Target Cartwheel: A New Way to Save Even More!

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cartwheelTarget has an awesome savings program called Cartwheel by Target which offers additional opportunities to save even more! You can get as much as an additional 50% off, occasionally even higher, on items at Target including grocery, health & beauty, baby, clothing and much more. The best part is that you can combine Cartwheel offers with your coupons! You are allowed one Cartwheel offer with one manufacturer’s coupon and one Target coupon, triple the savings!

Cartwheel can be accessed 2 ways. You can access Cartwheel from a computer, browse and add offers and then print out your barcode to use in store. Or… Cartwheel can be accessed in the Target App on mobile Devices. This will allow many other features of the App to be utilized like scanning barcodes on items to see if there are any cartwheel offers and more.

To get started from your desktop, just go HERE, or just download the Target app from Google Play or iTunes and create an account. Then, log in to your account and you’re ready to start saving!


Now simply browse thru the offers on the desktop or your phone and hit the plus sign to add anything that interests you. When you’re ready to purchase your items and your offers are in your cartwheel, you can either print your Cartwheel barcode from your desktop at home and bring it with you to the store, or you can pull up your Cartwheel your mobile device.

To print your barcode, just go to and login, then click on “Checkout” on the left, and then select ‘Print my Barcode’ at the top of the screen. This barcode is always the same, no matter what you add or remove from your list. So you could always laminate your barcode to be able to use it again and again at checkout.

To check out with Cartwheel with your mobile device, just open up the Target app and tap on the wallet icon to bring up the barcode for your cashier to scan.

Here are a few more points to keep in mind when using Cartwheel offers…

  • The Cartwheel discount is taken AFTER Target Coupons and BEFORE manufacturer coupons.
  • An IDENTICAL Offer can be applied a maximum of FOUR times in a single Transaction.
  • You can save on your entire Cartwheel list up to 6 times per day.
  • If you would like to make sure an item qualifies for a cartwheel offer before you buy it, you can use the barcode feature in the app. Just tap on the barcode icon at the top of the main menu and scan your item. If there is a matching offer, it will come up and automatically be added to your list.
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  1. So just to clarify: cartwheel only works with in store purchases, right? We just moved to Italy and I want to order on, but can’t figure out if or how to connect cartwheel to my order. Thanks!

  2. @mely mich….yes that is how it works, just add what you want to save on, and scan cartwheel once and all deductions will be taken off. 🙂

  3. Follow up from 6/11….only cartwheel same day immediately after transaction has gone through….any longer time delay is not possible…but also still at discretion of the manager.

    Question: does anyone know how I unlock the racing saver? Clue: get great deals from racing’s brightest star at Kyle Larson’s pit stop.

  4. Help! So I have 14 coupons added to my cartwheel. When I pay, the cashier only needs to scan that one barcode on top and it gets all 10 coupons:)?

  5. Hi does anyone know, if I can go back and get my cartwheel discount? I went to the store last minute today around 5pm husband texted asking for some medication. Had great coupons for Zyrtec and mucinex ($6 & $4) plus I also found great cartwheel (20% & 10%) but I was caught up in seeing my fav cashier I didn’t scan my cartwheel! 🙁 and I didn’t notice until just now.

  6. Yes Connie, I just used Cartwheel twice tonight and I noticed that it is now being taken off AFTER TQ. Cartwheel used to be the first deduction (even though it is scanned last). I have not noticed it being random though.

  7. Has anyone noticed that there has been a change with Cartwheel scanning at the register? They used to have to scan it last, but they said the system has been updated, and they can scan any time.
    I noticed that now the discount is very random. On one it takes retail, on another order it takes after TG coupons.
    So now it DOES matter when you have them scan. Anyone else??

  8. Hi Scovey you are correct. But keep in mind while most cartwheels will apply 4x when scanned- some have limits. for example the cereal 50% you mention has a limit of 2.hth

  9. Question in regards to using Cartwheel for same items in transaction (up to 4x, I think): If I buy 4 of the same item that is a Cartwheel deal, (50% off cereal), I can get 4 boxes of cereal and only scan the Cartwheel app once and it will take the discount off all 4 boxes? And the discount is applied after Target coupons are deducted but before manufacture coupons?

  10. For the first time, my “Total Saved” did not update after using several offers this morning. I did receive the actual discounts. Has this ever happened to anyone and is there a way to manually add them with your receipt number like you can at Walgreens? I saved quite a bit which will help in getting me to that next badge. Thanks!

  11. I am going to use cartwheel for the 1st time tomorrow. If I want to use a specific deal 4x’s in one transaction (Charmin 50% discount) do I need to add it to my cartwheel 4 times or is it automatically applied to all 4 items? Thanks everyone!

  12. Nevermind previous comment, I figured it out after a Swagbucks search. To anyone else wanting to know, at the home page, click on one of the “collections” (such as the Simply Balanced items) and select a product to add to your cartwheel. HTH!

  13. I have the same question as Liz… how do you unlock the “star” badge? The clue confuses me. TIA!

  14. Hi Abby many stores MAKE you hand CW last- cartwheel will deduct the same no matter the order you and it in anyway. for me I always hand my TQ first, then MQ then CW

  15. Okay I think I have been couponing at Target incorrectly… so it’s Target store coupon first, then Cartwheel, then manufacturer coupons? I’ve been doing MFC, TGT then cartwheel…..

  16. FYI to anyone who was wondering the same thing I asked on 12/9, it appears a cartwheel does not disappear after you use it. I used the velveeta offer (2x in 1 transaction) over a week ago, and it is still in my cartwheel app. Hope to use it again before it expires. I don’t know if it would be different had I reached the 4x and 6x limits, but thought others might want to know this info.

