More Hidden Clearance: Disney Mini Plush Toys

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UPDATE: I hear that while many of your stores went 90% Off on Valentine’s today, some of you are discovering that all the hidden finds mentioned over the last few days are now back up to regular price. BUT.. some of you are still finding them at 90%, so it is still worth a scan to check. You will never know unless you scan. Best of luck- hope some of you are still able to score some of these finds.


As I posted earlier- several of you reported finding that your stores dropped their Valentine’s Clearance to 90% Off today. If you haven’t dropped yet, you may drop tomorrow (Wednesday)- but there is no guarantee- there are some stores that will be slower to go.

While much of the Valentine’s day section itself may be wiped out for many of you- there are still some surprises to find that are not marked. So whether you are enjoying the finds at 70% or chomping at the bit for 90%, here’s one more thing to put on the list…

Tracy let me know she found these cute little Disney Mini Plushes in the regular aisles wereΒ ringing up at 70% Off. But it looks like they are part of the Valentine’s clearance, as Brandy let me know she found some at her store 90% Off. So if your store is at 90% Off already-these should ring up as low .69.


Tracy found hers at the very end of toys on a shelf with other plush near the toddler toys and they were not signed or stickered, soΒ be sure and scan. Look for Little Nemo, Disney Princess and other Monsters Inc Characters too.

Be sure to check out the other hidden clearance finds I’ve posted- you can sort the blog by clearance to find them fast and you can also check out some of the comments on these posts to see what others are finding too!

-Thanks to Brandy for the heads up & to Tracy of Having Fun Saving for the pictures!

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  1. If anyone finds any hello kitty items they don’t need, please please PLEASE let me know, I will be happy to pay for the items plus shipping (skirt, lip gloss, anything else that would work as party favors). Thanks so much! jenhodges96 at

  2. I had a similar experience as many others. Went to the a Hillside, IL Target today and the hidden toys of Webkinz and MLP were at 90% off. No luck with the Legos, Lalaloopsy stuff, or plush toys. A few hours later, I went to the Target in Villa Park, IL and all the hidden clearance stuff was at full price. Last week, I got several of the Disey Princess Dolls at 70% and the Hello Kitty lip gloss set at 70% too. Glad I picked those up earlier because now they are all gone at the stores I go to. I’m still happy, I have lots of nice stuff for Easter baskets and stockings! Bummed though – no luck whatsoever with the chips or diapers.

  3. Thanks some were reg price some were discounted at my store. Funny they had no valentines boxers left. But I seen some christmas boxers for 4.89 so I checked them and they are still 4.89? And there was never a big after christmas drop on toys. They marked them to 30% and I watched as a worker one day was scanning them and putting them in a cart around the middle of January. A lady asked if he was marking them down. He said no they were here long enough and he was told to remove them from the shelf.

  4. Love the Hello Kitty lipgloss set tip! I was able to score several sets of these at .39 each at my Phoenix store to use as birthday party favors. The store also had a ton of plush at 90% off, but I didn’t need it so I didn’t buy it.

  5. Heather…nice. no chips anywhere for me…I try to hit target usually once or twice a week and if I find deals they are most of the time ones I find myself…I don’t want to sound like I never find anything but you are right…Utah is a different market. You almost need a network of friends.

  6. I went yesterday to my closest Target and bought MLP, Sesame Street figures and the princess dolls at the registers. So today with the bigger discount I went to 3 in total, it was so funny. The first one had the webkinz, Sesame Street packs and a couple Disney plush, Pearl, Squirt and Boo the rest were full price but were sold out of MLP and the register princesses were full price. Second store the Sesame Street figures and Disney princess at the register were full price no MLP but they had plush Rapunzel that rung up 90% off the rest were all full price. The last store everything was back to full price outside of the Valentines Candy. It was almost like they were updating thru the day. Thanks so much for all the great deals!!!

  7. @Renee- I live in Utah and was able to get tons of great deals. It is difficult though, because there are TONS of couponers and savvy shoppers in Utah. It’s more competitive- I have to hit the store as soon as I hear about a deal. I was able to score the chips at 70% at only one Target, I also bought the MLP and Sesame Street at 70%. So glad I did, cause this morning they were all full price again. (I figured so before I even scanned because the shelf was full, which is unususal). I also found the clothes for 90% yesterday at one Target. I also find things at 70% all the time, but you almost have to go the day they get marked down. Knowing the days they mark down comes in handy. I live in the heart of SLC.

  8. Utah targets stink! Clearance around here is minimal and lingers at 15% and 30% most of the time on anything…when you do find stuff at 70% it’s a miracle…wish I was having as much fun as everyone else with their deals.

