Cheap Finds at Target


This is a list of running great deals that can be found at Target. Most will be right around $1 or less after coupons and other discounts, OR deals that amount to savings of around 50% or more. It is sorted into categories for easy reference. Keep in mind prices can vary by store, and the cheap finds at Target deals below are based on pricing at my local store.

Feel free to let me know if you find any other cheap finds at Target & I will add them to the list!  Also, be sure to check out the Special Deals Page for more cheap finds!

Country Time Lemonade Drink Mix PSA $3.69
-30% off Country Time Lemonade Target Circle  x3/23
= as low as $2.58 after Circle

Goodbelly Probiotics $3.29
-50% off Goodbelly Probiotics Target Circle  x3/23
= $1.65 after Circle

Lindt Gold Bunny Pouches $8.99
-50% off Gold Bunny Pouches Target Circle  x3/23
= $4.49 after Circle

Marzetti Glaze! for Fresh Strawberries $1.99
-35% off Marzetti Glaze! for Fresh Strawberries Target Circle  x4/6
= $1.29 after Circle

Perfect Bars $2.69
-Earn $1.25 back when you buy Perfect Bars with ibotta (limit 1)
= $1.44 after ibotta


In addition to the cheap finds at Target listed above, there are some really hot deals and flash sales out there (not just at Target). So be sure and bookmark this page and check back often, as I will be keeping an updated running list on this page! 



BIG Discount at Craftsy!

Purchase Information: 
Learn More and Get a Big Discount on a One Year Subscription to Craftsy! Only .69 for one year, regularly over $100!!

HUGE Discount at Craftsy! 

Get a Full year of online classes at Craftsy for just .69, regularly over $100!! Lots of online classes from baking, cooking, sewing and much more at a huge discount this summer. One full year for only .69 and you can share your account with two friends or family members for the same price!


roll of forever stamps

Discounted FOREVER Stamps

Purchase Information: 
Order a roll of 100 Forever Stamps and get an EXTRA $5 off with code TOTALLYTARGET at checkout making a roll of 100 Forever Stamps $54.99 shipped!

Discount on USPS Stamps

Hot deal on stamps!

I love this deal and have done it many times myself – this is a great way to buy your stamps at a nice (and rare!) discount!

*I have ordered these many times myself and work directly with Tanga to bring you this offer. I have also had these stamps verified by our local Postmaster – these are legit!



Magazine Deals

Purchase Information: 
So many great magazines, and you can shop all the current sales on TONS of titles!


I love having magazines on hand to flip thru for recipe inspiration, decor ideas and to catch up on the latest news!

PLUS, they are great for travel or to have on hand for guests. I try to keep a variety on hand, and will tuck one in my tote bag for reading while waiting for appointments. Discount Magazines offers great prices on lots of titles, and there are daily specials!


  1. Went to my target today (Sacramento, CA) they had EOS lip balm 2-pak marked down with the Easter section to 50 cents! All their Easter stuff was thrown in to shopping carts but I saw a hand basket full of these lip balm. Says the normal price is $5

  2. GE Reveal 43 Watt General Purpose Halogen 2 pk $7.99(Regular Price)
    -$2 off GE Reveal light bulb Target Coupon x5/4
    -$1/1 GE Soft White, Reveal, Energy Smart CFL or LED Lighting Product 4-13-14 SS1 x6/4
    -50% off GE Reveal Cartwheel
    = $1.99 after stack

    There are several other high value Target Cartwheel offers for GE lighting.

  3. Some things to use with the $10 off of $50 Grocery…..Yesterday my Target had 8 oz MP cream cheese on sale for $1 and my $1/2 MP cheeses 5 oz and up TQ worked so I got 2 cream cheeses for $0.50 each! The Q I used was from a Target mailer but I bet the TMQ’s for MP cheese would work just fine. I also found a $1/1 Kraft Jet Puff marshmallows peelie on one of my boxes of Kellogg’s Rice Crispies that I got with the nice Kellogg’s deal. The marshmallows were on sale for $1.77 so got those for $0.77…Also Orville Red. 6 pack micro popcorn was on sale for $3 and has a nice 15% Cartwheel so it was $2.55.

  4. The Kashi Steam Meals are on clearance for $5.51 plus there’s still the $1.25 mobile coupon available.

  5. The Seventh Generation Dish Soap-Lavender scent only at my Target was actually $2.99 even though the signs say $3.19 BUT if you look at the original tags behind those big red/white tags you’ll see the higher price is for the original scent. And when I got to the register it actually rang up $1.99 so check for the Lavender scented ones.

  6. I found a room essential wooden 4-drawer chests marked down 70% off from $117 to $35 (don’t remember exact amount but around there) and then the pur faucet attachment in chrome marked down 50% from $27 to $13 plus there is a $5 man ip making it only $8 bucks. I’m getting a new house this week so these was a good find to me

  7. the link to this coupon brought me to capitol 360 checking. just a heads up.
    -$1/2 Ronzoni Smart Taste Pasta

  8. the link for the Starkist tuna MQ brings you to a page with only 3 Q and the tuna is not one of them.

  9. Today, I found a price cut w/Neutrogena Hand or Foot Cream for $3.32. Buy 2 and there’s a $3 off wyb 2. Plus, submit to Checkout 51 for a $2 rebate wyb2 this week only. That’s $1.32 for two tubes to get those cracked heels ready for summer sandals!

  10. Kerri,
    I just have a quick question. Can you price match Kroger for the Purex Crystals at 2.49-2.79 then use the TQ from 2/2/14 for $2/2 and the MFQ for $1/1 and pay .49 – .79 for the bottle?

