Target Easter Clearance 2018 – Now Up to 70% Off

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Some of you may find up to 70% Off Easter clearance at your Target stores today. Karen headed out to check out her local Texas store and she found 70% off most non-perishable Easter! It was a little strange as some items like Easter grass were still ringing up at 50, but she still found lots of goodies at 70. It may not be that way for all of you yet- but if you don’t see 70% signs- don’t forget to scan just in case the signs haven’t been switched out yet.

Unfortunately candy was stuck at 30 for her – but that sometimes happens and for those of you who drop to 70 too – you may luck out and find candy and food at 50%. Remember- the majority of the Easter clearance will not have stickers- so you will need to verify your prices at the scanner. If you didn’t drop today- there’s a good chance that many more stores will drop tomorrow Thursday, April 5th.

Watch for anything non-perishable that you can use for the following year like Decor, gift bags, paper goods & more. It’s great to be able to save now instead of paying a higher price next year like these Easter Egg dying kits down to .75 cents from $2.50 if your store is at 70.


And Easter baskets that can be used next year too, like these cute felt bunny baskets down to .90 if your store is at 70%.


These fun stuffed plush blue bunnies will be just $3 if your store is at 70.


This cute bunny outfit by Just One You will be $2.99 if your store is at 70.


Also be sure and check Bullseye Playground for possible Easter Clearance. Karen’s store had moved everything back to Easter, and it’s likely most of your stores will do the same, but it’s worth a quick look just in case things got left behind.

And also take a look around for items you may be able to re-purpose for another holiday- like a Birthday, baby shower or even everyday use. For example – sometimes I will use the paper Easter grass for filler in a gift bag instead of tissue paper. And be sure to check other parts of the store too. Some stores don’t get everything moved back to the Easter clearance section right away, and you don’t want to miss any possible goodies.

If you didn’t drop to 70 today, keep a close eye on it, as most stores will likely go to 70 by tomorrow. We usually only see 2 or 3 days between 70 & 90 too, so if you went to 70 today, it could go to 90 as early as Friday or Saturday. Nothing is set in stone with Target though, and all stores do not drop at the same time, so it’s something to watch closely on your own!

Happy hunting and I hope you all have great luck with this year’s Easter clearance!

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