  9. Mallory S. says: February 20, 2013 at 12:55 pm Went early this morning to find my store (Ames Iowa) down to 90% but all the hidden toys were marked back up to full price. Sooooooooo disappointing. I really wanted the Boo Dolls for my little one

    I’m in DSM, Mallory. If you get to town, you can have one of the 2 I got today. Drop me an email at msbreigh@gmail . Com

  10. DH went to another super target at lunch today and found 90% MLP, Sesame street, Iron man (bean bag,not really plush),Webkins still 90% Disney plush was 50/50-those with the pink hear tag like the photo were back to full price but those with a blue heart tag were 90%. Candy was still only 50%? and the small princesses dolls at the checkout were full price again (we had picked up a few at this store on Monday for 70%. I give up trying to figure out how the computer catches things at one store but misses them less than 5 miles down the road.

  11. I went this morning also and all the toys were back to regular price. I was able to find some Hello Kitty 5 pack of lipgloss for .39 cents. They were in the makeup section on an endcap with all the other hello kitty stuff. Most of it had clearance stickers on them, but these didn’t. They had tons of them too! I was also able to get some cute little outfits for .89 cents!

  12. By the way, the Valentine’s clothes were still ringing only 30% off, I couldn’t believe it!

  13. Hubby and I went this morning. Valentine’s was 90% off unless it was edible. Edible was still 70% off. We searched high and low and bought some of all of the candy and craft sets and stuff that we could use as Easter basket stuffers. Some of the craft sets didn’t say anything about Valentine’s, they were just pink or red with a small heart. I can use those for my girls as Easter. They will never know. The boxed Valentine’s with candy such as Lifesaver pops and Skittles, I opened and realized you could not tell they were Valentine’s, they had stickers you could put on the bags to make them Valentine’s. PERFECT basket stuffers! I also found rings pops in Disney CARS and PRINCESS shape 3 packs for $0.30 each. They didn’t even look Valentinish! I racked up! I wish I would have checked this site soomer so I would have checked the toy section. It was a last minute trip. Hopefully I can go back again in the morning!

  14. I went to 2 Targets this morning both at 90% but only one had the hidden finds ringing up 90% off. Was able to find the chips for $0.69 per 20 pack! Had $2 off 2 peelies so I got them for free. Would’ve loved to have found the Hulk plush though! My son loves him and I was only able to find Iron Man πŸ™

  15. Those Sesame street figures were scanning 4.99 really wanted those πŸ™ but got some marvel and power ranger stuff for $2-$4

  16. Should have got some of the toys last night at 70%:(. Everything back up today when valentine went 90 in Wichita KS. I got Boo at .69 and one lalaloopsy cheap. Bummer! Will wait to see Easter hidden deals;). Thanks for the hard work totally target!

  17. i am on vacation in memphis and went to their target and found some of the little ponies and sesame street toys πŸ™‚ got 21 paid 12.55 πŸ™‚

  18. I have an extra Thomas shirt in a size 4T if anyone is interested, I know there were a few posts looking for these. My contact is jlwalte1 @ kent dot edu

  19. Retail in 3 central AR stores. Was able to find two Boo plush for .69 all the other plush dolls were regular. Hello Kitty shirts and skirts were 90% off $0.90-$1.40. 2 remaining 20 pack bags of chips were $2.09 each. Valentine’s stuff still 70% off, was able to score some remaining Star Wars Mugs for under $2

  20. @Crystal…darn. I was at Target this morning and a worker told me that more diapers were being clearanced but it wasn’t any of the ones that were already marked down. Wonder if she wasn’t being truthful. Hmm…Now I may have to go back! Noooo…I promised myself, no more Target for the month of February πŸ™‚

  21. I went this morning and I found a lot of Hello Kitty shirts and skirts 90% off. They were not marked. MLP was still 90% off. My stores diapers also went to 30%. I also found huggies pullups on clearance but they are only 15% πŸ™ Candy went to 70% and all other Valentines day stuff was 90%. I also found socks in the girls section that were not marked and range up for like $0.40. The ones had a cat face on them and another pair had a heart on them. They are the super soft/fuzzy socks.

  22. They are part of the Easter stuff, just like Valentine’s…used as “filler” items, I agree, nothing Valentine’s about them. Check out your Easter section and you will see tons of stuff that is not Easter themed but part of the basket stuffers.

  23. I don’t see why the nonVday toys would now be considered Easter toys. There is no sort of holiday designation on them whatsoever, so I tend to think they were pricing mistakes that have now been corrected.

