Target Cartwheel: A New Way to Save Even More!

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cartwheelTarget has an awesome savings program called Cartwheel by Target which offers additional opportunities to save even more! You can get as much as an additional 50% off, occasionally even higher, on items at Target including grocery, health & beauty, baby, clothing and much more. The best part is that you can combine Cartwheel offers with your coupons! You are allowed one Cartwheel offer with one manufacturer’s coupon and one Target coupon, triple the savings!

Cartwheel can be accessed 2 ways. You can access Cartwheel from a computer, browse and add offers and then print out your barcode to use in store. Or… Cartwheel can be accessed in the Target App on mobile Devices. This will allow many other features of the App to be utilized like scanning barcodes on items to see if there are any cartwheel offers and more.

To get started from your desktop, just go HERE, or just download the Target app from Google Play or iTunes and create an account. Then, log in to your account and you’re ready to start saving!


Now simply browse thru the offers on the desktop or your phone and hit the plus sign to add anything that interests you. When you’re ready to purchase your items and your offers are in your cartwheel, you can either print your Cartwheel barcode from your desktop at home and bring it with you to the store, or you can pull up your Cartwheel your mobile device.

To print your barcode, just go to and login, then click on “Checkout” on the left, and then select ‘Print my Barcode’ at the top of the screen. This barcode is always the same, no matter what you add or remove from your list. So you could always laminate your barcode to be able to use it again and again at checkout.

To check out with Cartwheel with your mobile device, just open up the Target app and tap on the wallet icon to bring up the barcode for your cashier to scan.

Here are a few more points to keep in mind when using Cartwheel offers…

  • The Cartwheel discount is taken AFTER Target Coupons and BEFORE manufacturer coupons.
  • An IDENTICAL Offer can be applied a maximum of FOUR times in a single Transaction.
  • You can save on your entire Cartwheel list up to 6 times per day.
  • If you would like to make sure an item qualifies for a cartwheel offer before you buy it, you can use the barcode feature in the app. Just tap on the barcode icon at the top of the main menu and scan your item. If there is a matching offer, it will come up and automatically be added to your list.
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  1. HI Terri- you can apply a cartwheel up to 4x in one transaction. and as far as unlocking badges there are different ones- some for sharing on fb, some for a level of savings for using cartwheel and more. hth!

  2. I totally enjoy your site! Thank you for caring enough to post items that are essential to everyday living. When your on a tight buget all the savings that I can get matter. I have a question inregards to the Targer Cartwheel app. I just signed up minutes ago after reading your posted cartwheel information. I was wondering how are you able to unlock more than 15 cartwheel coupons and also how many times you can apply a cartwheel Q in one transaction.

    Thank you!

  3. You may have answered this and I missed it. So it is a max of four times per offer per transaction. But if I go back another day does it reset or is it four times total until the cartwheel expires?

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!! I use all coupons together.. Manufacturer, Target, Mobile text, and Cartwheel… It sure seems that they are heading in the right direction in helping customers save money!! my last few visits have been Awesome and the cashier are awesome, not like walmarts

    I tell everyone do like me I drive down to cvs in moss bluff, now there is a man that shows up first thing in the ready for his bout 30, but he does like me.. I DO ALL shopping for my sweet Family.. tried to so mom she does she does purdy goodllll

    I did the deal because not sure if it would work, and it iDID WORKED PERFECT Will probably I ail probably be heading To get a few more bottleslll If you have the B1G2 😀

  5. I used it for the first time yesterday, and it went well. It is time consuming, so I would like Target to put out a little more incentive for customers to use it. For example, how about a point earning system. For example, once you earn a certain amount of points you are eligible for $5.00 off.

  6. HI Michele- I am pretty sure the barcode always stays the same- that it just reads to see what offers you have added in your personal cartwheel. hth

  7. I don’t have a smartphone so I have to print my barcode. So it seems the barcode remains the same. If I used all my slots for say school supplies and printed the barcode but did not redeem it yet. Then filled my slots with says grocery items and printed. List 1 with school supplies would be wiped out and that barcode useless, is that correct?

  8. Hi Cheri- glad you enjoy TT! regarding your question- there is a way to control and change your privacy settings – so that only you see your stuff – no one else. go here- and then read under the section titled “How can I control what is shared on Facebook?” They will guide you to your Facebook settings – Follow the prompts and you will be able to set the app to be only visible to you. No one will see what you’re doing on Cartwheel. hth!

