My Over-Populated Pinapple… is this Normal?

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For those of you new around here, I have been growing a pineapple for what seems like forever and have posted about it a few times (herehere & here), and I’ve got another little update…

Okay, so I have freely admitted on several occasions that I am clueless when it comes to plants, and I still am, so try not to laugh at me if this is normal pineapple behavior. 🙂 But I have become very worried that something is not right. It started with these little buds along the bottom of the fruit. These other little extra pineapple tops or crowns that just seem to keep multiplying and growing.


These are a couple close-ups I took and I did do a little reading and saw one reference that said that it was normal for more than one crown to form. But how about FOURTEEN? Is that normal? My plant has 14 crowns ranging in size from almost as big on the one on the top of the actual fruit all the way down to like 1 inch big.  And I also feel like the growth has slowed a lot – well for the actual pineapple anyway- but the other crowns seem to just keep getting bigger and bigger. How come I got the pineapple with the 15 heads?  Oh well – I guess I will just wait and see. Cross your fingers for me, but I am not sure if my pineapple is going to make it.

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  1. You’ve got your own little soap opera going on! So funny! The updates brighten my day.

  2. Wow, that frog really fertilized your pineapple plant good !!!!! 🙂
    I suggest doing an internet search (images, too) for “pineapple plant pups”.
    When you re-plant those pups, they would make great Christmas gifts or give them at Thanksgiving time.
    Target has outdoor planters on clearance now !
    Lastly, the pineapple plant is a symbol of hospitality and welcome.

  3. Plant those babies, it looks like you have overachiever genes in that plant and they should pass on to the baby shoots. You may end up with more pineapples eventually than you want! LOL!

  4. I don’t get what is gross about eating the food you grow. Really? I’d rather eat a pineapple I grew (with or without extra crowns) than to eat something that you don’t even know where it came from or who had their hands all over it. I applaud you for doing this. My mom once tried but Midwest weather just isn’t quite right to grow pineapples.

  5. Growing up in Hawaii, I’ve never actually saw this happen myself even when we grew our own pineapples but hey your plant looks like its giving you your bucks worth!

  6. The growth of your pineapple has slowed due to all of the energy that it is giving to all of the baby offshoots. Once you remove them your pineapple should show more growth again.

  7. Yikes! I’ve seen a lot of pineapples but never one like this! It’s giving me chicken skin but I can’t stop looking at it lololol. My green-thumb hubs says you have to cut them off and plant them.

  8. It’s been great reading about your pineapple adventure 🙂 I can’t wait to see how this all turns out!

  9. I think your pineapple is just an overachiever! 🙂 No advice for you, but I hope it all turns out ok!

  10. Great post! Gently remove the crowns (pups) and place them in pots or other containers with some soil. and you will have some great home grown gifts for family and friends!

  11. @Renea I’m with you- I couldn’t do it either- kinda grosses me out, so very sorry Kerry- love your updates, especially the frog, lol…but I’d have to stick with my grocer 🙂 Good luck anywhooooo!!! 🙂

  12. Are you planning on eating it eventually? I’m such a visual person and easily grossed out. I’m sure your mutated pinneapple is fine…but is it appetizing? No, but I have problems.

  13. I was actually on my IPad and saw this, I had to come onto the laptop to answer lolol….OK….where to start lol……Since I honestly havent followed along with the Pineapple Growing I’ll just start at the begining….the “bumps” on the bottom are actually dormant roots…once you saw/felt those bumps…then its time to plant the pineapple in soil…..once those dormant roots “feel” the soil they grow out into the soil and your pineapple plant starts to grow…like 8-12 wks give or take….onto the most important question ….the other 14 heads/crowns is fine..when they are ready, just take them off, they should come off pretty easily ( and hey 14 more crowns to use for more plants! ) HTH

  14. My plants do that also. I read somewhere (sorry can’t remember where) that you should “thin” the off-shoots to just two or three. Commercial growers will cut off all of them because the ones after that will be smaller than the first and it’s not worth growing.

  15. I am giving it a try. My plant is growing new leaves. Doesn’t look anything like your pic yet. Seems like it takes forever. Love your updates.

  16. If you’re a fan of the tv show “Psych”, you could send the pics to them! They’d enjoy the funny. 🙂 Otherwise, I have no helpful information for you. Sorry!

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