My Over-Populated Pinapple… is this Normal?


For those of you new around here, I have been growing a pineapple for what seems like forever and have posted about it a few times (herehere & here), and I’ve got another little update…

Okay, so I have freely admitted on several occasions that I am clueless when it comes to plants, and I still am, so try not to laugh at me if this is normal pineapple behavior. 🙂 But I have become very worried that something is not right. It started with these little buds along the bottom of the fruit. These other little extra pineapple tops or crowns that just seem to keep multiplying and growing.


These are a couple close-ups I took and I did do a little reading and saw one reference that said that it was normal for more than one crown to form. But how about FOURTEEN? Is that normal? My plant has 14 crowns ranging in size from almost as big on the one on the top of the actual fruit all the way down to like 1 inch big.  And I also feel like the growth has slowed a lot – well for the actual pineapple anyway- but the other crowns seem to just keep getting bigger and bigger. How come I got the pineapple with the 15 heads?  Oh well – I guess I will just wait and see. Cross your fingers for me, but I am not sure if my pineapple is going to make it.

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