  9. Kerry,
    I absolutely love, love love your website!
    My main concern about NOT signing up for Cartwheel, is I do not need to have everyone knowing what I purchase, nor do I care what they are buying. Is there some easy step by step way for this NOT to happen so I can start enjoying the extra savings? I would really love a response and some easy tips on how not to have it show. Thanks Cheri

  10. I used cartwheel now twice and love this app,saved a total of $35 in 2 trips. I just looked at “my cartwheel” while shopping and had them scan right on my iPhone at register no problems and used a few manufacturers coupons too, I live in NJ.
    Anyone who knows what day/time they list new items, I seem to be too late sometimes to be able to add items?

  11. I can’t find anything that says whether you can use cartwheel and price match. And if so, does cartwheel come off before or after price match?

  12. @Trish-
    You just print out the whole list. It will have one bar code at the top and the computer will apply it to your whole order. The computer figures out which items qualify and discounts them automatically. I always print out the list so that I can use it while I shop, and I haven’t had any issues with the discounts not showing up. I think I’ve had a max of 4-5 offers (with multiple items for each offer) used in a transaction with no problems so far. The cashiers have just scanned without complaint it along with my handful of coupons.

  13. I’m confused, so if I wanted to use a cartwheel discount on 4 of the same item the cashier would have to scan it 4 times??

  14. Since I had a few issues with Cartwheel like some offers on my CW would not get discount and Target Guest Service would be of little help, I found a great help forum run by Target Cartwheel Team

    Highly recommend it! You can post problems, ideas, suggestions and it gets replied to pretty fast. And if you like any suggestions/ideas make sure you “like” them so they get more support.

    If discount did not work on any items on your CW (assuming you followed restrictions, if any) – you’d better submit your complaint/problem as soon as possible – apparently they only give you 3 days to come back to Target for price adjustment.
    When posting on their site you’d need to submit your REC# – at the bottom of the receipt and the item number and item description, as some items were not in their system – I had problem with Up&up paper towels and some Clorox.

    Also, I noticed quite a lot of complaints about the discrepancy between your CW earnings shown on the site and earnings on your receipt. But maybe they have fixed this issue already.

  15. As read above,
    The Cartwheel discount is taken AFTER Target Coupons and BEFORE manufacturer coupons.
    An IDENTICAL Offer can be applied a maximum of FOUR times in a single Transaction.
    You can redeem all the Cartwheel offers on your Cartwheel list at the time of your transaction, whether its 10 or more (depending if you have unlocked additional spots).
    You can save on your entire Cartwheel list up to 6 times per day.

  16. Does anyone know if you can redeem your cartwheel offers more than once in a single week? For example, I redeem a 5% Ground beef on Monday, can I use that same offer again on Friday of the same week?

  17. Hi: I’ve used Cartwheel a few times and I like it. Does it matter the order in which the coupons and the Cartwheel barcode are scanned?

  18. I feel a little stupid asking, but should I select each cartwheel item separately and select “redeem in store” so it prints a separate bar code for each. If this works, it sounds like another great way to save money! Thanks!

  19. Cartwheel by Target would like to access your public profile, friend list and email address.

    Are we able to choose cancel and still use Carwheel?

  20. I am a target employee and found out about cartwheel through the direct marketing to team members that is displayed in the break room! I don’t know why it would no longer be accepted at certain stores….I have used it once and will be again today, I also wish I could load about a hundred offers–currently up to 17 spots, but I like to shop and save! fyi, as a team member I received no info/training about this program as related to applying it when I work–of course, that could be because I am not a cashier and only work 15-25 hours a week.

  21. Hello,I tried this for the first time the other day and they scanned by cartwheel barcode at the register. When II looked at my receipt in the car and it applied my cartwheel discount to only one of the products in my cartwheel, has anyone else had problems?

  22. Cartwheel is working here in NY. I printed out the barcode and had cashier scan it last after all target and manufacturer coupons. All 4 items eligible showed the discount.

  23. I justed used my Cartwheel tonight after reviewing this blog earlier today. I was shocked as I put some C9 items on it and found great deals on the clearance rack. Got to cashier and explained this was my first time using and what did I need to do, she scanned bar code and when I got my receipt I saw all discounts were applied. I let several friends now about this immediately after leaving my Target. Was awesome, thanks for writing about it.

