Target Halloween Clearance Now Up to 90% Off!

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Watch for whatever is left of your local Target store’s Halloween Clearance to be up to 90% Off now. One of my local Tampa stores had non-perishables marked down to 90% Off already.

My store head everything condensed down to both sides of one aisle, but there were lots of costumes at 90% off as well as some masks, accessories and more.

While pickings were a little slim for me, I did grab one of these Haunted Motion Activated computers. They make noise and display spooky skeleton images and I just couldn’t resist since it was only $3.50, regularly $35 (DPCI #240-43-4859) and you can actually check out a video of it in action HERE.

It’s only 50% Off online, but up to 90% Off in stores and you can input your zip HERE to see if you have any left and at what price at your local location.

If your stores did not move to 90 today, I would really keep a close eye out, as Target is always very anxious to make room for Christmas items, and you will likely move to 90 tomorrow.

And don’t forget not to trust the signage, check up at the scanner instead. Many stores won’t have signs up and the only way to be sure is to scan, scan, scan!  Good luck and Happy Hunting, and hope lots of you find great stuff at your stores!

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