Cheap Finds at Target


This is a list of running great deals that can be found at Target. Most will be right around $1 or less after coupons and other discounts, OR deals that amount to savings of around 50% or more. It is sorted into categories for easy reference. Keep in mind prices can vary by store, and the cheap finds at Target deals below are based on pricing at my local store.

Feel free to let me know if you find any other cheap finds at Target & I will add them to the list!  Also, be sure to check out the Special Deals Page for more cheap finds!

Country Time Lemonade Drink Mix PSA $3.69
-30% off Country Time Lemonade Target Circle  x3/23
= as low as $2.58 after Circle

Goodbelly Probiotics $3.29
-50% off Goodbelly Probiotics Target Circle  x3/23
= $1.65 after Circle

Lindt Gold Bunny Pouches $8.99
-50% off Gold Bunny Pouches Target Circle  x3/23
= $4.49 after Circle

Marzetti Glaze! for Fresh Strawberries $1.99
-35% off Marzetti Glaze! for Fresh Strawberries Target Circle  x4/6
= $1.29 after Circle

Perfect Bars $2.69
-Earn $1.25 back when you buy Perfect Bars with ibotta (limit 1)
= $1.44 after ibotta


In addition to the cheap finds at Target listed above, there are some really hot deals and flash sales out there (not just at Target). So be sure and bookmark this page and check back often, as I will be keeping an updated running list on this page! 



BIG Discount at Craftsy!

Purchase Information: 
Learn More and Get a Big Discount on a One Year Subscription to Craftsy! Only .69 for one year, regularly over $100!!

HUGE Discount at Craftsy! 

Get a Full year of online classes at Craftsy for just .69, regularly over $100!! Lots of online classes from baking, cooking, sewing and much more at a huge discount this summer. One full year for only .69 and you can share your account with two friends or family members for the same price!


roll of forever stamps

Discounted FOREVER Stamps

Purchase Information: 
Order a roll of 100 Forever Stamps and get an EXTRA $5 off with code TOTALLYTARGET at checkout making a roll of 100 Forever Stamps $54.99 shipped!

Discount on USPS Stamps

Hot deal on stamps!

I love this deal and have done it many times myself – this is a great way to buy your stamps at a nice (and rare!) discount!

*I have ordered these many times myself and work directly with Tanga to bring you this offer. I have also had these stamps verified by our local Postmaster – these are legit!



Magazine Deals

Purchase Information: 
So many great magazines, and you can shop all the current sales on TONS of titles!


I love having magazines on hand to flip thru for recipe inspiration, decor ideas and to catch up on the latest news!

PLUS, they are great for travel or to have on hand for guests. I try to keep a variety on hand, and will tuck one in my tote bag for reading while waiting for appointments. Discount Magazines offers great prices on lots of titles, and there are daily specials!


  1. I found Baby arm and hamer diaper pail for $3.59 great price!!!!! Super Happy πŸ™‚

  2. HI Michelle- I did see it TY- had Kelley scan today – but was informed signage in error. I believe the items are on sale- but when scanned only coming up like 10% off at the register. The signs will likely get pulled soon. but TYSM for the heads up & for thinking of me.

  3. I Kerry….I wasn’t sure how to post/email this deal I found yesterday 6/16/13 so hopefully you get this πŸ™‚ In baby Arm and Hamer diaper pail refill bags are on a fantastic price cut!! 20pk for 3.59 and they are normally over 12.00 the smaller qty box is also on a price cut. Thank you for all your great postings, love Target and TT!

  4. My store would not accept the coupon for the 1-ct tide stain remover pad. They said they can’t take a coupon for an item that costs less than coupon value. That was comin from a supervisor…not happy πŸ™

  5. @ Donna- I have virgin as well. we are no longer allowed to receive or send texts to numbers that do not have an area code or are called text number shorts(example: target text from 827438). It sucks same goes for redbox, chik-fil-a, coke rewards. Some one said to call virgin customer service and ask to have the service changed to accept the shorts. I tried this it did not work. Maybe if enough people tweet and facebook that they are mad virgin will change there policy. They did this because some companies who use short numbers charge an additional fee for texts.

  6. Fructus now just went down to $1.48 for the Color Shield bottles (50%)…and the $1.00 off MF coupon on is still active making it .48 cents each. Steal!!!! At least at my location in Iowa that is the case – lots of bottles left as well.

  7. Went to target today and bought nicole opi nail polish that was on clearance for
    $3.52 (originally $7.04)
    $1.00/1 coupon from red plum (not sure what week)
    Final price $2.52

  8. My Target has a lot of Nicole by OPI nail polish marked down to $3.50 to $3.75 right now. With the $1 Nicole coupons they are about 75% off, nice way to get some new colors.

  9. I want to get the target mobile coupons. I sent several text but never receive them. I use virgin mobile with unlimited text messages. Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks

  10. There was a Wet Ones TQ available to print a while ago, and in this weeks SS, there is a .75 Wet Ones MQ to go with it.

  11. I found the Hidden Valley Sandwich spreads on clearance for 1.48 (reg. 2.99). After using 2 of the 75 cent off coupons from todays paper, I paid 1.46 for 2!

  12. Michelle- the DPCI is basically like a tracking number for Target. Its how they look products up. All products in Taget have one.

  13. Yesterday I found Physicians Formula Mineral Pearl Blush (in Natural Pearl, only specified one) on sale fo $2.34!!! and it had a peelie on it for BOGO!!! This was not a clearance deal, just a price cut!!

  14. This link takes you to a page that is no longer available
    Glade Aerosol Spray .97 (Regular Price)
    -$2/2 Any Glade Products
    = 2 FREE after coupon!

