Target Valentine’s Day Clearance Now Up to 90% Off

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Some of you may find up to 90% Off now for Valentine’s Day clearance today. None of my local Tampa stores dropped, but Karen found 90% on some items at her local Texas store. Not all of it was 90 yet though & her food & candy was still stuck at 50.

If your store didn’t drop today, it is likely it will happen tomorrow and for a much larger percentage of stores. But always scan to be sure no matter what your signs say. It is possible for signs not to get switched out and usually it’s only a 2-3 day gap between 70 to 90 so keep a close eye on it. Once you hit 90, it will move fast and Target will be looking to clear the stuff off the floors.

I understand that pickings for many of you may be slim or even non-existent for some of you- but it can’t hurt to check and see if you have anything left. Remember- Valentine’s Day clearance does not get stickered- so the only way to know for sure is at the scanner- so become good friends with those big red machines! 🙂

Here’s a few things she found today at 90..


Cute Valentine’s Exchange cards that can be used next year, like these 16 count ones with 16 gel puppies & kitties that will be .30 if your store is at 90.


Wooden decor like this “You’re Cool” Sundae shaped ones only .30 cents if your store is at 90.


These little paper treat sacks that could also be used to hold party favors or held back for next year will be .20 if your store is at 90.

Just One You by Carter’s baby bibs like the bandana one above as low as .39 if your store is at 90, which are great to have on hand all year round if you have a little one.


These pretty pink and black stiff storage boxes will be .40 if your store is at 90.


And, watch for Valentine’s Day tins to hold back and put cookies or other sweet treats in for next year at just .30 cents if your store is at 90 too.

Don’t forget you can still check in Bullseye’s Playground and in other departments for holiday items. While most of it will have been moved back to the holiday clearance section, you never know what may get left behind and it might be worth a quick peek around the store.

You can also check out my post HERE for more items you may want to keep a look out for.

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  1. My Target in Katy, TX was 70% for everything today, both candy and non-candy items. There were lots of gel-clings, some boxed cards, but mostly chocolates and candy.

  2. I went to one store in Columbus OH and things still scanned at 70%. We checked stuff from the dollar spot and stuff from the seasonal area. They had pulled everything off of the aisles and were doing a huge reset and had big pallets of stuff all over the place. The food was still scanning at 50%.

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