FAQ: A Closer Look at Target Mobile Coupons

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Target Mobile Coupons are a very convenient and easy way to get great deals and stretch your savings even further. If you are not familiar with mobile coupons, then this post will hopefully help you understand how they work and how you can get started. Mobile coupons are Target Store coupons that are sent directly to your phone to be used for in-store purchases.

How do I sign up?
You can sign up to receive Target Mobile Coupons HERE. You will need to have an internet-capable phone in order to retrieve the coupons. Keep in mind– text messaging & data charges will apply depending upon your phone’s plan. If you have any questions, you can text HELP to 827438 for information. If you wish to cancel, you can text STOP to 827438 (you’ll receive a confirmation text or further instructions). You can also visit the Target website HERE for more information.

I signed up but I didn’t get the coupons?
Once you’re signed up, the coupons should arrive every other Saturday automatically. Sometimes you may not get the coupons automatically- but you should be able to text the word OFFERS to 827438 and get a text back with a link to the coupons. Once you tap on that link your coupons will come up. *PLEASE NOTE* When first signing up, you may not get the current cycle of mobile coupons, (hopefully you will) but if you don’t, you should be good to go for the next cycle. Target will send alerts to your phone whenever new coupons become available.

How do I redeem my mobile coupons?
All you have to do is show your coupons on your phone’s screen at the register and the cashier will scan the barcode that appears on the top. No scissors required. 🙂 This same bar code at the top applies to all the current coupons, so for example if you are buying 2 different products that there are two different mobile coupons for $1 Off each, when that bar code is scanned, both coupons will come off for a total of $2 savings. Each Target mobile coupon is meant to be redeemed only once as the terms read “Limit one item or offer per coupon” So if you buy 2 identical items, only one coupon will be applied.

Also rememeber- since mobile coupons are still Target Coupons, they can be stacked with MQs. You will find any possible matchups to them under the “MOBILE COUPONS” section on my Target Coupon page.

Target Baby, Plus-size & City Target coupon & savings offers….
Target has other mobile coupon programs and you do not need to be signed up for regular mobile coupons to get these savings. Unlike the regular mobile coupons- these are not on a schedule and offer periodic coupons. Also- for some, first time users will get rewarded right away with an online discount code along with occasional mobile in-store coupon offers. Here’s a summary of the programs currently being offered:

TARGET BABY: You can sign up to receive discounts on baby deals by texting the word “BABY5” to 827438. First time users will receive an instant reward – a code for 10% off Baby Purchase online only, valid for 30 days. You will be alerted to other baby coupons as they become available.

CITY TARGET MOBILE OFFERS: If you are a resident of Seattle, Chicago or Los Angeles, you can also text “CITY” to 827438 to be signed up for occasional mobile coupon offers at your local CityTarget location.

Additional Special Mobile Coupon Offers
From time to time- Target also offers special mobile coupons by texting a certain word. I try and stay on top of the latest ones as much as I can and also offer manufacturer matchups for all mobile coupons on my Target Coupon Page. Just go HERE and scroll down to my “Mobile Coupons” section.

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  1. Thanks for your suggestion Jen. I was able to get a coupon using my dumb phone the way you suggested it. Smart thinking. Thanks!!

  2. How do you use Savingstar at Target? I thought you had to have a rewards card i.e.Kroger etc.

  3. can i use more than one mobile coupon at one time? like one from my phone and one from my sisters?

  4. i text baby5 to target and then it sends me a text saying one more step to sign up for baby coupons just click the link to go to the form. i go to the link that it sends me on that text and it just sends me to the main page of target.com i cannot figure out how to sign up for these. help please

  5. Just a note to anyone without a smart phone!!! (Cause I don’t have one either) it’s a bit tedious but you can actually get the text code link in your text messages on a dumb phone and then type that link into your normal web browser on a computer and then print the coupon that way. It takes a few pages but it’s worth it if you really want what is available.

    In the same way I’m assuming you can load it on your tablet by typing the web address and then just bring it up on your tablet at the register.

  6. I purchased items that was one of the mobile coupons i bought those exact things and when the cashier scanned it, it said there was no items available for the savings… i still have at least a week before it expires ,what went wrong

  7. How do you find out about words to text for special coupon offers (besides the Target weekly insert)?

  8. HI CHristine- for a specific & same item no. You can only use 1 TQ per item- so if you had a $1/1 oreos mobile TQ and a $1/1 oreos printable TQ & a $1/1 Oreos MQ- you can use the MQ and then choose either the mobile or the printable TQ to stack with it. YOu can’t use both on the same one pkg of Oreos. hth

  9. I really love Target, but finding it really upsets me that I can’t get smart phone coupons. I can’t afford the mobile internet on smart phones. I try to use coupons to make great deals at Target, but would love to take advantage of the mobile featured coupons. Is there a way to get them on my tablet and take my tablet to scan?
    Feeling a bit unfair!

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