  15. Huggies boxed diapers marked on clearance for $16.82 but scanned for $9.88. There’s a manufacturer coupon $3 off any box Huggies Diaper. So $6.88 for a box at regular price of $19.79. Target in Arlington/Grand Prairie/Dallas, TX.

  16. Hey STephanie- the only money maker situation I post- is when you are being awarded a Gift Card. SO for example if you were buying 2 items that cost $4 each, and you were using two $2/1 Coupons, you know will be paying $2 each x2 = $4 and you get back a $5 gift card, means you have made $1. it is in the form of a gift card- but it is still a money maker since it is a dollar more than you started with. hth

  17. I thought that it says in targets policy that they dont give overage? but in your deals it shows “moneymakers”…. what am i missing here? please explain….. πŸ˜‰

  18. Kerry – I appreciate you always taking the time to answer! That’s why I keep coming back to this site! Thanks so much!

  19. Hey Andrea- all target coupons found in inserts are regional unfortunately. not everyone will get them and it sounds like your area did not. πŸ™

  20. Anyone else have a hard time finding: “-$3/3 Laundry Care Items Target Coupon 3-3-13 SS x4/6*
    *Tide Detergent or Boost Duo Pacs, Downy or Bounce (ETS & Pods)” !? It’s not in my SS (Detroit, MI)

  21. Hello Kitty lighted cometic case is down to $7.48 70% off…i’ve been checking on this every week and finally got it’s in the regular make up section on and end cap on the bottom shelf..very easy to miss..also men’s swiss army trailhead hiking boots down 70% at 11.98…champion sunglasses are at 70% too at 5.98.

  22. The Target Bounce coupons everyone was talking about from SS 3/3 I can’t seem to find. I assumed that meant they were in the smart source sunday paper insert last sunday?

  23. The same happened to me when I bought the fisher price puppy. Double checked my receipt when I got home. And I thought I was checking carefully when they were scanning my coupons. πŸ™

  24. Hey Sand- I’d have to see your receipt- but target deducts TQs differently from MQs- so they show differently on the receipt. i would add things up first to see your final total. I am not saying you are wrong- but you may find out that the receipt was correct- you can also feel free to send me a picture of your receipt if you would like me to check.

  25. i bought the fisher price puppy for a baby shower coming up. i printed the target 5.00 coupon and the 5.00manufacturer coupon. i checked when i got home and only one 5.00 coupon came off. also i bought 2 renuzit indulgent air fresheners @1.19 each, had the target buy one get one fee and also a manufacturer coupon for buy 1 get 1 free, they only took off the target coupon. i also had other target and manufactue coupons for other items and a few are not even on the receit ! why

  26. Old spice body wash is on sale for 3.50. There is also buy 4 get a $5. In todays PnG there’s $2/2 wild collection items. 3.50×4=14-$5gc-$4(2 2/2 coupons)= $5/4=1.25/body wash. My coupons beeped, but the store allowed them.

  27. I bought a bag of NestlΓ© chocolate chips on clearance for $1.14 (the kind with red chips for Valentine’s day). I received a Catalina at register for $1/2 bags NestlΓ© chocolate chips. (These were purchased at my Target in Washington).

  28. The J&J baby head to toe wash coupons both printed for me saying 15 oz and 15 oz only, excludes sizes 1 oz-4oz. Will these coupons work on the 9 oz? Has anyone used them successfully? It’s confusing since it states 15 oz, but then says excludes other sizes. TIA!

  29. Found an amazing deal on strollers! Target has some strollers and travel systems marked down to 70% off! Got a sit n stand stroller for my two girls that was originally $149.99 marked down to $37.24!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE!!!!

  30. Just found a great deal at my target! Glade Expressions starter kit clearance to $2.54 and used a 2/1 so just 0.54 for one! Also Glade Diffusers on clearance for $5.08, then used a $4/1… so just $1.08 for one!

  31. Just found a great deal on Axe body wash. They are on sale for $3.49 each (most varieties; some are $3.99) and if you buy 4, you get a free $5 gift card. I bought 6 at $3.49 each, got a $5 gift card, and used 2 B2G1F coupons. The coupon states you can only use 2 coupons in any transaction. The good news is that the coupon rang up for the full $5.99 value. So, for 6 body washes I paid a total of $3.96 plus tax out of pocket. That’s $0.66 each!

  32. My Target had the Dove bonus packs on clearance. I got 2 each of the women’s deoderant (3.38 each), men’s 6-pack soap (4.82 each), and men’s body wash (2.78 each)….for a total of 7.96 after coupons. There was the unadvertised $5 GC deal, too, so I wound up making 2.04!! Sweet!

  33. My Target has the Hormel party trays on price cut for $9.49. There is a $3 q on and a $3 target q. Makes them only 3.49.

  34. My store has the following on TCP till the 16th
    ( this is 1/2 off of last weeks TCP )

    Heinz Savory Beef Gravy (Jar ) $.35
    -41/2 1/13 SS 2 Free Jars after coupon
    -$1/3 IP on Target site. $.05 for 3 after coupon
    Ocean Spray Jellied Cranberry Sauce $.38

  35. Went to Target yesterday and found the Dunkin Donuts Gingerbread Cookie 11oz coffee marked down to .74 cents a bag! If you still have the Dunkin Donuts coupon for .75cents you will get these for free…I only grabbed 7 and left atleast 8 or 9 for the next person…I had two of the .75cent coupons so I only paid $3.70 plus tax for 7 bags of coffee…they do not expire until September 6, 2013.

  36. The small holiday international delight creamers are on clearance for $1.25. It’s as low as $0.25 if you have the $1/1 coupon. I bought 3, great deal!

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