Target Halloween Clearance Begins! Up to 50% Off

Target Halloween Decor Clearance

Target Halloween Clearance has begun! 🙂 The next few days we will have up to 50% Off on all sorts of indoor and outdoor décor, pumpkin carving kits, costumes, accessories and more.

Remember, most Halloween items will NOT be stickered, so you will need to become best friends with that scanner if you are not sure about whether or not something is marked down. 🙂

Halloween Clearance Pumpkin Decor at Target

While my store did not have a lot left, there were some really cute decor items like the pumpkins shown marked down to $5, regularly $10. The Unicorn one would also make for fun decor at a birthday party, and they are so cute too!

Along with indoor decor, there were a few Halloween outdoor items on clearance for 50% off as well. It’s a great way to stock up for next year on non-perishable items!

Halloween Costume Clearance at Target

It’s also a nice time to grab costumes for next year, as they will also be 50% off. Discounted costumes are also an inexpensive way to have a dress-up box or trunk for pretend-play fun all year round. 🙂

Halloween Clearance at Target on Accessories

Costume accessories including face paint, crowns, wigs, and more were also marked 50% off.

My store just had a few items left, but at half off it makes for some nice savings on items for next year.

Halloween Cereal Clearance at Target

Candy and food items were only at 30% Off, including quite a bit of Halloween cereal including Reese’s Puffs Bats, Boo-berry and more. We should see candy and food drop to 50% when costumes and decor drop to 70%. 

Be sure and check out other areas of the store too like pet, toys, and home & apparel for possible items that have not been or won’t be moved back to the clearance section. 

As far as the next drop goes – November 3rd or 4th is when we will likely see most stores drop to 70% off and 2 or 3 days later down to 90%. Not all stores follow the exact same schedule though- and it’s something to watch closely. HAPPY HUNTING EVERYONE!

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Halloween Breakfast Idea: Spooky Cinnamon Roll Bones!

Spooky Halloween Cinnamon Rolls Bones

Looking for an awesome breakfast idea for Halloween? How about these spooky and fun Halloween Cinnamon Roll bones that are totally awesome!

Prep time only takes a few minutes, and then bake time is around 15 minutes or so. Baking time will depend on the package directions. You will need to allow them to cool for just a few minutes before applying the icing, 

While the original recipe calls for using a ready made cinnamon roll, you could always make yours from scratch if you have a favorite recipe!

Not only would these make for a spooky and fun Halloween breakfast, they are great for dessert, brunch, or afternoon snack as well! It’s such a fun morning surprise for little ones or to set the stage for a fun filled Halloween day.

These are so super easy to make, and only take about 30 minutes to have on the table and ready to eat! Serve up with a tall glass of cold milk, orange juice, or with your favorite breakfast protein and fresh fruit for a complete meal.

You can check out the complete instructions for making these spooky Halloween Cinnamon Roll bones along with more photos over on SheSaved!

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Buy One Get One 50% off Halloween Costumes & Accessories Both In Stores & Online at Target Through October 9

Get a great deal on Halloween costumes at Target! This week thru Saturday, October 9th, Target has Halloween costumes and accessories on a Buy One Get One 50% off both in stores and online. 

There are SO many costumes to choose from, my store had lots of fun kids costumes in assorted sizes, and there are even more to select from online. From Ghostbusters to Mickey & Friends to PAW Patrol, there is a Halloween costume to delight any kiddo! And, there are adaptive costumes available as well.

Target Halloween Costumes for Babies and Toddlers

There are also some super adorable Halloween costumes for babies and toddlers, including a pullover pumpkin, pullover butterfly AND a Ghostbusters Mini Puft Marshmallow one!

Target Halloween Costumes for Adults

There’s also lots of costumes for adults including licensed, funny, spooky and scary ones too! Plus many costume accessories to complete your look or to compliment a DIY costume.

Target Halloween Costumes for Pets

If you are wanting to dress up your furbaby, check out the variety of Target pet costumes! My store had them primarily on an end cap in the pet department, but you might want to check in the Target Halloween costume aisles as well.

Keep in mind that your lower priced costume is the one that will ring up half off at the register or checkout, so buying two similarly priced items will net you the biggest savings.

If shopping online, shipping is FREE on on orders of $35 or more, and as always, if you have a REDcard you will also get FREE shipping with no minimum and an additional 5% Off.

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Dash Halloween Mini Waffle Makers at Target Both In Stores & Online

Image of Halloween mini waffle makers

Have you seen these FUN Dash Halloween mini waffle makers at Target? Choose from cute pumpkin, creepy spider web, or spooky skeletons! These fun Dash mini waffle makers are priced at just $9.99 both in stores and online!

These compact waffle makers heat up quickly and feature a non-stick four inch surface, and come with a recipe guide too. Fun shapes make for a fun breakfast any day, but these Halloween mini waffle makers ones are especially neat in October.