  24. Went early this morning to find my store (Ames Iowa) down to 90% but all the hidden toys were marked back up to full price. Sooooooooo disappointing. I really wanted the Boo Dolls for my little one!

  25. Went this morning (in CT) and found tons MLP, SS, Webkinz, Marvel toys and princesses all at 90%, along with all the other Valentine’s. Scored a sweet deal on dog toys. πŸ™‚

  26. Yup logical reason sounds like these toys are now part of Easter for those finding regular price. But with some finding 90% off still on the hidden finds – it’s worth a scan to check.

  27. Yup just got back from my store. Hidden deals back to full price. I was able to score 2 dresses and a pair of leggings for $2.10 in the valentine Section so excited. Also be sure to check out the gift bag area as I got a couple of bags for .08 cents a piece and they were putting out a bunch of good clearance in that area:)

  28. Back to regular price for me this morning so glad I bit the bullet and bought those 4 ponies yesterday-candy finally went to 90%. Cleaned out the rest of the m&ms (not the bags though so couldn’t use coupons) and Russell Stover big heart of turtles for .99!! And finally found the skeleton Monster High doll at Target this morning-gift for birthday coming up-so very glad I ventured out in the FRIGID morning.

  29. P.s. the Sesame street guys are part of easter stuff now. Possible reason full price now. So much good stuff to be had in the Easter stuff! Can’t wait for that clearance! Eric Carle books, toys, galore!

  30. Went today in MN and was 90% off. Toy deals were back to full price, but I did find the toddler boys tshirts for $0.90. I was surprised at how much Valentine’s stuff was left!

  31. I got all for 90 % today accept the disney mini dols and the lallapalooza dolls I guess thats how its spelled lol

  32. My store still had TONS of Sesame Street figures, TONS of Webkins, about half a dozen Boo dolls (after I bought two for my girls!), a few My Little Pony figures all ringing up at 90% off. Unfortunetly, the princess figures are ringing up at full price. Fortunetly, I bought them all at 70% off on Monday… so I got them before someone figured out what was up! πŸ™‚

  33. Unfortunately, I think word of these deals got too wide spread. While blogs are our best friends, they can also be our worst enemies!!

  34. Luckily I had purchased the Disney Princesses, Sesame Street people and Pretty Ponies earlier this week at 70% off because as of today they were all back to full price. Our stores Valentines clearance just went to 90% off today.

  35. I was able to get these today @ 90% off. Everything else mentioned for secret toy finds was @70% yesterday. I wanted to wait for 90%. When I got to the store today, all of them, mlp, webkinz, went back to full price. I was bummed out.

  36. So someone at Gastonia Target must have figured out that the Princesses, Sesame Sts, and the Disney plushes were marking down same as the Valentine’s because they were reg. price today! πŸ™ The Marvel beanies were at 90% though. Found a big box of Russell Stover chocolates reg $9.99 for 99 cents! (white box with hearts on it)

  37. Thanks so much for posting this. My daughter’s Easter basket will be extra-full this year!!

    There are two Targets in my town, and I got all these hidden clearances at one. I went over to the other one, and none of these non-Valentine’s things were marked down at all. I guess it really varies store-to-store.

  38. I found mini Barbie for .59 and a Barbie toy smart phone for $3.00 and use one $3.00 off two Barbie toys! both for 0.59 is awesome deal. I found the Barbie toy in reg Barbie aisle.

  39. I can’t thank you enough the goodie bags for my daughter’s birthday are going to be really nice and well priced thanks to all of you for the posts. I wish I could of scored some of the lalaloopsy’s but oh well try another Target tomorrow.

  40. Ruth., so those Marvel toys were still just marked regular priced and not marked clearance in the check out lane? I have a little guy that LOVES those characters and I would like to try to find them…:)

  41. I saw these – the heart-shaped tag caught my eye. they were in the regular toy aisle. But they rang up at $4.99 πŸ™ I did find a really cute serving tray that has the Eiffel tower on it with a small pink heart at the top, it rang up at $.99! I also FINALLY found the Lego Friends sets that were ringing up at $1.19 at my store, even though they are in the Easter section!

  42. Thanks! FYI: Found the Playskool Marvel Super Heroes (Bean Bash Plush) of Iron Man, Spider Man, Wolverine and Hulk for .49 each at the check out aisles and Men’s Valentines Day pj pants (Sesame Street) for 1.69 in Men’s section!

  43. Thanks for posting this today – I went and got some great deals to put away for holiday toy drives.

  44. I ckecked these on my last target run and they were regular price! bummer πŸ™ but did get my lil pony and legos at 70 percent!

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