Target Halloween Clearance Now Up to 90% Off!

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Target sure is moving Halloween clearance down FAST this year in some areas! One of my local Tampa stores had non-perishables marked down to 90% Off already today. I am really lucky with how much I have left and I sure hope more of you have a nice selection too.

If your stores did not move to 90 today, I would really keep a close eye out, as it seems they are very anxious to make room for Christmas items, and you will likely move to 90 tomorrow. And don’t forget not to trust the signage, check up at the scanner instead. Many stores won’t have signs up and the only way to be sure is to scan, scan, scan.

There was quite a bit of decor including ceramic pumpkins, table decor, and even dog costumes and treats all at 90%. This is a GREAT way to save on your Halloween items for next year too!

And so many costumes at my store – for kids and adults.

Additionally, candy and food also moved down to 70% off. My store seemed to have moved everything back to this section, but it’s still worth a check in the pet department, Bullseye’s Playground and other parts of the store in case anything got left behind. Good luck and Happy Hunting, and hope lots of you find great stuff at your stores too!

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