Target Valentine’s Day Clearance Now Up to 70% Off

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Valentine’s Day clearance should now be at 70% for some of you, and if you didn’t find it today there is a good chance you will find it tomorrow. It is always a good idea to check the prices at the scanner even if your signs say 50. Some stores just don’t manage to get all or any proper signage up and you will never know if you just walk away.

Everything non-perishable was scanning at 70 for Karen at her local Texas store, however, candy & food was still stuck at 30% Off for her. It’s unusual that it has not dropped to 50 yet with Easter on the horizon, but it may just be in her area- so be sure and scan if you don’t see signage.


Valentine’s Day clearance is a great way to stock up on non-perishable things you might need for next year. For example there were many class-exchange card kits this year with no candy in them that will make for cheap Valentines next year. The basic kits will be as low as .75 if your store is at 70, regularly $2.50.


Or you can get fancier exchange kits like this Shopkins card kit with 16 Valentine’s & erasers for $1.20 if your store is at 70, regularly $4.


And, these heart shaped plates just .60 down from $2 if your store is at 70%.


You can also check the Bullseye’s Playground section for Valentine’s Day clearance too for small items to tuck away for next year or to use as Easter Basket fillers. But keep in mind some stores may have already moved these items to the holiday section like Karen’s store did.


For example these SpiderMan figure 2 packs 70% off down to .30 cents and would make a great Easter Basket filler.


And be sure and check for really cute kids clothes too, both in the Valentine’s clearance section as well as the regular apparel aisles & baby department up to 70% off.


This cute bib was 70% off down to $1.19, so be sure to also look for tags with the red hearts on them – a good indicator they will be part of the Valentine’s Day clearance.

As far as a next drop to 90% Off- if history repeats we should see it as early as Monday, February 19th or Tuesday February 20th. But remember, there is no set schedule and stores can differ – so keep a close eye! Happy clearance hunting folks!

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