  11. The “Hello Kitty” hair dryer, flat iron, hot air popper, electric alarm clock were marked down to $5.98. These are cute.

  12. I found Gillette Gift box sets marked down to 4.98 on clearance. With 3.00 off coupons they were only 1.98 each! These sets included the Fusion Proglide razor, shave gel and a trial size deodorant. The razors are normally $12 to $16 each. I scored 6 of these for the price of one!!

  13. The Market Pantry diced potatoes in the canned food section are on clearance at my store for .65. I used the .75/3 MP canned vegetable Target coupon to get them for .40 each when you buy 3. These are great for making homemade soups and stews in a pinch.

  14. Went to my Target today in Burlington, Iowa and found the Dial for men body wash was $3.39 and I used the $2 off coupon so made it $1.39 got 3 of them. Made me happy and the hubby even happier

  15. FYI Pillsbury pumpkin cream cheese cookie dough is clearanced out for $0.84 and there is a $1/1 manufact. coupon.

  16. For the Cottonelle Flushable wipes:

    At my store in Cleveland, TN they have a coupon attached to the dispenser for $1.00 off plus 5% off on Cartwheel plus $3.00 on Ibotta which should make the dispenser as low as $.94 if the regular price is $4.99.

  17. $1/3 Nestle Coffee didnt apply to POWDER Creamer like mentioned in the stack option. Store would not honor as the coupon states Liquid creamer….

  18. Kerry – thank you for what you do!! It is very helpful and saves me time searching out deals on my own!

  19. Hi Kerry – I was looking at the smallest size they had – but I think it was the 13oz. I guess we don’t have the 9oz size. Thanks

  20. Hi. Downey Unstoppables are a fav of mine, but they are not 3.99 at my stores (IN) they are on sale for $5.99. Is that a local deal, or am I missing something? Thanks!

  21. Oops! Forgot to mention one more great deal I found: Several of the Chobani single yogurt cups have been on TPC for .51 over the last week or two at my Target. There is a .55 coupon for these on, so I have been getting some for free and some for half price. Also, there has been a TPC on many of the Yoplait Greek Yogurt cups and if you have any of those coupons they were giving out last month during the weekend sample tasting, then you can get them for free (or really cheap) also.

  22. There was a sign up at my Target for Healthy Elements Dog Treats on TPC for $1.61! Regular price is about $4.99. There is a $1 Healthy Elements Target coupon on the Target site, which makes them .61!! However, they rang up at the register for the regular price, but I told them about the sign and the CSM went and checked and changed them to that price. Don’t know if you will find the same or not. ?????

  23. There is a new $1 Quaker Oatmeal Target coupon on the site today, so I am going to stack it with the $1/1 Quaker Real Medley or $1/2 Quaker Oatmeal manufacturers coupon if they will work together.

  24. A Target that I don’t frequent as much had the Ricitos de oro baby wipes on clearance for $1.01. It’s 80 wipes per package and this a very popular and prestigious brand in L.A and within the Hispanic community. You can’t beat 80 wipes for $1 with no coupon! Lol and it has chamomile 🙂

  25. I found Betty Crocker cotton candy cookie mix on clearance at my Target in NH. They are $0.74 each.

    I bought 4 packets & used 2 x $0.85/2 MQs, (from the Betty Crocker website), & the $1/3 Betty Crocker Target IP

    Total = $0.26 for 4 packets of cookie mix

  26. hi kerry, beeing new this whole coupon i appreaciate all you good deals matchups it makes it eaiser for me to just find the good deals write them down go in and get out with my son… I hope one of those days i find deals on my own but for now thankyou

  27. My Target had Huggies Slip-ons Sizes 3 and 4 (29 ct for size 3) on clearance for $7.48. Don’t know why exactly but with the $2.50 off MQ and $2.00 TQ, I got them for $2.98 ea. or $0.10/diaper for size 3! Great deal – better than the Pamper’s clearance (which I have been watching for a couple weeks now and I do not expect them to reduce them again…but my Target has 50+ boxes remaining in all sizes!! So, maybe….)

  28. HI Janet- when you want to enter an active giveaway- you just leave a comment on that giveaway post. SO for example you left this comment on the Cheap Finds page. SO the next giveaway you see that you want to enter that is active- you leave a comment on that post. hth! 🙂

  29. I kerry, I feel sooo dumb. I don’t know how or where to respond to the post for the weekly gift card. Please help!

  30. michelle on the sobe deal also if you have the red card an aditional 5% off making them .79
    I got 4 the other day in NY

  31. I found SoBe Lifewater on sale at the Duluth, MN store for $.88 per bottle. Also, on Cartwheel there’s a 5% off for them. Making them $.85 each! Yay!!! 🙂

  32. Hi Kerry..Just Wanted to say “Thank You”! Thanks for all of your hard work in bringing such great deals to us all. You are so very very Appreciated!

  33. For the Right Guard deal, do you have to use all of the coupons listed? That throws me off sometimes- which ones to use, 1 or all of them. Thanks

  34. The coupons for the clorox disinfecting wipes don’t work on the green works products since they’re only 30 count and all the target coupons specify 35 ct or larger just a heads up

  35. I found GILLETTE VENUS BIKINI SHAVE. TRIM. HYDRATE (1 Razor, 1 Cartridge, 1 Bikini Trimmer and 1 Olay Lotion 1.7 oz) on clearance at $5.94, so if you still have the MQ $5.00 off any VENUS razor (excludes disposables x7/31) makes this a very good deal only $.94 + tax. I got this deal in San Diego CA area.

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