More Hidden Clearance: Disney Mini Plush Toys

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UPDATE: I hear that while many of your stores went 90% Off on Valentine’s today, some of you are discovering that all the hidden finds mentioned over the last few days are now back up to regular price. BUT.. some of you are still finding them at 90%, so it is still worth a scan to check. You will never know unless you scan. Best of luck- hope some of you are still able to score some of these finds.


As I posted earlier- several of you reported finding that your stores dropped their Valentine’s Clearance to 90% Off today. If you haven’t dropped yet, you may drop tomorrow (Wednesday)- but there is no guarantee- there are some stores that will be slower to go.

While much of the Valentine’s day section itself may be wiped out for many of you- there are still some surprises to find that are not marked. So whether you are enjoying the finds at 70% or chomping at the bit for 90%, here’s one more thing to put on the list…

Tracy let me know she found these cute little Disney Mini Plushes in the regular aisles were ringing up at 70% Off. But it looks like they are part of the Valentine’s clearance, as Brandy let me know she found some at her store 90% Off. So if your store is at 90% Off already-these should ring up as low .69.


Tracy found hers at the very end of toys on a shelf with other plush near the toddler toys and they were not signed or stickered, so be sure and scan. Look for Little Nemo, Disney Princess and other Monsters Inc Characters too.

Be sure to check out the other hidden clearance finds I’ve posted- you can sort the blog by clearance to find them fast and you can also check out some of the comments on these posts to see what others are finding too!

-Thanks to Brandy for the heads up & to Tracy of Having Fun Saving for the pictures!

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  1. My store in Bristol VA had diapers at 30% off as of Thursday. No Disney plush to be found except a large Sully @ $24.99. Yeah right. Disney princess dolls at register back to $4.99.

  2. @Casey, certain diapers are marked 15% off at both the Hillside and Villa Park stores – Huggies and Pampers. Some people saw them marked off as low as 50%, but the lowest I’ve seen them is 15%. The current price ends in 8, meaning they should may get reduced more. The employees at the Hillside store mentioned to me that they have a ton of the clearance diapers, so there is a good chance they’ll go through further reductions maybe?

  3. Abigail: Yes there were no signs on the marvel heroes and they were part of the clearance. Good luck!

  4. Please be aware, I went to target Tuesday and got Ponies and Sesame Street 70% off. Then tonight I. Went back to see if it was now90% but. All of the same items were now back up to regular price. Very weird but I saw other people mentioning it too so thought I’d bring it up over here.

  5. thanks so much! we got tons of great stuff — webkinz, my little ponies, sesame street figures, disney princess figures, and two of the six stores had the disney plush dolls at 90% off (others were full price). Also found Leapfrog pink/purple Chat and Count cell phones ringing up at $2.76 (down from $14.99) — only the pink/purple ones were ringing on sale.

  6. I was lucky enough to see the post on the Disney plush dolls (as was my oldest son who immediately told his little brother). They got on their shoes and socks to go on a “Boo” hunt. I was able to find the Monster Inc plush dolls for .69 but all the princesses and other dolls were back up to normal price. The Sesame Street figures were also still .49. Diapers were down 15% in one store but the other two were still at regular price.

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