  24. My target in PA just stopped accepting it. The girl said 3 weeks ago, but I’ve used it 3 times in the past three weeks.

  25. Customer service was no help and they said cartwheel app wasn’t part of target . They won’t scan the bar code. How do you get this to work?

  26. I have had NOTHING but trouble with Cartwheel. Sometimes the site won’t open on my phone, sometimes the discount doesn’t come off, sometimes the checker gets spiteful, and I hate having to go to customer service to get my 5% back or whatever. Too many bugs.

  27. In order to sign up for cartwheel, they are requiring that “Cartwheel by Target would like to access your public profile, friend list and email address.” Have your friends been “spammed” by Target? I don’t mind my public profile, but I don’t feel I have the right to give out my friends information.

  28. I printed off a cartwheel coupon I wanted to use and the cashier scanned the bar code but when I got in the car and looked at the receipt it never took anything off?

  29. HI- I tried this for the first time the other day and they scanned by cartwheel barcode at the register. But then I looked at my receipt in the car and it applied my cartwheel discount to only one of the products in my cartwheel, has anyone else had problems? Thanks

  30. Hey Lora- you need to redeem those offers 1st, then remove and add new ones. You will earn more spots as you redeem offers and share them though. hth

  31. I filled up my 10 spots on the cartwheel and printed it out. Can I then go back and remove items and add new / different ones and print those out? There are more than 10 items I’d like to use, so only having 10 spots annoys me.

  32. although I haven’t used this yet and will try it tomorrow, doesn’t it make more sense to have an app you can just open rather than having to go online to scan something in the store and deal with all this facebook linking? I think eventually if this catches on it will turn into an app but seeing how apparently this is still in “beta testing” the kinks are still being worked out

  33. @ Rachel-I have been able to use Cartwheel on “previous purchases” (the first few times I bought items from my Cartwheel list I had everything pulled up on my phone and then forgot to actually ask the cashier to scan it). However, the computer does not like it. When they try to process it as a missed coupon or whatever the computer just comes up with nothing, so both times they just had to manually calculate my savings and did a cash refund.

  34. Ugh, did my first Cartwheel at the store yesterday. The “rules” seem to be out the window. I have one receipt where the amount was figured AFTER TQ AND MQ and another receipt where it was figured BEFORE TQ! WTH? So it’s not working the way it’s supposed to and the order handed over does matter.

  35. Anyone having trouble accessing the website? I says 500 Internal Server Error and there is a message up:

    oh, wow!

    Cartwheel is so popular right now we are limiting access to make sure our guests have the best experience possible. Thanks for your patience.

    It’s been like that all day. That’s pretty lame.

  36. Super! thanks so much! just my luck that i only brought the first page of the printout a while ago and the fine print was left at home. i’ll get ’em next time. 😉 thanks for all your help!

  37. Hi Lovin Qs- ok so for me – I print my carthweel list- only because this way i remeber to use it lol- so if you print your list you will see the fine print that says you CAN stack with TQ at the very bottom. Or on your phone when you click to redeem to get the barcode to scan, just scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page to see the following wording… “Limit no more than one manufacturer coupon, one Target coupon and one Cartwheel offer per item” hth!

  38. Ms Kerry, can you please direct me to the where i can find the fine print that clearly states stacking a TQ, MQ, and cartwheel so that i may show them next time. thank you!

  39. my target (elk grove, CA) was giving me crap today about how cartwheel is considered a target q and so couldn’t be combined with the printable target q when i had just bought something with cartwheel and a target q the other day…ugh!!! i wish they’d have just one big meeting to organize all their team members and keep them up to date on these changes.

  40. Hey Ji- when you pull up their web site ( it is advertising cartwheel right on the front page. I owuld ask for the team lead on duty ask him to just look at the homepage

  41. I used my redeemed my cartwheel a week ago in Poughkeepsie NY Target, but when I went to check out today they would not accept it saying that “there were too many scams”. And target cartwheel is not affliated with Target store???? Who do I need to speak with about this issue… (Talked with the service center person)

  42. I’m confused on this app. Also, how do you get signed up for the summer book? Do you need the red card?

  43. Do you know if you can apply Cartwheel discounts on previous purchases? Currently you can take coupons t o customer service and apply them to your receipts from previous purchases. Do you know if you can do that with the cartwheel discounts, too? Used cartwheel today to save some money on diapers. It was great!

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