Target Halloween Clearance Begins! Up to 50% Off

Aisle of Target Halloween Decor Clearance

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Target Halloween Clearance 2022 has begun! 🙂 The next few days we will have up to 50% Off on all sorts of indoor and outdoor décor, pumpkin carving kits, costumes, accessories and more.

Remember, most Halloween items will NOT be stickered, so you will need to become best friends with that scanner if you are not sure about whether or not something is marked down. 🙂

I arrived right at store opening this morning expecting to not see much, and while there was not a ton, there was a lot more than I expected! Candy was at 30%, and non-perishables were at 50% for me. 

Quite a bit of Halloween decor – perfect for grabbing at a discount now and using next year!

Quite a few Mondo craft items, and so many were just pumpkins – perfect for Fall decor!

It’s a great way to grab a costume for next year, or an inexpensive way to have a dress-up box or trunk for pretend-play fun all year round. 🙂

Costume accessories including face paint, crowns, wigs, and more were also marked 50% off.


I was really surprised by how many costumes were still there – including ones for kids and adults!

Quite a bit of candy too at 30% off.

Target Halloween Clearance 2022 Endcap of candy
And while some was clearly wrapped with Halloween images, watch for bags containing candy in regular wrappers that can be used for stocking stuffers!

There were also baking kits and Fall snacks at 30% off.

Including Fall flavored baking mixes and frostings.

Some items too could easily be modified for the upcoming holidays by simply swapping out icing colors – like these Hyde & EEK Spooky houses and cookies!

Target Halloween Clearance 2022 on Dash waffle makers

These Dash waffle makers had shelf tags saying $12.99, there was a clearance sign for 30% off, but were actually ringing up 50% off at the register.

And this Muffin Tin which is usable all year round was ringing up 50% off as well, even though the clearance sign said 30%! So be sure and scan what peaks your interest!

Target Halloween Clearance 2022 Endcap of Pet Costumes

Also, be sure and check out other areas of the store too like pet, toys, and home & apparel for possible items that have not been or won’t be moved back to the clearance section. 

As far as the next Target Halloween Clearance 2022 drop will be – November 3rd or 4th is when we will likely see most stores drop to 70% off and 2 or 3 days later down to 90%. Not all stores follow the exact same schedule though- and it’s something to watch closely. HAPPY HUNTING EVERYONE!

For more recent regular clearance  finds at Target, you can always sort the blog by clearance!

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