!” So she peeks over into the middle of the pineapple plant and yelps and jumps back about 3 feet. I say “what’s the matter?!” She says- “Kerry, that’s no pineapple in there-  go get your glasses!” SO I get my glasses and I peek into the middle of the plant and this is what I see….

So the moral of the story is- don’t water your plants without your glasses or you might end up petting a frog! 🙂

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