Top the waffles with fresh fruit and whipped topping for a sweet & spooky dessert. You can even fill in the skeleton with blackberry eyeballs and drizzle with strawberry syrup for a scary meal.

Target also carries Dash mini waffle makers in the traditional round shape. These would make for super cute gifts for college students!

There are other Dash small appliances that would make for great gifts – including sandwich makers and more waffle makers in fun prints on the outside. Just note that some are priced higher.

If shopping online, shipping is FREE on on orders of $35 or more, and these makers will ONLY ship with orders of that amount. And as always, if you have a REDcard you will also get FREE shipping with no minimum and an additional 5% Off.

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Save on Fun Removable Wall Decor at Target Both In Stores and Online

Image of removable wall decor

Looking for some fun and easy removable wall decor? We have a nice Target Circle offer available to save 15% on RoomMates Wall decor! You can use this Target Circle offer when shopping both in stores & online, and it is valid thru October 15th. 

It can also be used even if you choose shipping! To use the offer in stores, just add the Circle offer in the Target app. Or, tap the +Save button on qualifying item pages & then add it to your cart.

These festive peel and stick decals can be applied to any smooth, flat surface. Decorate walls, furniture, appliances, doors, windows, and more!

Image of removable wall decor at Target

You can remove, reposition and reuse as often as needed and no sticky residue is left behind! Plus, if you save the decal backing, you can place the decals back on and save/reuse next year!

There’s several Halloween themed ones to choose from, and they make for such a neat way to decorate your front door for Trick-or-Treaters!

Photo of several wall decor items at Target

Even though the Circle offer states Halloween decor, I actually was able to add the offer to additional RoomMates wall decor items.

There are some really nice traditional ones, PLUS some really fun bathroom and mud room ones too, so be sure and take a look around at all the qualifying items for the Circle offer.

If you are shopping online, Shipping is FREE on orders of $35 or more, and as always, if you have a REDcard you will also get an additional 5% Off whether you are shopping online or in stores. :).

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Spooky Spider Cookies – Fun & Delicious Halloween Dessert Idea!

It’s almost October, and if you are looking for a fun dessert idea, check out these Spooky Spider Cookies!

They are pretty cute with their big eyes, and you can use your favorite homemade cookies for the base. Or, use store bought cookie dough if you prefer. While you can use ANY flavor of cookie, you will want to use one that compliments the Reese’s peanut butter cup body of the spider.

Chocolate chip, oatmeal, peanut butter or even sugar cookies work very well as the base cookie.

These super cute cookies make for a fun activity for little ones too! And, they make for nice little gifts for teachers, neighbors, or anyone you want to spread some Halloween fun too!

And, you could also make these for a creepy-crawly themed birthday party. How fun would that be? These are such easy cookies to make too!

You can check out the complete instrucitons for these fun and easy to make Spooky Spider cookies along with more photos over on SheSaved!

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Fun Mondo Llama Halloween Craft Decor at Target Both In Stores & Online

Looking for some easy fun craft decor for fall and Halloween? Check out the Mondo Llama Halloween decor including wooden ghosts, bats, skeletons and more available for just $5 both in stores and online!

These are perfect crafts for kids too, just paint them anyway you want. There are even paper mache pumpkins also priced at just $5!


The little ghost is so stinkin’ cute when painted, and you could do a partial paint like in the picture above, or fully paint as well! In addition, there are craft kits including door hangars and more also priced at just $5.

While not in stores, you can also grab a huge 45 piece Halloween craft party kit online for $50. It includes paint, stickers, disposable aprons, and a table cover – everything you need to paint 5 small wooden pumpkins!

Or, there is a Mondo Llama create your own Haunted House kit for just $10! My store had all the Mondo Llama halloween decor items and kits all on an end shelf in the home decor department.

If shopping online, shipping is FREE on on orders of $35 or more, and as always, if you have a REDcard you will also get FREE shipping with no minimum and an additional 5% Off.

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Fun (but Gross!) Edible Dirty Q-Tip Treat Idea Perfect for Halloween

halloween treat

Do you love Halloween? It’s not too early to start planning for a party or just to have some fun edible stuff for the family! Creative gross Halloween treats delight kids AND adults, and the grosser – the better!

Kids love fun and GROSS stuff especially at Halloween, and these treats resembling dirty q-tips are just the ticket! Even better, there are only a few ingredients needed, and an empty cotton swab box makes for a realistic display.

They are very easy to make, and quite honestly I am not sure if the fun is in watching people’s faces when they see them, OR in watching them being consumed! Keep in mind the “waxier” the “cotton swabs” are, the more disgusting they look.

Even if you aren’t planning a party or get-together, or not participating in Trick-or-Treating this year, consider making these treats anyway. They are sure to elicit some cries of EWWW and some laughter too!

You can check out the complete instructions for making these fun and gross dirty q-tips Halloween snacks along with more photos over on SheSaved! Plus, if you scroll down her post, there are other great (and sometimes scary or disgusting) additional Halloween treat ideas.

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