Hidden Valentine’s Clearance in Men’s Up to 90% Off

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As I posted earlier- lots of you should be finding up to 90% Off Valentine’s Day clearance now. Be sure and take a look in the Men’s department for some possible 90% Off clearance finds. Thanks to some tips from Dorie & Claudia- Kelley found some nice 90% Off finds on the men’s Valentine gift display. While some are pretty obvious- like the Family Guy cupid style boxers- others are more discreet. Not everything on this display is ringing up 90- but the things Kelley found were the Hershey’s Kisses Men’s sleep shorts- down to .99 cents.


The Men’s sleep shorts in Tabasco Bottles were also ringing up 90% Off down to $1.19! Also- check the 3-pks of Merona Men’s boxers in the boxes. There are several different styles, but only the ones that include a pair with an XOXOXOX print are ringing up 90% Off down to $1.29.


These sleep pants are a little obvious with the Free Hugs and hearts on them- but they are down to $1.79 if you find them too. Also be sure and check thru the boxers that have the paper bag giftbag attached. Not all styles are ringing 90% but there are Coca-Cola ones as well as the Ninja Turtles in the design shown above that are ringing up as low as .99 cents.

Be sure and check kids, women’s, juniors and in baby too for Valentine’s Day clothing and let us know if you find any items in that department that are not obviously Valentine’s Day!

-Happy Hunting and Thanks so much to Dorie & Claudia for the heads up!

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  1. Totally just found a pack of these morona shorts at my local target and they did not ring up correctly. Actually hey didn’t show up in the system… The manager tried to charge me full price saying that he knew it was on clearance but it was the last one. I promptly walked out, it was ridiculious.

  2. I’ve seen the toddler size tshirts (red, boys) Future Knock Out, (red, girls) Be My Valentine (I think), and the (white, girls) Be Mine w/ the Bee on it……. Anything else I’m missing?
    Thank you everyone for sharing! I LOVE this site!

  3. Did anyone find any kids girl shirts no v-day clearance? Sizes 6-10? I checked in 2 stores near me and they did not seem to be included.

  4. Thanks!!! I found Vday earring sets for .69, Toddler tees for .90, Socks for .40, and the boxers above (tabasco, superman, and the set of 3)….I absolutely love the look on the faces of the cashier and the people in line behind me when they see my HIDDEN CLEARANCE PRICES on the register!!! lol

  5. I found lots and lots of Target clearance at 90 percent off today. Sofia the First, Disney Princess and LaLaloppsy figures for as little as $0.49, and LEGO Police for $0.34 each…all in the regular toy aisle.

  6. Thanks so much for sharing this. Went by my Target (Independence, MO) And found lots in the men’s section no signs or anything. They were hanging with the new St. Pat’s stuff. Got a couple of toddler little boys a mickey mouse one and and I’m a knock out both 90% off.

  7. I found several mens boxers with gift bag ringing up at 90%. A few toddler shirts ringing up under $1; a women was next to me shopping for 18month old girl sizes. I pointed out the shirts and she picked up a few. The other toddler shirts were in the womens accessories (randomly with men vday boxers and womens shirts). Another women was next to me and I told her it’s 90% off; she laughed at me like I was crazy!

    But the non-hidden Vday stuff was very limited. I picked up a couple bags of candy, hair elastics/ribbon at 0.49cents each, a ceramic dog treat jar for $1.49 and a handful of the Spritz red and white 8ct tissue paper (that’s hidden clearance noted on another blog).

    There were a few medium stuffed animals with a small bag of candy (3 small heart candies) attached ringing up as 70%. I quickly put those back; for the amount of candy you get compared to the size of the doll, that should 90% off!

  8. I found A TON of nice womens valentines shirts just hanging in the womens section. No clearance signs at all. There was a short sleeved pink one with a heart, a long sleeved black on with a heart and one with red lips, a baseball type shirt that says I love my boyfriend, and a really cute red long sleeved shirt with owls on it! I also found two of the large plush bears for $1.99 that I am saving for my kids for Easter.

  9. Found the last pair of TMNT boxers and Free Hugs pants as well as 2 Toddler boys character shirts for 90 cents each. One is Superheros and the other is Mickey. Also got the last 2 packs of Spritz red and white tissue paper.

  10. I went today everything was labeled 70% but ringing 90% I got a bunch of the small party favors for 30cents each, socks for 40cents, and my favorite deal hooded throw with a doggy hood for $1.30!

  11. My store, Pomona CA, has already cleared the VD items out of the store. Nothing to rummage through. After work, trying a different Target.

  12. I found all of that too here in Kansas City but went to three stores to get everything I wanted. I even found two of the V Day Cabbage Patch dolls for 99 cents. One was in the regular doll aisle.

  13. HI Heather pics above were taken in Columbia MD- clearance is always hit or miss- some have a lot some have hardly anything

  14. Which Target store is this that has sooo much stuff after V-Day? Mine literally had 2 endcaps of random stuff, and that was still at 30% off!

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