  17. Hi Kerry,

    I have just found your website on Target and I just love it. Thanks so much

    Blessing Sheila E.

  18. i forgot to use my cartwheel app when i was there yesterday. can i go in with the receipt today and they give me the savings back?

  19. So I see the info about 4x per transaction and 6x per day. But what happens if I use an offer 1 day and then hope to use it gain the next day? After I use a cartwheel offer, does it remove itself from my phone at the end of the day, or does it stay there until it expires or I remove it?

  20. The barcode scanner shows up on my iPhone but not on my iPad. Is the barcode scanner not available on the iPad?

  21. Oy, cartwheel is giving me a headache! I’m unable to log in via FB for some reason (keep clicking, nothing happening) so I decided to log in via email. Well now it thinks I’m a whole new person…my slots have gone back to 10, my savings are none, etc… I was having the hardest time with the app while I was in the store earlier so I decided to come home and do it from my PC and not it’s all messed up. >:< Ugh! Anyone else having this problem? It wouldn't let me log in through FB yesterday either.

  22. Sharon– I found this on their support page: Cartwheel offers are only valid in U.S. Target stores. Cartwheel is not available for redemption on or Target Canada at this time. Maybe in the future!

  23. Jennifer / Kate –Cartwheel does not have a scan feature as far as I know. There is only the barcode which the cashier scans at checkout. If you would like to know whether a cartwheel offer will work on something, I have gone up to guest services with the item and my barcode and have asked them to check for me. This way I know before I buy. The Target App has a barcode scanner for in-store use. You can check it out here: HTH.

  24. Georgetta– there is only one barcode for cartwheel that will apply to everything you add. This is from their support page: Your barcode never changes. You can print it once, add and remove offers as you wish, and that same barcode can still be scanned to receive the latest discounts on your list. Just reference or the app to know what’s on your list. As for prices, you’ll have to look on or check at the store. Cartwheel does not give prices.

  25. Hi Amber, I am a newbie on Cartwheel. I do not have a Smartphone just regular TracPhone w/no apps. I also was wondering how to print my barcodes from my printer at home. Lastly, when you add something it does not show you the Target price how do I find this out before going to store. What I would like to do is add all my Cartwheel items, get prices on-line and the print bar codes. How do I do all this. Cartwheel would be a great savings for me as on fixed income senior citizen and every penny counts. Thank you for any reply.

  26. Does the iPhone have the option to scan items I’m the search window?
    I don’t have the option to scan in the search window

  27. I have an iphone 4 and I am unable to figure out how to use the scan items feature one of the target team members was telling me about….help!!

  28. hmmmm STacey- I am not sure what’s going on but have you tried making sure you are already logged into facebook on your phone before you open the app? I ave no idea if that will work but it’s worth a shot. sorry I don’t have any better ideas. 🙁

  29. I have tried 3 times to download the cartwheel app and it never works. The app downloads just fine but when I go to login it asks for my permission and I accept and it tells me it failed. As I said I have tried restarting the phone, deleting and redownloading and nothing works. Can you help?

  30. Hi LIly- the way I understand it is 4 per tans and 6x per day- so actually you could do as many as 6 transactions with the soup @4x each so 24 cans of soup in a day. hth

  31. Please confirm or clarify: I can use cartwheel on (example: 4 identical cans of soup per transaction). How many times can I use this cartwheel 4x (4 cans x 4 transactions=16 cans of soup)? Confusing part is 6x per day part.

  32. HI Misty- when Cartwheel is scanned does not matter- the register still applies the discount after TQs and before MQs- the outcome will be the same even though cartwheel is scanned last. hth

  33. The Target where I shop (Panama City) has implemented a policy that you can only use your Cartwheel after ALL paper coupons have been scanned. That means you save much less if you stack coupons. This store has always been coupon un-friendly so it doesn’t really surprise me.

  34. HI Rachel- from the Target app- click on the meni- the top choice is search or scan- when you tap you will need to tap once more on “Scan a Code” hth

  35. Does anybody know how to use the scanner to scan an items barcode on the iphone? I can’t even find the location of the scanner.

  36. Kerry — thanks for the instructions for obtaining the Social Saver badge. Unfortunately the two friends I have showing that have signed up for Cartwheel don’t have anything they have purchased… 🙁 … I think I need new friends!

  37. Thank you! I have been wondering the same thing. Followed your directions and it worked for me. I have 20 spots now! Thanks again!

  38. Kerry,
    I just left my Target and literally spent 45 minutes in the checkout arguing with a cashier who refused to even scan most of my coupons, most of my mobile coupons didn’t work, and then she informed me she would not scan my paper copy of my cartwheel items. She told me that received a memo last week stating that Cartwheel was intended to be a mobile app thing only and they were to not to take paper copies anymore. Funny, the Target Cartwheel site still allows you to print to redeem in store. Have you heard anything about this?

  39. Nicole- You might be able to do this thru the app as well, but for me, I went online to my cartwheel and clicked on one of my friends. Your friend’s cartwheel activity will come up including offers she has redeemed. Find one that you haven’t added to your cartwheel yet and then click on it. When it flips, click on ‘add’. As soon as I did that, the Social Saver badge came up on the left side as ‘earned’. HTH

  40. Does anyone know how to unlock the “social saver” badge? The hint says “Your friends have good taste. Check out their cartwheel”. I’ve looked at all of my friends cartwheel. What am I doing wrong?Thanks for your help! Nicole

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